Is Infinity Downline a Scam Or Sure Way You Can’t loose Money?

Infinity Downline Scam Review- Is It Too Good To Be True?

Name: Infinity Downline


Owner: Peter Wolfing

Price: $25 – $100

Overall Rating: 5 Out of 10

Have you ever been in this position before looking online for an opportunity to earn working from home? If you haven’t, I have many times without number.

And you landed into some attractive sites claiming you can earn thousands of dollars with just a click?

Maybe you searched for a business opportunity online or someone introduced you to this company, but whatever the reason is you really want to know more about the company.

Well, this review about the company should actually help you know how this company operates and what they stand to offer you and I am going to explain the nitty-gritty of the company to you so you can make the decision to join or not.

Remember to pay attention to this review and make sure you follow through all I will be discussing.


What Is Infinity Downline?

Infinity Downline is (MLM) multi-level marketing programs that require you to purchase a membership program into their site which is filled with many training and software about marketing, video and various radio training.

The program is not only a multi-level marketing system, but you can also sell the information products they support.

Infinity Downline is created by a man named Peter Wolfing who started this in 2009. Peter Wolfing is a popular guy in the internet marketing circle in the world.

And the company is still operating till today. The company involves internet marketing and recruiting of new members as any other MLM program.

However, the company is operating in a very same way is MOBE ( My Online Business Education) which your income relies on the ability of how to bring in people into the system.


Infinity Downline Products Overview

Just like every MLM company they do offer products that benefit their customers.

The products offered are listed below:

  • Affiliate Marketing Training series
  • Product Creation Training series
  • WordPress member site training series
  • Forum training series

When you join Infinity Downline you have to pay $25. Then you need to pay $25 monthly or more depending on the membership plan that you will choose.

Infinity Downline offers 3 level of membership packages which include:

Self-development – It is $25/ monthly. The package provides you with the basic techniques of how to invest in yourself.

Business development- $ 50/ month. This membership package will help you identify and create a business partnership that enables you to leverage sharing revenue, distribution or enhance the products.

Wealth development – $ 100/month. You will receive various monthly tips and techniques for making money, saving money, and managing money.



Infinity Downline also provides you with 4 educational products which include:

Fitness Advantage – $250 ( one time). You will get fitness and lifestyle healthy meals, workout plans as well as fitness empowerment and motivation to help you in your health journey.

Wealth Advantage Elite- $ 1000 (one time). It is video training on demand providing the advantage you need in the forex, stock market, and real estate. Plus various tips on money making and money saving.

Network Marketing Edge- $ 3000 (one time). It will teach you how to achieve success online and network marketing.

The Vault – $7500 (one time). It offers an archive in one place for you to access 24/7. Its various topics include self-development, finances, network marketing, health and fitness, and a lot of more.

Infinity Downline Business And Compensation Plan

You can advertise Infinity Downline to others and when they sign up with your link, $25 will be credited to your account instantly and $25 every month provided they still continue with the company.

The main task with Infinity Downline is about recruiting other people in the hope that they will join the program. All your earning depend on how many people will join under you.

In order to qualify for a commission, you must provide two active pass-ups and they must be active. If they become inactive one the Infinity Downline system will replace another member of your downline to pass it up to your sponsor.

You only get money if the person they recruited is paying their monthly fee. Without the lower levels paying their monthly membership fees, the upper levels eventually have little or no income.

Here are their detail commission structures.


Pros And Cons of Infinity Downline program

The good thing about Infinity Downline are the entering fees which are only $25 per month.
And you will be charged the same amount every month as a subscription.


  • You will learn some basic of online marketing and network marketing
  • You can make some extra income
  • You will a 100% commission payout

Cons :

  • What frustrates most customers about Infinity Downline compensation plan is the two up payment model.

For you to be considered for their commission you must first offer two of your sales to the person that invited you into the company.

And it’s very difficult to make your first sales when it comes to online business. And it’s not everyone that has the tenacity to make their first sales.

So having such condition to get your commission is like putting a limitation into the hope of a newbie that want to earn from online.

  • Infinity Downline promises you a lot of goodies which are all hyped. From the amount of money, you can earn and other claims about their offers.

If what they offer is that true, why they don’t allow you to join free of charge. And if people see that what they offer is that promising they won’t have a problem subscribing to their company.

  • Their free trials are not free so to say because they don’t offer you a refund at the very end if you ask for one.
  • Most Infinity Downline Products are overpriced – Very expensive membership package compared to other programs with the same quality.
  • Very confusing compensation plan since the company is a mixture of MLM and cash gifting program.


Final Thought: Is Infinity Downline A Scam Or Not?

The company cannot be classified as a scam because they have been around since 2009.
The real issue with the company is the promises made to everyone that wants to earn from their company, which is a lot of hype.

You can earn good money with them if you are diligent and good at recruiting, but you need a lot of skill that is not bought for just $25. But you can still join them if you know that you have all it takes to be an internet marketer.

A lot of people that sign up with them only want to earn with little or no experience in internet marketing which is not possible.

I recommend this program only for those who are really know how to recruit, sell and grow their team.

If you are not a too communicative person then the program is definitely not for you because you have been a sale person and willing to convince other people to buy these very expensive products.

In fact, it is not an easy business.

When it comes to membership programs that teach you how to make money online, it is not possible to compare them with Wealthy Affiliate.

So, if you are serious about making money online, I recommend you to check out My #1 Recommendation below!

Feel free to comments. If you’re an Infinity Downline member, I’d love to hear your comments also.

Thanks for reading.

All the best!




2 thoughts on “Is Infinity Downline a Scam Or Sure Way You Can’t loose Money?”

  1. Wow! I’m so glad I came across this page!

    I was considering signing up for Infinity Downline until I saw this. It’s obvious that they are not going to be a good fit for me.

    It seems like, based on your research, that they have adopted the model of perpetual up-sells. Meaning that they get you to part with a little cash early on to get you invested, and then they hit you with more and more “added values” to get you to invest even more money.

    I can see that this is just like many of the other “systems” out there that prey on people that are just trying to get ahead, only to become frustrated with the Internet.

    Wealthy Affiliate sounds kind of cool, I’m going to go check out what you have to say about them now!

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Jack, thanks.You are here! Surely, Infinity Downline program is one of the most expensive program out there. In addition, they don’t provide you with necessary training to promote their product.

      Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best affiliate training program out there. Ideal for newbies you can try it out for free. No credit card required. Often in a week you will have own free websites and build your very own online business foundation.

      Check it out and I will see you there!


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