Is Automated Daily Income A scam Or Best Way To Make Money Online?

Automated Daily Income scam Review- Legit or 100% Scam?

Name: Automated Daily Income


Owner: Raena Lynn

Price: $ 49 + upsells

Overall Rating: 10 Out of 100

If you have been searching for ways to make money online and be financially independent, I guess you should have seen a company named Automated Daily Income.

But due to various complaints about how they operate, I took it upon myself to do a thorough research on what the company does and what they offer their customers.

Is Automatic Daily Income A Scam? That’s was the same question I need to ask myself when I came across the program and to supply a perfect answer to this question I did a research on the company.

The post below should be able to arm you with the necessary information you need to know if they are a legit company to do business with or a company to run away from.


Automated Daily Income Overview

This company claims they can present you with the opportunity to earn online through their products. But in the real sense, all they do is to connect you with various companies that offer nothing related to the opportunity you purchased from them.

Be careful with the sites as the sales pages with the company remain the same. The company claims they are featured on news such as ABC, CNN and USA Today, but we can trace such claim which makes it false.



This is just a trick used to create trust and credibility in the eyes of the potential subscribers or customers. This might not prevent you from being scammed, but it should at least give you a sign of what the scammers use.


What You Will Get When You Join Automated Daily Income

The real product that they are trying to sell is MOBE (My Online Business Education) from Matt Lloyd a notorious scammer.

You will have access to about 21 step videos designed to help you succeed on your adventure in the world of internet marketing. And this product will cost you $49.

To be frank with you, the training offered by this company are actually decent and that’s the reason why this scam is still well around till today.

The main issue with this system is that this 21 Step Training is totally focused on bringing you into the system and getting you to promote the same product from the company to the others.

Immediately you pay the $49 registration fees, you are also encouraged to buy a right to sell to other people.


The Sheer Numbers of Upsells

The entrance fee of a $49 is not the end of it!

There are many upsells you will come across if you sign up with MOBE. To be realistic, the sure way to make good money signing up with MOBE is to sell their products to other people. And you can successfully do this without being an Affiliate member of MOBE.

And to upgrade to be an affiliate member, There are various levels that you purchase. And of course, there are higher commissions when you actually buy into those expensive levels.

  • Standard Affiliate: $19.95 per month
  • MLR: $2,497 one time + $99 per month
  •  Titanium: $9,997 one time + $199 per month
  •  Platinum: $16,667 one time + $299 per month
  • Diamond: $29,997 one time + $299 per month

Purchasing those higher levels will enable you to promote their products to others, trainings and various high commission payouts.


Pros And Cons of MOBE MLM Strategy

Most Pyramid schemes and MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) business opportunities usually operate in the same way.

They are both programs in such a way where the person at the top of the pyramid receives payment from the person at the bottom.

The only clear-cut difference is that MLM’s sell a product, while pyramid schemes don’t.


  • They have some quality training and you can learn some basics of Internet marketing.
  • They are one of a high commission paying program.

Cons :

  • The program is very expensive compared to the other program with the same quality.
  • There is sheer number of upsells in the system
  • They have very little customers supports an active community.
  • It is very difficult to get your money back if you are not satisfied with the program
  • The program is built off of a notorious scammer
  • And a lot of more.


MOBE Complaints

You must have seen many complaints about the company mode of operation.
Most of the complaints by the customers are the refusal of the company to stand by their money back promise.

MOBE is excellent to promote unethically products and getting gullible folks to buy into a program that does not do what it promises.

Customers buy into the program and these entrance fees are what keep such company going, not the various products they offer for sale.

See More Customer Complaints Here

MOBE MLM process of operation is shady because of their total focus on bringing new members onboard and making money from them, instead of laying emphasis on the product they offer.


Final Thoughts: Is Automatic Daily Income A Scam?

As a matter of fact, Automated Daily Income is a sale funnel used to get prospects to MOBE products. And MOBE is a tricky MLM business opportunity that has been around for a while now.

It’s illegal because they don’t have a product they sell. And they focus more on recruiting new members to join them than offering values to their customers via their products.

The various fees you will need to pay to join the higher level is just too high, which is above an average wager pocket.

My final advice for you is to stay away from MOBE. They are not in business to help you make money online, but to drain you of your cash.

If you are serious about making money online, you really need to stop messing up these type of program. Check out My #1 Recommend Program below!.


Have you had any experience with Automated Daily Income or MOBE? or any questions let me know in the comment below.
 Thanks for reading.
Wish you all the best!



4 thoughts on “Is Automated Daily Income A scam Or Best Way To Make Money Online?”

  1. O my goodness.

    Now this is a review. We need more like this online. I’ll I can say is I’ll be staying away from this. Hahaha. Keep doing more reviews, I would love to see more. The writing is elegant and its extremely helpful, and saved me a lot of heart ache and pain.

    • Hi AJ, thanks for leaving a comment here. Definitely, Automated Daily Income one of the program should be approached with extra caution.Simply, it is a sale funnel for MOBE and nothing offers by itself. MOBE is using very unethical business model to promote their program. The program has some quality,but it is very expensive compare to others with the same quality out there.
      Be careful online is full of scammers to rip off of your hard earned money.

      Good luck!


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