Is Infinity Profit System a Scam?

Infinity Profit System- Scam Or Legit Opportunity?

Name: Infinity Profit System


Owner: Dale Payner-sizer

Price: $10, admin fee, $25/ month(starter), $100/month(basic)

Overall Rating: 1 Out Of 10

You must have heard a lot about the company so I dedicated my time to help you know about Infinity Profit System and how they operate.

If you are talking about various investment opportunities online, you have to be careful about what you want to invest in.

This is because we have a lot of scammers online that masquerade under make money online doing nothing, which is various mean they defraud such people of their hard-earned money.

I have had my own taste of it, starting up as a newbie to make money online.

So what makes them different from other company like that out there? Are they legit or just another scam?

We will carefully look into this system and help you know the type of risk you are taking.

After following through the details of this post, you should be able to decide for yourself if you can risk your hard earned money or a company to stay away from.

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What Is Infinity Profit System?

The CEO of this company is Dale Payner-sizer. They started since 2015 and are located at Pennsylvanian, USA.

For years the CEO has been marketing various things. It was also reported that he promoted TSU, and Four Corners Alliance Group.

He also runs 1K All Day which was a pair to pair form of Ponzi scheme.

The company is similar to many other MLM company such as Success System Revealed, Automated Daily Income, Instant Reward Network, Infinity Downline, and many others.

Once you join the company, your number one priority is to get other people to join you and encourage that person to bring more people into the company. That is the basic idea of how they operate.

When thinking about joining a multi-level marketing company opportunity like Infinity Profit System, there are many things you should take into consideration.

I had been in the direct sales industry for many years and I had seen there are many underlying problem and issues with them.

If a company is based around recruiting new members to make money, instead of selling high quality products, it would be seen as a Ponzi scheme.

Infinity Profit System Products And Available Training

Another thing to know if a company is a scam is to access their customer care and see if they are only interested in making a few bucks from you or willing to help you as well.

With Infinity Profit System, you are going to get two different packages. They are Starter and Basic:

The $25 per month level (Starter) is a personal branding eCourse.

You will get:

  • Be yourself
  • Build your strength
  • Imaging your future
  • Who is your audience
  • SEO powered blogging platform


The company offers you a variety of course on branding and a blog to start with. These help you be yourself and have a vision of what you really want in the future.

The $100 per month level (Basic) is a basic business automation eCourse.

Here you will get:

  • The first steps to systemizing a business
  • What is the manager can learn from programmers
  • Why business systemization is so important.
  • The power of flowchart
  • Automation and free
  • Email marketing platform

With the company basic package you get to learn how to be a programmer and Email marketing programs.

What put me off about their various packages which cost you good money is that they are all materials you can get with a few Google searches.

How Do You Earn With Infinity Profit System?

Once you are a member, your 2nd, and 4th sale will automatically go to the person who recruits you. This is referred to as “Your Qualifier”.

Once you get to this stage, you will be getting hundred percent on the person you brought on board with the money coming from your sales.

Here’s a Quick Video on Infinity Profit System.


The sure way to make good money with this company is to market it with every channel possible.

This is a typical Ponzi-scheme in which you are paid based on the people you recruited, rather than been paid from the profit of the organization.

The biggest downside to this company is that you only get to earn only when you bring people onboard.

This company compensation plan is about hundred percent (100%) commissions when customers get to purchase the different products you offer. But, is this compensation plan legit?

It’s a two-way answer: Yes and No!

The second and fourth commissions are giving to the person who brought you onboard, so it’s like a 70% commission system called 100%. You will also need to market the shit out their products to make good money.

Who Is This Opportunity For?

Is this only beneficial to people who want to make millions online without putting in the required work? That is not absolutely true because, if you have the required money to market then it will be a good one for you.

This program is most suitable for those willing to take a risk and have a plenty of disposable income.

This is definitely not for everyone and the price being one of the factors.

So, if you are not willing to market with your money, then I will advise you to stay away because you may be disappointed.

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Final thought: So Is Infinity Profit System A Scam Or Not?

Based on how the company is structured, you only get to make money by bringing people into the system. And in the process helping them in building up their pyramid system even higher.

You are just sending people through the rotator and building up the pyramid even higher.

They really don’t give the training or the products’ they promise, which makes them close to another online scam.

This is just a perfect company I won’t recommend you. I just think you are convinced enough before diving into their scam and wasting your money in the process.

Any Other Ways to Make Legitimate Money Online?

Yes, there are 1000 plus ways actually!

We are always looking out for legitimate ways and trusted online companies to recommend. Below are some of the most legitimate companies.

Wealthy Affiliate: This is the home of affiliate marketers. You will learn everything about building your affiliate business from scratch.

The platform offers the most comprehensive training available on the internet with the most competitive price. You can sign up for free. No credit card or bank details required.

Clickbank University: The platform is great for both affiliate marketer and digital product creator. They offer both affiliate making training as well as product creation training.

If you are specialized in something, you are good to go with them because the platform is focused on more product creation.

Affilorama: This a platform very similar to Clickbank University. They offer both affiliate marketing training and product creation training.

Swagbucks: You can earn money by taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos, plus so much more on this platform. If you are just looking for a way to earn an extra buck, this is one of the best platforms on the internet.

If you are serious about making money online, I would recommend you to start out as affiliate marker because it is risk-free.

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We would love to know your opinion, why not comment below to share your experience or ideas?

Thanks for reading.

All the best!

– Maun


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  1. Great information Maun! I appreciate you sharing this article. I haven`t encountered this company yet, but I`m glad i read this post. Also, one of your list is Affilorama. Have you tried using their platform?

    • Hi Hanna,
      Yeah, I was a member of Affilorama for a very short time. I was trying to learn my first steps and found them first.
      I learned a lot about affiliate marketing.


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