Reviews- Is It Right For You? Reviews- Is it Right for You?

HostGator claimed that their web hosting platform is specifically designed to help you earn money, and you will get the best features at the best price if you purchase their service. Can you trust these guys?

In our HostGator review, we will tell you the good and the bad about the program, something other HostGator reviews have dismally done.

Then, join me as I present review, and you will make an informed decision on whether HostGator scam rumors are true or just based on misinformation.

I am also going to share my experience I have wit HostGator over the years to help you decide on whether this web hosting platform is right for you.

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What is

HostGator is commonly known to be a shared hosting service provider, but they also supply a dedicated virtual private server (VPS) to sites that require the services. has been in existence since 2002 when it was formed by Brent Oxley from the comfort of his college dormitory. The program is reputed for consistent reliability owing to a large number of servers in its possession.

At the time of this review, HostGator has an average Better Business Bureau rating a C+. Although I don’t believe a BBB rating is the only things you should rely on, this rating may imply lousy, inconsistent or unpredictable business practice for some of you.

The service is a bit more expensive compared to similar packs from competitors, but it is worth every penny regarding reliability and support when you most need a listening ear.

They advertise themselves as “99.9% Uptime Guarantee” for website hosting service.

Here’s a Quick Video on HostGator.

Here, we are not just talking about a company by the roadside; we are talking about a web hosting company that hosts more than 9 million domain names!

Among the cool things that will make you not feel the pinch when purchasing this product include a customer friendly control panel, unlimited disk space, and lots of freebies. I know that we all like using things we do not have to pay for, don’t we?

Let’s Take A Look at the Pros and Cons of


  • Easy signup process.
  • Control panel is quite user-friendly. You can easily install universal apps using QuickInstall.
  • The program has free services such as web builders, unlimited bandwidth and disc space on all plans.
  • The program has an extended free trial period and a money-back guarantee.
  • Huge discounts for starters. 50% off for the first month for $5.
  • Top notch security and free migration.


  • HostGator’s money back guarantee has hidden conditions besides the fact that a return has to be made within 45 days after purchase.
  • HostGator has hidden fees and clauses.
  • It is not possible to use above 25percent of their system’s resources for 90 seconds and above.
  • Reseller and shared hosting accounts are limited to only host less than 250,000 inodes while accounts that exceed 100,000 inodes become automatically scrapped off from the backup system.
  • HostGator Account activation can take an upward of 24 – 48 hours. The delay is too much compared with other sites.
  • The site is not that fast. In fact, I would say that the loading page’s speed is below average with most of the time being at 991ms against the recommended 890ms. Loading speed is crucial in having your site ranked high in search engines, and low speeds can leave your sales bleeding.
  • An extra fee is incurred on backups. HostGator only provides manual back up for free while automated backups will set you back $15.95 annually. Accounts with over 20GB and 100,000 inodes using a shared server are not backed up. Further, the company states that backups are provided on a courtesy basis, meaning that a client has no guarantee on them.
  • Dishonest pricing. Customers can only get the alluded low prices by entering into long-term contracts (not less than three years) for the service. Customers on monthly plans pay dearly for the service (up to 150 percent higher).

Who is Made for? is primarily targeted to semi-technical users. HostGator is flexible to the demands of various users which serves as its core strength. Users can obtain various services such as Windows hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated hosting to suit their individual needs.

Additionally, the program has other rich programs such as Python, SSH, Perl, root access, and Ruby among others in all its plans. HostGator has a wide array of options and controls for their servers.

That notwithstanding, users most possess some little level of knowledge to operate the program. HostGator’s wide selection makes it the best choice for customers who need to host multiple sites.

How is the Training Like?

HostGator has helped users to navigate through the program by using tutorials, documents, and frequently asked questions that give a detailed step by step explanations.

HostGator’s administration consoles are powered by cPanel software. The software enables you to quickly accomplish tasks such as designing e-Commerce shopping carts and prioritize tasks.

You can also use their backend panel to gather statistics and login information by using Error logs, Webalizer, and Raw Log Manager among others.

What About HostGator Support Service?

HostGator’s 45-day refund guarantee provides you with ample time for trying out the product to see if it is capable of serving your needs. Once convinced, you can purchase a one or three-year plan.

HostGator gives you a 99.9% uptime guarantee on web hosting. I assure you that this is not a common thing with other providers out there. Such a high uptime rate elsewhere will cost you an arm and a leg.

HostGator has a responsive customer care team that swiftly attends to customer queries on live chats, phone, and email on a 24-hour basis all-round the year.

You and I understand how annoying it has to listen from pre-recorded troubleshooting solutions that offer little help. Don’t we?

HostGator’s web-based file manager helps you keep free of junk. Junk files are responsible for slow server speeds. I am sure you will enjoy having to use a server without being bothered to check on junk files. It is a fantastic experience.

HostGator provides freebies in each of its hosting plans including free website builder, unlimited bandwidth, website templates, and domain transfers.

What’s the Service Pricing?

HostGator’s shared hosting has three plans:

  • Hatchling plan goes for $2.75 per month and has features such as unlimited storage, subdomains, and disk space and can only support one domain.
  • The baby plan goes for $5.95 per month and has unlimited domain names, storage, and bandwidth.
    • Business plan with free dedicated secure socket layer (SSL), Internet protocol and a toll-free number goes for $5.95 per month and supports unlimited domain names, storage, and bandwidth.

Here’s My Final Opinion On provides users an opportunity to choose the plan of their choice and the amount they wish to pay to obtain the service. It is not like those services where a product is forced on you making you feel cornered.

High honesty levels displayed in their trial version is the reason why I am confident that HostGator scam accusations are baseless. You should try the product and see the difference with others in the market.


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  1. Hello Maun,

    Thanks for the detailed review of the Host Gator.
    Posts like yours are very important to help people make informed decisions. I am looking forward to reading more of your reviews.


  2. Hi Maun,
    Good review of HostGator! I gained a lot from this article and may explore their service for some new site.
    HostGator has been very active in my country – Singapore, and a few Affiliate Marketers actively promoting their hosting services here, with very competitive pricing leading to large adoption in this region.
    Currently, I prefer one-stop solution and I am using your #1 recommendation – Wealthy Affiliate to host my website OnlineBusinessFor50. Not only Wealthy Affiliate host my site, but also they have other tools like keyword research tool, SiteContent tool, SEO tips, etc. These are very helpful to business owners like us.

    • Hi Thomas,
      HostGator is one of the most successful web hosting services out there. They offer several membership options.
      I agree with you Wealthy Affiliate is a one-stop for online marketers. If you are a premium member, You can host 50 websites. That’s enough for a big business.


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