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Hey veryone, I’m Maung Yin, but on the Internet, I usually go by my first name “Maun”. I am currently full time online marketer. Onlinemoneyfordads.com is a website dedicated to help stay-at- home dads to supplement their income by starting online business and making money from home.

Let’s start a bit further back.

I grew up in Thailand. Soon after graduating high school, I traveled around Asia countries looking for better jobs. I had done quite a few jobs there. At last, I settled in MLM company ( Double Crane Company) in Taiwan.

In 2007, I moved to United States of America looking for a better job. In the US, I tried many jobs and worked double shifts for many years to pursue my dream of financial freedom.

I had tried a few small businesses and moved around the US. Finally, I settled in Texas state and make a living as aircraft maintenance.

I first started online business during my second year in college. In fact, even though I major in management science in college, up until about two years ago I had absolutely no clue what online business was.

I joined almost every get rich quick program a long the way and ended up with nothing left in my pocket. Then I say, ” why, why these guys are love cheating so much?”

Despite my numerous losses and failures, I have never given up my goals and dream of financial freedom.

Thanks my lucky star for I had found a guy that introduced me to Wealthy Affiliates Training program. This guy said, “I had been living in China” so I said to myself, I might have some common background since he had been living in Asia.

I spent two days researching this guy websites and the site he recommended ” Wealthy Affiliate” I found many interesting things and information are true and honest. So, I decided to give a shot and created free member account.

Inside the member area, I read and record everything. It is amazing. The training programs was really awesome and the Wealthy Affiliates community was family friendly and most helpful. Since then I never look back.

I am truly thankful to Kyle and Carson (the founder of Wealthy Affiliate) and Nathaniell that introduced me to WA and the rest of the community for their help and support.

At last, I believe I can help you to start your online business too regardless who you are you can do it.

Leave a comment and help yourself to start your own online business today. I really do enjoy seeing your success online. You can shoot me at WealthyAffiliate.com ( Here is a link to my profile)


Maung Yin

Founder of Online Money For Dads.


  • Maun, I really enjoyed reading about you and your history of travel. I trust that you found a home in Texas. It is a great state with wonderful people. Your business title is great. I have been in the corporate world for a long time and have spent too much time away from home. I wish you the best of success.

    • Hi Tony, thanks for stopping by and leaving good words here! Surely,Texas is my first home.I enjoy eating Texas barbecue and living a lifestyle as I was very cowboy. Now, I am also find a second home Wealthy Affiliate.In this second home, I get everything to learn and to start my very own online business.

      Wish you all the best and much success!

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