Is Instant Rewards Network a Scam Or A Real Business Opportunity?

Instant Rewards Network Scam Review- Is It a Real Business Opportunity?

Name: Instant Rewards Network


Owner: Nani Madala

Price: Free to join

Overall rating: 5 Out of 10

Verdict: Legit

Due to many complaints about Instant Rewards Network, I decided to do an extensive research about the company.

With few things I got them, I saw that they were not a scam has been called by many, but was hyped by the company and many of its affiliates.

I also discovered that most of that review that claim they are excellent on the internet is a group of people promoting the company.

In my opinion, I don’t think this company will really offer you an opportunity to earn from the internet.

And I will be going into details in this article, of what they offer and if it will suit your need to earn from home.


How Does Instant Rewards Network Operate?

They serve as a middleman with nothing less than 500 companies to make people purchase their products.

The company also offers a referral method by which members in their company can bring in more people and earn from that.



Most of their trial offer comes with no charges while some charge you a monthly fee or even pay before you use them.

I will advise you to cancel the membership if you are no longer interested to prevent them from charging you excessively every month.

While a lot of people claimed the company is an MLM, they are not because their method of operation does not come close to that of multi-level marketing.

I am not a subscriber to instant reward network, but I was able to dig deep into how they run things.

I did found out few things about them they don’t pay up to what they claim to pay and the process also requires more work than normal.


How Do You Earn?

The company knows that the more people they get onboard into their company the more money will be realized as a company.

The company made that happens from their various promotions and affiliate programs, those involved earn through that means.

Here is a screenshot of their payoff sample.



Below are ways you can make money through Instant Reward Network:

1. By Inviting more People Into The Company

If you are able to bring a new member into the company you are sure to make nothing less than $20, depending on if they do the task you will want them to perform. i.e like signing up to a link.

Instant Rewards Network provides you with a site and a particular affiliate link you can share with your friends and prospective customers and create ads with to promote the company.

They also claim that you will be given readymade information to use for your ads.

In my own opinion, this idea is not so good because many people will be using the same site, ad copy and information to promote same company your prospective customers will see it as a spam.

They also say that you can promote Instant Reward Network through various social Medias, but that is a complete spam on its own because I myself will un-friend any person who tries to sell me such trash.

If you really want to make money with this company through this affiliate program, you will need to use the real method of online marketing, but even with that, you can promote something rewarding and more promising than this company in my own opinion.

2. You can try the offer yourself

Subscribing into this company mean you will be able to earn through gift cards, points and cash money with their various trials offers.

Here are some of their feature offers.



Trying this program on the hit and run basis won’t be of benefit to you at all, so there no point trying to register with them if you know you won’t give it your best.

A lot of their trials offer won’t pay such much and they are also to complete for free. This simply means to make any real money with this company you need to try a lot of offers. This means much time will be imputed.

I don’t really go with this company, because after long trials you only get a few points, if you simply equate what you are earning to the amount of time you have invested, it will amaze you to know that you are earning close to nothing.


The Upside of Instant Reward Network

They are very easy to use and to go against various claims online about them, you can actually earn a few decent cash through them. And they are not a Multi-level marketing company.


The Downside Of Instant Reward Network

The overall amount of money you earn with the company is nothing compared to the amount of time you invested into it.

Many of the marketing techniques recommended by the company are spammy, which is not what most marketers use for promotions.

You can’t earn a full-time income from them, which is contrary to a lot of review on the internet.

Most of the trials offer you subscribe to will be charging you monthly if you don’t cancel the subscription.


Final Thought: Is Instant Rewards Networks A Scam?

I am into internet marketing. If you think Instant Reward Networks will make you a full-time income, you may be working on a wrong assumption because you may not.

You won’t earn a fortune from the company except you are referring people to the company.

And you may not be successful referring people into the company except you are good in marketing and how to run ads well. Because the company won’t give you all the support you need.

If you have a realistic expectation of Instant Rewards Network, it is perfectly nifty. Thankfully,


My verdict is that if you’re looking to make good money online, I would recommend starting with affiliate marketing which only needs your skills to make decent money. And you won’t be required to pay anything to start earning.

If you have a personal opinion and you’d like to share about the Instant Rewards Network, feel free to leave a comment below. I will right back to you.

Thanks for reading.

All the best!




4 thoughts on “Is Instant Rewards Network a Scam Or A Real Business Opportunity?”

  1. Very good information. There are a lot programs out there that say you can make money with them and more popping up every day. Good job reviewing this one. While it appears to be legitimate, I get a bad vibe from it. Probably one to stay away from.

    • Hi Doug Arthur, thanks for leaving a comment. Surely, there are a plenty of make money program and low quality products are popping up every day. When I first started online I was almost about to lose my faith in making money online because most of the programs promised easy money and failed to deliver their promises. Perhaps Instant Rewards is one of them. I don’t recommend this program for those who are serious about making money online.

  2. I agree with your verdict. Affiliate Marketing is the way to go, especialy if you’re starting with a limited budget. I would stay away from this Instant Reward Network not because it might be a scam, but because it just appears to be a waste of time and effort.

    • Hi Doug Arthur, thanks for coming back. I am totally agree with you. Affiliate marketing is better way to go because you can start it for free, but you’ll be able to earn a full time income.
      You should stay away from Instant Rewards Network because it not worth your time and effort. It can’t make you a living.


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