What is Chris Farrel Membership About?- A Look Inside Chris Farrell Membership

What is Chris Farrell Membership About?- A Look Inside Chris Farrell Membership

If you are wondering “what is Chris Farrell Membership about?” then you came to the right place.

There are so many MMO products on the internet that promises to make you make money online. Some are very good, some are bad and even some are an ugly scam.

Today, I will review Chris Farrell membership, a real way to turn you into full-time income online you have always dreamt of becoming.

In my Chris Farrell membership review, I will leave lay bare all the facts about the program to help you make informed choices on whether the product is capable of helping you achieve your dreams.

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What is Chris Farrell Membership All About?

Chris Farrell Membership is a membership site where they teach you step by step how to make money online. You will be learning affiliate marketing and email marketing in their training platform.

This product offers a 21 day, fully comprehensive training program that breaks down, step by step, many of the basics you will need to start making money online from the comfort of your home.

Their training is much like other affiliate marketing training program such as Passive Profit Masterclass, Mike Dee & Rich Janitor, Shoe Money System, Gain Higher Ground and more.

The program is among the most trusted in the market which dispels any Chris Farrell membership scam claims.

The owner of the program, Chris Farrell is a very successful marketer and is passionate about sharing his experience. Originally, he was from the United Kingdom and now he is living in California, USA.

His biggest success is he actually made a million dollars in one day.

How is the Training Like?

Inside the member’s area, there is a short introduction from Chris where he introduces you to three simple steps to make money online.

Here is a Quick Video On Chris Farrel Membership.

The training course covers the following three main steps:

1). Finding a profitable niche, which could be something you are passionate about or something else that interests you.

2). Building an E-mail list of people interested in your niche and

3). Promoting or recommending products that are associated with that niche through reviews and ads.

It is very simple. You will be learning only one or two things if you are an advanced marketer. With this kind of training available, the program is a course worth investing for newbies.

Let’s Take a Look at Pros and Cons of the Program


  • No prior experience or special skill required.
  • You can make some money with the method they teach you.
  • A beginner can learn step-by-step about affiliate marketing.
  • They offer a wide range of training format: videos tutorials, PDF formats and more.
  • They teach you how to Set up an email campaign with ease.
  • The initial startup cost is only $4.95 which make everyone affordable
  • They have a great support.
  • You can return the product within 30 days if not satisfied and get back your money.


  • The product does not offer a free trial.
  • The product has old content and the training is not updated regularly.
  • Some up-sells and extras aren’t included, or explained up front, in the monthly fee.
  • There is no clear explanation as to how much time one would have to invest in this training. Time is one of the things that need to be invested in succeeding in any business venture.
  • Even though there is community support, there seems to be something missing both from that aspect and from the owner. I say this because even though many people have left comments on the product’s sales page, there are no replies from the owner.
  • The “Free Gift” is a bit disappointing. It looks more like a promotional flier or an advertisement.

Who is Chris Farrell Membership Made For?

The program is quite good for a starter because of its aim at beginners and intermediate level internet marketers. If you are slightly an advanced internet marketer, this program might not for you.

It is one of the better programs out there because it was voted the leading online income service for four consecutive years from 2011 to 2014. Regardless of your level of experience, this program would also be useful.

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Does Chris Farrel Offer Any Help When You Need It?

Firstly, there is a membership- driven discussion forum. On the Support Desk page, you can get support in the following three ways:

1). A “Knowledge Base” where you can type in specific questions or get answers to questions that are most frequently asked.

2). If you still need more help, you can submit a ticket, and one of their “WOW Support Team Members” will get back to you as soon as possible.

3). Finally, if you already have an existing ticket(s), you can check for updates and read all your tickets by just clicking a blue bar.

What is the Cost of Joining Chris Farrel Membership

Chris Farrell membership is not expensive though; there are some upsells.
The initial one week preview membership cost is $4.95 while a full Membership costs $37 per month or $297 annually.

For the upsells, domain name purchases require $10 annually while a hosting account sells at $10 per month. Purchasing an auto-responder will set you back $19 a month or $228 annually.

Here’s What I Really Think

Chris Farrell Membership is a good program that worth the money. The product isn’t a scam, in fact, you actually get a lot of value from their training. You can make money with the method they teach you.

I must point out that the program is meant for newbies and not experienced marketers. However, the training can also be useful to those with some experience.

As with any other venture, whether it be a new job or starting an online business, it takes time to develop your sites every day to have any reasonable success.

Very few sellers will provide you a money back guarantee on their products which is why I can vouch on Chris Farrel membership program’s ability to deliver just what it promises their clients.

Not many similar products out there project such honesty which is why you should try out the product with an assurance that you will get to realize your dreams within no time.


4 thoughts on “What is Chris Farrel Membership About?- A Look Inside Chris Farrell Membership”

  1. I really appreciate your review of Chris Farrel’s OOM product. I am very new to this area and while I understand they process of affiliate marketing I’m sure there are many tips and tricks which I need to learn before I’ll be proficient. Your balanced review has given me confidence to go ahead and give it a try.

    • Hi Dom,
      Affiliate marketing isn’t a rocket science. You can become proficient if you put in 1-2 hours a day to learn this stuff.
      Chris Farrel Membership is a decent program, but it isn’t for one stop shop for newbies. For complete newbies, I suggest you check out My top recommendation program here. You will learn everything about making money online.
      All the best!


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