Is My Home Job Search Legit? A Thorough Review.

Is My Home Job Search Legit?

my home job search


The world we live in has been made smaller by the internet. The internet has given us information, entertainment, as well as a method to make money online.


Users are aware of online scams, and before signing up, they usually check online reviews regarding the online-money-making program. Unluckily, what you are not aware of is that there are several deceit reviews.


I do appreciate your time for coming to My Home Job Search Review as is it the recommended way to ascertain whether this product is legit or not.


I would like you to know that this site does not employ me, and I am not trying to market it by any means. In this article, I will give you an unbiased and honest review of this money-making system.


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What is My Home Job Search?

It is a website ( that alleges to find individuals real work from home jobs that are near their locality.


Michael Anderson founded the site in 2016. In simple terms, I can say that My Home Job Search is a job search engine, which asserts to differ from the other work at home job websites by offering ‘legit’ jobs.


The founder claims that any bogus companies will not contact users. Besides, this website alleges to only work with businesses or employers who have a proven track record of paying for services offered.


How to Sign Up With this Program

First, you need to give the site your zip code, and then answer the following questions:

My Home Job Search Registration Process


    • Select your anticipated weekly income


    • The number of hours you can work weekly


    • The day you want to start working


    • The typing skills you have


The answers to these questions are straightforward as you only have to select it from the options given. The next steps involve you selecting the job type, and then give the site your personal details.


The personal information needed include your first name, last name, valid email address, and valid phone number. The signing up process is easy and straightforward.


However, I noticed one thing; irrespective of how you answer the questions, the results are similar. For instance, you will be informed that there are twenty seven employers near you.


How My Home Job Search Works

My Home Job Search functions like other typical job search engines. You first need to enter your zip code to get the list of jobs in your area.


Afterward, you are asked the questions as indicated above concerning the number of hours you are willing to work and the income you are anticipating to get. For you to access the job board, you must become a member first.


Registered members are eligible to log in to the dashboard, where they are able to find potential jobs, get exclusive support from the system’s employees, and get extra resources.


Here’s a Look Inside the Member’s Area.


My Home Job Search Member's Area


What is the Cost of My Home Job Search?

The product is available in different pricing options that outline the level of access one has to the features on the website.


You may not have the liberty to access all the features offered by My Home Job Search depending on the membership package you subscribe to. Here is an outline of membership options offered by this site.


Basic Membership

The basic membership package is given free of charge. It enables you to peruse from specific categories, like writing jobs and paid surveys. When you are in this membership group, you can access extra resources for finding jobs.


The Premium Membership

This is available for a one-off payment of $ 99, or just $29 when it is on sale. With this option, you can access all functionalities that the website provides. Besides, it enables you to check the companies offering legit jobs.


The good thing I liked about this membership plan is that one is privileged to dedicated customer support.


Who Is This Site For?

This type of website is ideal for anyone. Whether you are a stay at home mama looking to get an income working from home or a university student looking forward to making extra cash to help lessen the cost of tuition, this site is designed for you.


It is essential to remember that you will still be working for another person as you would with the typical 9 – 5 job. The only difference with this type of job is that you will not have to make the daily commute to work since everything is online based.


My Home Job Search Ugly Truths Revealed!

There are chances that you have been scammed by other work at home job websites. I want to tell you that I say nothing than the ugly truth in this platform. Read the honest truth about this product below.


Fake Owner

When you register for the website, you will be directed to a video where the alleged owner of the system introduces himself as Michael Anderson. There is no mention of the person operating the site other than in the video.


Since the ‘owner’ does not show an image of himself and does not provide links to social media accounts or anything, I think that ‘Michael Anderson’ is just an alias.


The website also uses an unidentified domain registration. I am into users protecting their privacy online. However, if a person claims to be the ‘number one home job search website’ and opts to hide his real identity, it is a red flag.


Misleading Identity

The video I watched on their site is entirely misleading. The video talks about work from home opportunities, which makes you believe that the website can help you secure a dream job.


As a matter of fact, I didn’t come across any mention of My Home Job Search in the promotion video.


I can say that My Home Job Search as a company and working from home as the opportunity is completely two different things. The fact that you can secure an online job is accurate.


The thing I did not like about this system is that I have to pay them first to access the so-called database of promising job companies.


From my vast experience, I can confidently tell you that most of these companies cannot significantly help you in what they allege to assist you.


With this info, I do not label My Home Job Search a total scam, but their misleading tactics alongside other scam signals I came across on their site warrants one to stay away from this program.


Available Jobs is a Hoax

People use technology for good or evil. In this situation, My Home Job Search uses it to mislead users. Regardless of the zip code you include during the registration process, the system still informs you that there are available jobs in your location.


This is just some artless programming tricks that are not generally based on the actual jobs. It is merely intended to lure you to the search engine. Fake YouTube Views


Another fact that I would want to drive your attention to is that the marketing video on the company’s website is a massive red flag.


If you check the video on YouTube, you will find out that the comment section has been disabled, which is not a good sign at all.


In addition, the video does not have likes and dislikes despite it racking thousands of views. Is this possible? No! Maybe the ‘owner’ hired viewers from


Fake Testimonials

Another common trick utilized by sites such as this one is fake testimonials. There are fake testimonials published on the official website.


These testimonials are purportedly from real individuals, but in the real sense, they are nothing than somebody writing a positive post about the site and hide behind a stock image.


If this is not enough, I found out that the same stock picture is used on another testimonial or a rival website but with a different name.


Fake News

You can see logos of the BBC News, CBS, The Guardian, and other News sites published on this website. By showing these famous logos, the ‘owner’ wants users to believe that My Home Job Search was featured on these sites.


The honest truth is that the website has never featured in there. It is another ugly truth that you should look out for.


The Things I Like About My Home Job Search

It is possible to make some money

Technically, it is possible to make money from the survey websites, but they pay very little, and it would take you ages to get your investment back.


Instead, you can go and join the survey platforms for free. You do not require this site to do that, and you probably don’t need to pay the owner any money.


The website is legit, but most of the information being promoted is very doubtful. Michael Anderson seems to be alluring suspecting users to join some dubious money-making pyramids that will likely suck much more money from your wallet.


Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the site within the first sixty days of purchase, you can request for your full refund.


Free Registration

Few money-making programs allow users to register for free. I like the fact that Michael will enable you to register for free. With this, you have the chance to test the website to determine whether you will upgrade to the premium membership plan or not.


Is My Home Job Search a Scam?

I cannot say that My Home Job Search is a total scam, but due to various signs that I have observed in the program, I cannot recommend it to anyone. I found a couple of scam signs, which is a solid reason to stay away from it like a plague.


Unluckily, only those who are experienced in internet marketing can see the signs. Once you decide to register on this platform, many lies will come your way.


In my own opinion, the program isn’t a scam, but due to the red flags that I have encountered on this site, I recommend that you look for other honest systems. Michael Anderson is nothing but a cheap con.


My Final Words

Lastly, My Home Job Search is not worth your investment and time. Although you can make money by subscribing to some of the websites they recommend, you cannot make the alleged amount of money.


Besides, the company makes it look effortless to make money online, while in reality, it takes patience, time, and real work to make a full-time income from the comfort of your sofa.


What the owner wants is to get users to join the sites (both scammy and legit) they are affiliated with.


When users join one of the sites via their affiliate link and they make any kind of payment, the company will earn some dollars. The company is using the affiliate marketing business model to make money.


If you are looking for a genuine money-making opportunity, then there is an affiliate marketing platform that I am more than sure can benefit you and your family.


How I Make a Living Online via Affiliate Marketing

Although My Home Job Search has been a total waste of time, it does not mean that it is impossible to make some good money online from the comfort of your sofa, because you unquestionably can.


I have done affiliate marketing for many years, and it makes me my fulltime living without me having to work throughout the day.


The good thing about this affiliate marketing is that it is easy and straightforward to get started if you follow the right training that shows you how it is done.


There are numerous affiliate marketers out there, and most of them are in this industry to make additional income on the side. Me, I like the job as full-time income because it gives me the freedom I desire.


With affiliate marketing, you don’t require any money to begin; you only need a computer or smartphone, and an internet connection and money will follow you.


If you are interested in learning more about this beautiful online marketing industry, I encourage you to check out My #1 Recommendation Here.




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