Is Investors Underground a Scam? A Thorough Review

Is Investors underground a scam? A Thorough Review



Product Name: Investors Underground

Owner: Nathan Michaud


Industry: Day trading

Price: Monthly subscription of $197 for Standard and $297 for Elite

Rating: 7/10


It is likely that you heard about Investors Underground from an online forum and you are here to find out if it is legit or scam.

As of today, Investors Underground is considered one of the most popular day trading chat rooms with a lot of dedicated user base. However, note that having a large number of users don’t mean that a program is legit.

As an experienced trader, I have seen trading bots and live chat rooms with huge user base defraud the members. However, this also doesn’t mean that Investors Underground is a scam.

In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about Investors Underground.

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What is Investors Underground?

Like I explained above, Investors Underground is a day trading chat rooms that offer educational materials and a community of experienced trader to allow traders learn how to trade and trade successfully. You can also call it a professional stock market chat room service.

Hats off to Investors Underground, they started in 2008 and have been online since then. Since then, the chat room has grown from just a few people to a community of both new and experienced traders.

Investor Underground is similar to other trading platforms such as:

Capital One Investing


Autobinary Signal

Apiary Investment Fund

As a member of Investors Underground, you will be provided with nightly detailed watch list you can use in trading the next day. However, this stock list usually narrow down 30 minutes before the market opens.

Also as a member of Investors Underground, you will get real-time trading alerts during market hours and whenever the opportunity arises in the marketplace.
Investors Underground has several moderators. Some of these moderators include:

Nathan Michaud
Cam B
Michele Koenig
…..And many more.


Who Created Investors Underground?

Investors Underground was created by one of the moderators, Nathan Michaud. He is the founder of Investor Underground and one of the most highly regarded penny stock traders with a remarkable 10-year track record.

Before creating Investors Underground, Nathan was a well-known trading guru at In fact, this guy was already at the peak of his trading career before he joined and this is what set him apart from other traders then.

He was so popular than at that people joined the platform just to get a chance to learn from him.

Unfortunately, Nathan had problems with Timothy Sykes – the owner of which made him quit the platform and founded his own which he named “Investors Underground”.


How Does Investors Underground Works?

Investors Underground is a Subscription-based chat room for day traders. It comes with a number of features. You will get access to these features based on your level of subscription.

Here a Quick Video on Investors Underground.

The higher your subscription, the more features that will be available to you. The platform comes with different chat rooms, tons of educational resources, as well as trade alerts.

The chat rooms include:

Swing Trading Chat Room

Momentum Chat Room – This chat room is very popular and has very strict rules

OTC Chat Room – Usually dull.

Usually, there are about 500-1000 people on average during market hours in these chat rooms. About 20% of them are newbies with no experience of trading.

One of the benefits of being a member of this chat room is that you will have an opportunity to learn from top traders like Eric Wood, Cam B, Grittani, Emil, OzarkTrades, and many other highly experienced traders.

Other features of Investors Underground include education resources such as video lessons, courses on Day Trading, Watch List for Stocks, and Webinars on Stock Trading.


Let’s Take a Look at the Pros Vs. Cons of Investors Underground


  • Learn to trade from experienced traders
  • Profits verified by broker
  • Get alerts for profitable trades
  • Transparent
  • Video lessons from the past to catch up
  • Daily watch lists
  • Good daily scans
  • Professional DVDs with hours of instruction to help explain their methodology
  • Good news updates
  • Beginner-friendly
  • You will get value for your money
  • They provide good customer support


  • No free trial
  • An overwhelming amount of information
  • Lots of unusual trader jargon
  • No screen sharing
  • Expensive


Reports by Its Users-  Are They Really as Good as They Say They Are?

So we’ve discussed all the good and bad thing about Investor Underground now it’s time to discuss the complaints against Investors Underground. Let’s take a look below.


No BBB Profile

At the time of this review, Investors Underground is not yet listed with the Better Business Bureau. So this may be a deal breaker for those of you that rely on these BBB rating to determine legitimacy.


Sharp Learning Curve

There’s definitely learning curve. Let’s take a look at the screenshot below.

It depends on your inherent market savvy, knowledge and your trading plan. It also depends on how disciplined you are and how much emotion control you have, the condition and type of market you enter and a lot of more.


All in all, it depends on what you consider profitable, how much money you are working with and how much you need to make.

To become a profitable trader, it usually takes 6 months to 3 years. Definitely, you need to know yourself before you enter this game.


Problem With Payment

Some users have claimed they have problems with payment. This could be an anomaly or maybe there were some technical issues. See the screenshot below.

Is Investor Underground a Scam?

It is difficult to believe that someone that makes six figures per year from trading will want to sell out his strategy. To be honest, I doubted the legitimacy of Investors Underground too.

However, after making my research, I was convinced that Investors Underground is not a scam. In fact, you are likely to meet a lot of experienced and reputable traders in their chat room.

However, note that this platform is not where to make easy money. You will need to learn to trade from experienced traders here and make use of training resources provided to have a chance of making money from your trading.

Most people are losing money with day trading, learn how to build a real business here.

My Final Verdict On Investors Underground

Day trading is not easy. Don’t let anyone let you believe otherwise. There is no magic pill to make money from trading.

However, with chat rooms such as Investors Underground, you can improve your chances of having successful trades.

Like I pointed out above, you will need to learn how to trade and make use of information provided on this platform if you really want to be successful in day trading.


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The startup cost for affiliate marketing is much more cost efficient compared to day trading.

In affiliate marketing, you can build websites in any niches you want and promote any products you like. Unlike day trading where you could lose money if you don’t make the cut.

You will want to do trading at least 5000 times, to become an experienced trader. From my experience, it is harder than to be eaten by a shark or struck by lightning to make a killing trade.

On the other hand, if you are running affiliate business, even all the hell strike you at once, you can still make money for 24/7


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Hey folks! Great to finally meet you and I hope you enjoyed this post. My name is Maun and I am the owner of Online Money for Dads. I started making money online since 2014 and created this site to help others do the same.

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Welcome to my review of!

If you are wondering if “ scam” you are not alone. You’ll find that hundreds of people search for the term” scam” in Google.

When I came across on the Internet, it immediately grabbed my attention. Like anyone else, I’m always looking for new and better ways to expand and improve my own little enterprise.

And after having been burnt more than once by Internet scams, I’ve become pretty leery when approaching or being approached by any company whose obvious goal, in the end, is to share some of my income.

In this User Testing review, I will be giving my honest opinion as to whether this program could help you earn money, or if this is nothing more than smoke and mirror.

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What is About? is “Get paid to Test” website where you will be testing app, game, and websites for companies. They pay you to visit websites or apps, complete a set of tasks and speak you thought loud.

The Usertesting program: My first concern was to determine if, in my opinion, Usertesting was a Usertesting scam.

However, I was mindful of the old adage, we can’t, or shouldn’t, judge a book by its cover. I didn’t want to condemn Usertesting sight unseen. so I began my research while trying to keep an open mind.

Assuming that Usertesting is not a scam, it bears looking into. Any product or service you have can always be improved. That should be a given. So the “assistance” to be gained from Usertesting, as I see it, is to bring your product or service to Usertesting for reviews.

Much like other “sharing opinion and giving feedback on products and services” type of programs, such as Swagbucks, Inspire Opinion, Product Testing UK, PaidViewPoint, and others.

After having reviewed your product or service, Usertesting purports to help in ways that may make whatever you’re selling more attractive. Then Usertesting supposedly helps you recruit others to test and or sell your services or products.

Here’s a Quick Video on


I was immediately struck by the mention of recruiting others. That smacked of a pyramid operation.

Now I’m all in favor of any company with the know-how and capability to help me improve my sales and overall business experience. Anyone who had ever operated an enterprise or hopes to do so, quickly learns that there are many dangerous pitfalls.

It’s pretty hard to see them coming and worse, once you’re in that pitfall, sometimes there’s no way out…other than bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is a lot worse than having a bruised ego. It can make life extremely difficult for the next ten years. A young person certainly doesn’t want to wait ten years to start up his/her next enterprise.

What I liked About

Now on the positive side, Usertesting promises to test your product or service on a serious number of participants.

This would be enough research on your target to give you a pretty clear idea of your product’s reception, along with comments about what your testers like or do not like.

All sounds very helpful, but then buried in all this positive sales talk is what I consider to be a hook.

What I Didn’t Like About

Evidently, you begin by joining and then paying for apps and setup for your “team”. Usertesting’s experts offer (paid) help to design complex studies

It appears that it’s up to you to recruit these testers with the promise of being paid to test and evaluate your product or service. Who do you think pays these testers?

While you’re paying people to test your products, you’re also paying for their “help” and advice and such perks as feedback, templates designed to give you automatic recruiting and other features.

And lastly, Usertesting’s “experts” promise to have your back. They say the experts will be there when you need help designing your studies.

Who is Made For?

The program, in my opinion, is designed to be most attractive to persons who are considering the start-up of a business enterprise. Generally speaking, that would mean young persons who want to set up an enterprise for the first time.

That would include those who have tried once or twice and failed, but who stubbornly feel they should find a way to run a successful business.

These form the audience most likely to be taken in by Usertesting’s glowing promises plus the “apparent endorsements” of many large and respected companies.

I say this because I believe the Usertesting scam’s target is the young, relatively inexperienced individual who might be attractive by the promise of education and immediate help with setting up a program.

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How is the Training Like?

User Testing promises to train you and at the same time, you pay $10 each time one of your testers provides a twenty-minute video praising your product.

Now, my advice to anyone, following this review is to try to make a twenty-minute video.
First, most people get for what the Germans so quaintly call it, Lamenfieber or stage fright so severe that they simply can’t act “natural” unless they’re trained actors.

Second, twenty minutes is a mighty long time to praise a product, even allowing for some sort of demonstration. For a free example of this, just check one of the shopping programs on TV.

You’ll see two people discussing and praising — for instance — a ten-karat gold ring embellished by a two-carat garnet. How long can a person go on about such a simple item?

The Home Shopping Network and others, presumably pay well for a personable man, woman or both who possess the quaint ability of being able to talk while maintaining a cheerful smile — and do this for twenty minutes on TV while talking about this ring.

Just try that at home before you sign up for any videos made by testers. And even such reviews are not always reliable because some persons won’t even test the product. They want the $10 and realize they are expected to make a positive review so that’s what they try to do.

Usertesting does say their software tracks the testers’ actions, so cheating should be kept at a minimum.

What is the Cost of Joining User Testing?

The website even has pricing on its menu. However, another red flag, in my opinion, is that when looking at the pricing, to my utter surprise, pricing isn’t even mentioned!

Usertesting purports to help me uncover the reasons why your testers like or do not like your product.

Usertesting also promises to connect you with your very own target audience in only hours, not days. For some reason, the videos are supposed to be helpful in finding and sharing information that will be helpful in driving your business into the future.

Usertesting is an attractive website, interesting and well-produced. However, delivering on what is promised sounds pretty iffy and can be expensive when you have to pay out $10 for each video.

A well-produced video with real actors would, of course, cost a great deal more than $10. It’s easy to see the video $10 can buy. Placed on your website, it might only bring you a few laughs, but no business.

Of course, those $10 videos are only the tip of the iceberg. I can see a number of other costs involved. Add to that, chances are that very few amateurs, if any, are going to be able to whip out a 20-minute video at any price.

My Final Opinion. Is a Scam?

All things considered I’m happy to say this isn’t a scam. This is a good program that worth joining. I think that for someone looking for creating their business will be a good investment in this platform.

However, I cannot recommend it because it is easy to fall in the rabbit hole of extra expenses, especially if you are beginner.

I would avoid getting involved in any sort of membership. It’s clearly designed to extract money from your billfold or handbag, money that might be more useful in other areas.


About Maun


Hey folks! Great to finally meet you and I hope you enjoyed this post. My name is Maun and I am the owner of Online Money for Dads. I started making money online since 2014 and created this site to help others do the same.

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Be the Boss Network Reviews- What You Need Know About Be the Boss Network

Be the Boss Network Reviews- What You Need to Know About BTBN


Welcome to my review of Be the Boss Network.

I am so glad that you have decided to do your homework on Be the Boss Network before blindly joining the company.

Believe it or not, most people make a decision before even knowing what the company is all about.

You are in luck because you’ll find all the necessary information what you need to know about BTBN and learn the best way to make money.

Read on to learn more about BTBN.

Be the Boss Network Overview- What is the Company About?

Be The Boss Network prides itself as an MLM network that connects opportunity seekers to the various MLM opportunities available out there. The company targets people who are willing or want to work from their homes.
At the time of this review, the company have successfully connected over 200,000 opportunity seekes with quality business opportunity.
All the opportunity seekers can explore the marketing network and business directory that be the Boss Network (BTBN) offers.
As much as BTBN offers people a number of direct selling and home-based business opportunities, it has certain advantages and disadvantages.
I believe that those seeking these opportunities should go through the advantages and disadvantages.
They should also use the conclusion they have made to make an informed decision on whether to join BTBN or not.

Here are the pros and cons of BTBN.

  • Access to direct selling and home-based opportunities suited for your needs and interests.
  • Eliminates the difficulties or hustle that comes with finding moneymaking opportunities.
  • BTBN is a great way to earn income from home.
  • Fun, easy and free services.
  • Let us you be your own boss and create your own moneymaking schedule.
  • Low reliability and retention when it comes to seeking the moneymaking opportunities.
  • Hard to maintain and manage accountability.
  • You may experience issues regarding payment and logistics.
  • Security concerns such as data privacy are likely to come up.

Whom it is for

Be The Boss Network targets people who are on the quest to employ themselves. BTBN is on a mission of helping people who are ready to work from their homes with lots of exciting MLM business opportunities.
Its MLM directory makes it easier for opportunity seekers to find exactly what they are looking for as far as moneymaking activities go.
BTBN acts as a platform for establishing connections and relationships between business owners and those who are passionate about looking for opportunities.
According to the BTBN official website, opportunity seekers can know the type of MLM business that is suitable for them in various ways.
One of these ways is by taking one’s interests and hobbies into consideration when considering any potential opportunity.
BTBN usually asks all applicants to indicate their individual interests and hobbies before becoming part of the network. This information helps BTBN to better find exciting opportunities for them.
Many applicants on the BTBN website are usually stuck when trying to figure out whether they need any educational background or experience to join the network.
Well, the good news is that most MLM opportunities do not necessarily require skill in a certain technical field. However, they require individuals who are ready to learn and use the gained knowledge to make money.
Since you will be working from the Internet, BTBN will require you to give a valid phone number for communication purposes. You also need to have good communication skills to get the most out of the MLM opportunities.
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How the Training Like?

BTBN offers them a simplified approach they can use the ideal home-based and direct selling business. Opportunity seekers can also find opportunities that suit their individual goals and interests in a readable format.
BTBN offers people training for MLM opportunities through the following providers of MLM opportunities. The providers have coaches who take new members through the entire process of making money online. When you visit their homepage, you will find:
InboxDollars is an exciting opportunity for making money online. Members get paid to complete special offers, redeem grocery coupons, shop online, play free online games and take surveys.
It is completely free to join InboxDollars. Once you sign up for the service, you will earn a bonus of $5 immediately.
Vindale Research
Ever wondered if you can earn money by simply giving your opinions on a particular service or product? Well, Vindale Research allows you to watch videos, take online surveys, and earn up to $75.
You also get to pay nothing when signing up to make money on the Vindale Research platform.
Global Test Market
Be The Boss Network also introduces opportunity seekers to a unique online community such as the Global Test Market.
Consumers from different parts of the world make money from this platform by simply participating in online surveys. Global Test Market is a convenient platform where opinions help people to make money.
Did you know you can earn money by taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos, pluse so much more at Swagbucks and Fusion Cash? Well, now you know. If you are looking to earn a full or part time income, then you may check out “My Top Work At Home Recommendation

What About Be the Boss Network Support Service?

Be The Boss Network reviews and ratings come from customers who benefited from the business owners that post their MLM opportunities.
BTBN also gets the reviews from business owners affiliated to the network. You can get a glimpse of such business by checking out BTBN’s MLM directory.
After going through the BTBN website, I discovered that it does not take long before one starts working from home. A good number of the opportunities that BTBN offers can enable one to start earning money immediately.
It will take you less than a week to start raking up money from the opportunities. However, I found out that the time needed for you to begin earning cash varies from company to company.
BTBN also offers its customers support by connecting them with several resources and tools for them to be productive.
After going through BTBN’s services, I found out that the resources and tools provided could also help a business owner to record tremendous growth in sales revenue.
They also make it easier to find marketing systems, dialing platforms and best leads for running a business.

How Much Does Be the Boss Network Cost?

As much as the be the Boss Network is letting people explore various MLM opportunities, it does not charge any fees for this service. Opportunity seekers and business owners can use the matching service free of charge.
Business owners get to have their information listed on the basic version of the BTBN directory. For premium listing, they need to pay a certain fee.

My Final Opinion On Be the Boss Network

Now, there are thousands of opportunity seekers and business owners out there looking for a service that can match them together.
I believe that the Be The Boss Network is helping bridge this gap. By evaluating its free matching service, I also think that BTBN is doing a great job.
If I were an opportunity seeker or business owner, I would not mind having my information listed on BTBN’s directory if I find what I am looking for.


About Maun
Hey folks! Great to finally meet you and I hope you enjoyed this post. My name is Maun and I am the owner of Online Money for Dads. I started making money online since 2014 and created this site to help others do the same.






Global Domains International- Can You Make Money With Global Domain International?

Global Domains International- Can You Make Money With Global Domains International?


The internet is awash with ways on how to make money. Global Domains International is one of these ways, but can this program win your trust? Can you make money with them?

Wait a minute, has someone tried pitching the program to you, and you just dismissed it based on earlier experience about others?

Come with me as I present you Global Domains International review and you will
understand how to make money without breaking a sweat. You will discover
how wrong it is to think Global Domains International scam is real.

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What is the Global Domains International?

Global Domains International is a multilevel marketing opportunity that exists within the niche of technology. Global Domains International co-founders include Michael Starr and Alan Ezeir, with the Starr serving as CEO and Ezeir as President.

Global Domains International is a domain registry service provider that has been around since 2000. The company also advertise as affiliate program which involves receiving commisssion from recruiting additional affiliates and purchasing domain registration from the company.

Below is a Screenshot of the Member’s Area.


The program is a legit way to make money, only that few people understand how it works. A lot of people term GDI a scam because the company is operating on recruiting business model.

At the time of this review, GDI has the highest rating possible Better Business Bureau rating an A+. Receiving an A+ from BBB means a sign of very trustworthy company. Currently, The company has only two customers complaints on BBB.

Let’s Take a Look at The Pros and Cons of Global Domains International



  • Starting the program is affordable. (only $10)
  • The program provides a unique domain name that has not been widely used like a .com domain.
  • An easy to set a website for persons possessing little knowledge about coding being able to set up on their own.
  • You can make quite a considerable amount of money since there are up to five levels of multilevel marketing. If you are on top of the pyramid, you earn more.
  • Top affiliates receive awards in the form of bonuses and contests.
  • The program’s track record has been tried and tested, having been in existence for 14 years.
  • Awesome services for businesses.
  • 20 Χ Bonus. Make five sales ($5) get $100.
  • A cheaper way to get a domain, hosting and domain-specific emails.
  • Beginner-friendly.

Cons :

  • Low commissions on referrals. $1 is a very low commission.
  • To get a high return on commission, you will need to recruit more people under you who might prove hard for new members.
  • Global Domains International websites are not SEO friendly.
  • The program has insufficient information to help a beginner start.
  • The program has limited website storage (100 MB), users who exceed this storage space have to pay.
  • You can only sell the program’s domain name and refer other people to join the program from your website.
  • The domain name is not highly ranked on search engines.

Who is it for?

Like any other multilevel marketing company, Global Domains International, making money is dependent on residual income. The larger your team is, the higher your earnings.

For example, if you refer five people who in turn, each bring on board five people, you will earn a cool $3125 in a month. I kid you not, you will make a tidy
amount of money if you have a wide network of potential recruits.

I would recommend the product to any person so long as you will work your way up the ladder. The cost incurred when one is joining the program is low, which makes the product affordable to small firms and even individuals. Besides, there is training for newbies from more experienced channel members.

How Do You Earn With Global Domains International?

My answer is yes; Global Domains International offers real services. Global Domains International is among the few multilevel marketing channels that I have come across which does not need high investment to make money or take part in the affiliate program. Here’s how their compansation plan look like.

Global Domains International members can make money through two major selling points.

1). Unique Domain Name Sales

When using Global Domains International as a domain name, you help promote
the site since their extension is contained in that website. Your website is configured to refer more people who sign up under you, thus making you become promoted to the next level.

2). Obtaining Referrals

Global Domains International compensates you with $1, monthly for every new
member signing up your link for up to 5 levels. Down-line referrals have a lot of money-making potentials.

Here’s a Video How their Complan Look Like.

The potential to make money is the most important part when it comes to marketing this program.

What About Global Domains International Support Service?

When you sign up for Global Domains International’s seven-day trial, you enjoy the following:

  • A .ws domain name. To be honest, I am yet to see many places where you can get such a nice trial version for a whole week.
  • A professionally designed business website template with an inbuilt website builder.
  • Ten custom made email addresses with each having 1 GB of storage space.
  • 100 MB domain hosting.
  • You can redirect the trial version to another domain.
  • The affiliate program is simple to understand. You only need to sign up for the program then Global Domains International does the marketing for you. However, you need to have a huge email list for them to assist you in marketing.

What is the Cost of Joining Global Domains International?

For as low as $10 a month, you get both a website and hosting. I present to you the added benefits for signing up to the program:

  • 7 Day Free Trial to the Program ( Auto- Billing after That)
  • A website builder.
  • A “.ws” domain.
  • Domain hosting with 100MB storage of your “.ws” domain.
  • Ten custom email addresses.
  • Participate as a distributor.
  • The start-up cost is low. There are only two main packages. The basic
    membership is $10 while the premium membership is $40. Most newbies
    prefer to start with the basic membership.

Here’s My Final Opinion About Global Domains International

Global Domains International is not a scam. I can confidently confirm to you that you can obtain a regular income flow from the program. It is one of those that come once in a lifetime.

The main reason why most people fail in multilevel marketing is that of thinking that they will make millions in less than a year. That is how the multilevel marketing industry becomes tainted.

I should insist on the importance of hard work and patience before one can make money. Apart from being patient, you need to be ready to be a leader as you
always depend on the efforts of your downline.

Lacking a mentor or being recruited by a newbie makes it hard for you to progress towards the top. Network marketing needs education, tools, and support. The team leaders have to build training for their downline for them to make more residual income.


About Maun


Hey folks! Great to finally meet you and I hope you enjoyed this post. My name is Maun and I am the owner of Online Money for Dads. I started making money online since 2014 and created this site to help others do the same.

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What is Chris Farrel Membership About?- A Look Inside Chris Farrell Membership

What is Chris Farrell Membership About?- A Look Inside Chris Farrell Membership


If you are wondering “what is Chris Farrell Membership about?” then you came to the right place.

There are so many MMO products on the internet that promises to make you make money online. Some are very good, some are bad and even some are an ugly scam.

Today, I will review Chris Farrell membership, a real way to turn you into full-time income online you have always dreamt of becoming.

In my Chris Farrell membership review, I will leave lay bare all the facts about the program to help you make informed choices on whether the product is capable of helping you achieve your dreams.

Before we get started if you are looking for the most comprehensive internet marketing training, then go here to see My Top Recommendation Program here.

This is a 100% free and you are not required to enter your credit card or bank details.

What is Chris Farrell Membership All About?

Chris Farrell Membership is a membership site where they teach you step by step how to make money online. You will be learning affiliate marketing and email marketing in their training platform.

This product offers a 21 day, fully comprehensive training program that breaks down, step by step, many of the basics you will need to start making money online from the comfort of your home.

Their training is much like other affiliate marketing training program such as Passive Profit Masterclass, Mike Dee & Rich Janitor, Shoe Money System, Gain Higher Ground and more.

The program is among the most trusted in the market which dispels any Chris Farrell membership scam claims.

The owner of the program, Chris Farrell is a very successful marketer and is passionate about sharing his experience. Originally, he was from the United Kingdom and now he is living in California, USA.

His biggest success is he actually made a million dollars in one day.

How is the Training Like?

Inside the member’s area, there is a short introduction from Chris where he introduces you to three simple steps to make money online.

Here is a Quick Video On Chris Farrel Membership.

The training course covers the following three main steps:

1). Finding a profitable niche, which could be something you are passionate about or something else that interests you.

2). Building an E-mail list of people interested in your niche and

3). Promoting or recommending products that are associated with that niche through reviews and ads.

It is very simple. You will be learning only one or two things if you are an advanced marketer. With this kind of training available, the program is a course worth investing for newbies.

Let’s Take a Look at Pros and Cons of the Program


  • No prior experience or special skill required.
  • You can make some money with the method they teach you.
  • A beginner can learn step-by-step about affiliate marketing.
  • They offer a wide range of training format: videos tutorials, PDF formats and more.
  • They teach you how to Set up an email campaign with ease.
  • The initial startup cost is only $4.95 which make everyone affordable
  • They have a great support.
  • You can return the product within 30 days if not satisfied and get back your money.


  • The product does not offer a free trial.
  • The product has old content and the training is not updated regularly.
  • Some up-sells and extras aren’t included, or explained up front, in the monthly fee.
  • There is no clear explanation as to how much time one would have to invest in this training. Time is one of the things that need to be invested in succeeding in any business venture.
  • Even though there is community support, there seems to be something missing both from that aspect and from the owner. I say this because even though many people have left comments on the product’s sales page, there are no replies from the owner.
  • The “Free Gift” is a bit disappointing. It looks more like a promotional flier or an advertisement.

Who is Chris Farrell Membership Made For?

The program is quite good for a starter because of its aim at beginners and intermediate level internet marketers. If you are slightly an advanced internet marketer, this program might not for you.

It is one of the better programs out there because it was voted the leading online income service for four consecutive years from 2011 to 2014. Regardless of your level of experience, this program would also be useful.

If you are just starting out with affiliate marketing, I recommend you to check out My Top Rated Training program here. You will be learning everything about making money online.

Does Chris Farrel Offer Any Help When You Need It?

Firstly, there is a membership- driven discussion forum. On the Support Desk page, you can get support in the following three ways:

1). A “Knowledge Base” where you can type in specific questions or get answers to questions that are most frequently asked.

2). If you still need more help, you can submit a ticket, and one of their “WOW Support Team Members” will get back to you as soon as possible.

3). Finally, if you already have an existing ticket(s), you can check for updates and read all your tickets by just clicking a blue bar.

What is the Cost of Joining Chris Farrel Membership

Chris Farrell membership is not expensive though; there are some upsells.
The initial one week preview membership cost is $4.95 while a full Membership costs $37 per month or $297 annually.

For the upsells, domain name purchases require $10 annually while a hosting account sells at $10 per month. Purchasing an auto-responder will set you back $19 a month or $228 annually.

Here’s What I Really Think

Chris Farrell Membership is a good program that worth the money. The product isn’t a scam, in fact, you actually get a lot of value from their training. You can make money with the method they teach you.

I must point out that the program is meant for newbies and not experienced marketers. However, the training can also be useful to those with some experience.

As with any other venture, whether it be a new job or starting an online business, it takes time to develop your sites every day to have any reasonable success.

Very few sellers will provide you a money back guarantee on their products which is why I can vouch on Chris Farrel membership program’s ability to deliver just what it promises their clients.

Not many similar products out there project such honesty which is why you should try out the product with an assurance that you will get to realize your dreams within no time.


About Maun,


Hey Folks! thank you so much for stopping by and check out my Chris Farrell Membership review and I hope that you enjoy this review. I am Maun and I am the owner of Online Money for Dads. I started making money online since 2014 and created this site to help others do the same.

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Is Infinity Profit System a Scam?

Infinity Profit System- Scam Or Legit Opportunity?


Name: Infinity Profit System


Owner: Dale Payner-sizer

Price: $10, admin fee, $25/ month(starter), $100/month(basic)

Overall Rating: 1 Out Of 10


You must have heard a lot about the company so I dedicated my time to help you know about Infinity Profit System and how they operate.

If you are talking about various investment opportunities online, you have to be careful about what you want to invest in.

This is because we have a lot of scammers online that masquerade under make money online doing nothing, which is various mean they defraud such people of their hard-earned money.

I have had my own taste of it, starting up as a newbie to make money online.

So what makes them different from other company like that out there? Are they legit or just another scam?

We will carefully look into this system and help you know the type of risk you are taking.

After following through the details of this post, you should be able to decide for yourself if you can risk your hard earned money or a company to stay away from.

Before we get started if you don’t want to waste any more time on scams, see my no.1 recommendation for making money online.

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What Is Infinity Profit System?

The CEO of this company is Dale Payner-sizer. They started since 2015 and are located at Pennsylvanian, USA.

For years the CEO has been marketing various things. It was also reported that he promoted TSU, and Four Corners Alliance Group.

He also runs 1K All Day which was a pair to pair form of Ponzi scheme.

The company is similar to many other MLM company such as Success System Revealed, Automated Daily Income, Instant Reward Network, Infinity Downline, and many others.

Once you join the company, your number one priority is to get other people to join you and encourage that person to bring more people into the company. That is the basic idea of how they operate.

When thinking about joining a multi-level marketing company opportunity like Infinity Profit System, there are many things you should take into consideration.

I had been in the direct sales industry for many years and I had seen there are many underlying problem and issues with them.

If a company is based around recruiting new members to make money, instead of selling high quality products, it would be seen as a Ponzi scheme.

Infinity Profit System Products And Available Training

Another thing to know if a company is a scam is to access their customer care and see if they are only interested in making a few bucks from you or willing to help you as well.

With Infinity Profit System, you are going to get two different packages. They are Starter and Basic:

The $25 per month level (Starter) is a personal branding eCourse.

You will get:

  • Be yourself
  • Build your strength
  • Imaging your future
  • Who is your audience
  • SEO powered blogging platform


The company offers you a variety of course on branding and a blog to start with. These help you be yourself and have a vision of what you really want in the future.

The $100 per month level (Basic) is a basic business automation eCourse.

Here you will get:

  • The first steps to systemizing a business
  • What is the manager can learn from programmers
  • Why business systemization is so important.
  • The power of flowchart
  • Automation and free
  • Email marketing platform

With the company basic package you get to learn how to be a programmer and Email marketing programs.

What put me off about their various packages which cost you good money is that they are all materials you can get with a few Google searches.

How Do You Earn With Infinity Profit System?

Once you are a member, your 2nd, and 4th sale will automatically go to the person who recruits you. This is referred to as “Your Qualifier”.

Once you get to this stage, you will be getting hundred percent on the person you brought on board with the money coming from your sales.

Here’s a Quick Video on Infinity Profit System.


The sure way to make good money with this company is to market it with every channel possible.

This is a typical Ponzi-scheme in which you are paid based on the people you recruited, rather than been paid from the profit of the organization.

The biggest downside to this company is that you only get to earn only when you bring people onboard.

This company compensation plan is about hundred percent (100%) commissions when customers get to purchase the different products you offer. But, is this compensation plan legit?

It’s a two-way answer: Yes and No!

The second and fourth commissions are giving to the person who brought you onboard, so it’s like a 70% commission system called 100%. You will also need to market the shit out their products to make good money.

Who Is This Opportunity For?

Is this only beneficial to people who want to make millions online without putting in the required work? That is not absolutely true because, if you have the required money to market then it will be a good one for you.

This program is most suitable for those willing to take a risk and have a plenty of disposable income.

This is definitely not for everyone and the price being one of the factors.

So, if you are not willing to market with your money, then I will advise you to stay away because you may be disappointed.

Fortunately, there are options to earn income from home. and Fusion cash are a good way to make money with your spare time. You can also make full or part-time with My Top Recommendation Work-at-Home Program.

Final thought: So Is Infinity Profit System A Scam Or Not?

Based on how the company is structured, you only get to make money by bringing people into the system. And in the process helping them in building up their pyramid system even higher.

You are just sending people through the rotator and building up the pyramid even higher.

They really don’t give the training or the products’ they promise, which makes them close to another online scam.

This is just a perfect company I won’t recommend you. I just think you are convinced enough before diving into their scam and wasting your money in the process.

Any Other Ways to Make Legitimate Money Online?

Yes, there are 1000 plus ways actually!

We are always looking out for legitimate ways and trusted online companies to recommend. Below are some of the most legitimate companies.

Wealthy Affiliate: This is the home of affiliate marketers. You will learn everything about building your affiliate business from scratch.

The platform offers the most comprehensive training available on the internet with the most competitive price. You can sign up for free. No credit card or bank details required.

Clickbank University: The platform is great for both affiliate marketer and digital product creator. They offer both affiliate making training as well as product creation training.

If you are specialized in something, you are good to go with them because the platform is focused on more product creation.

Affilorama: This a platform very similar to Clickbank University. They offer both affiliate marketing training and product creation training.

Swagbucks: You can earn money by taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos, plus so much more on this platform. If you are just looking for a way to earn an extra buck, this is one of the best platforms on the internet.

If you are serious about making money online, I would recommend you to start out as affiliate marker because it is risk-free.

Check out My #1 Recommended Free affiliate program Here!

We would love to know your opinion, why not comment below to share your experience or ideas?

Thanks for reading.

All the best!

– Maun


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