Job2careers Reviews: Can You Really Get a Job From This Platform?

Job2careers Review

Jobs2Career Review: Can you get a good job?


Welcome to my Jobs2Careers Review!


Despite a huge growth in the tech sector, it seems that unemployment keeps on growing. In fact, unemployment is a persistent problem in most countries. Most countries have a different unemployment rate. It is also a growing problem in the United States.


Nowadays, most people that graduated with great result are working in the jobs that are way beneath them while others have no job. If you found yourself in this position, you may need a website such as Jobs2careers.


In recent years, a lot of websites have been making claims they can help job seekers find jobs easily. Jobs2careers is one of these websites that claim you can find a job when you use their portal. The only problem is that it is hard to know who to trust when you are looking for a job.


In some cases, most people will post scam job offers just to get you to submit your personal information and then use it to do something else. Just before you rush to submit your personal information to any website that claims it can help you find a job, you need to make your research.


Like I mentioned above, there has been a lot of buzz about Jobs2careers. I decided to check them out to find out if they are really who they claim to be.


In this article, you will learn everything that you need to know about Jobs2careers and how they operate. You will also be able to learn if they are a scam or a legit website. Keep on reading to find out more about Jobs2careers.


Jobs2careers Reviews: A Quick OverviewJobs2Careers review: Can you get a good job?

Name: Job2Careers

Owner: Bruce Ge


Price: Free to Join

Summary: Yes, Jobs2Careers is very clean and legit. It works like your local job search engine with 1-click application. The jobs are updated in 24/7 and a 100 percent coverage of US. You can apply and sign up for job alert and search millions of jobs. However, the major downside is that they don’t offer an extensive training to help you land on a good job. So, I would say they are a great job search engine, but need a good training to help you get a good job.

Overall Scam Rank: 5.0 Out of 10

Recommended: Yes, but need a good amount of training.

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What is Jobs2careers?

Trustpilot described Jobs2careers as a “nationwide job aggregator dedicated to innovating the way talent effectively finds work”. Jobs2careers is created to help people looking for a job and those that want to move to another job easily get offers in one place.


They are similar to other employment websites such as Mommy Jobs Online, Insight Global, Online Jobs Center, My Flex Jobs, and others.


On the website, the company claimed that they are the leading programmatic marketplace to find talent. Jobs2careers claims that companies looking for talents can use predictive analytics to estimate the cost and applicant volume when they use their platform.


Here’s A Quick Video on Job2Careers.


The company also claims they are innovating the way recruiters search for talents and the way people look for work.

Actually, Jobs2careers is the fastest growing job search engine on the web. Just like the way you make use of Google Search Engine when looking for information on the web, job seekers can make use of Jobs2careers in the same way to find jobs.


The company also happen to be listed with the Better Business Bureau and has a decent rating (A+) at the time of this review. By the way, another listed companies worth looking into is Swagbucks, Fusion Cash, and Survey Junkie.


It is also important to mention that Jobs2careers is the first job search engine to offer “Pay-Per-Application” as a job advertising solution for employers who are looking to recruit new talents. This means as an employer, you will only pay for people who apply for your job offer.


In recent years, there has been a diverse opinion about Jobs2careers. If you are looking to find more information about Jobs2careers, this article will provide you with the information that you are looking for.


How Does Jobs2careers Works?

Like I mentioned above, Jobs2careers promotes themselves as a place where your job search begins and ends. When you open the website, you will get the impression that they are interested in helping people find open job positions.


Before I continue, I must commend the design of the website; it looks really simple and easy to use. If you have ever used a search engine before (such as Google and Bing) then you don’t have any problem. The whole site is designed to work exactly like a search engine.


However, it is divided into two sections. The first section is for those looking for jobs while the second section is for employers. I’m going to discuss both sections in this article.


Here’s a Short Video on How Jobs2Careers Work

Jobs2careers For Job Seekers

To find a job using this platform, all you need to do is to type in the description of the job you want and then type in your location and then click enter. Their search engine will then find all ads relating to the position you want and the city you entered.


Case Study

While researching this platform, I entered “Business Manager” and selected “New York” as my location.

Jobs2careers showed me various job offers when I clicked on the first one; it took me to for a job that was posted on the platform 6 days ago by Qatar Airways in New York. The estimated salary is $83,000 per year.


Some jobs are posted anonymously. This means you will have to submit your email and other personal information in order to apply for the job.


Most of the jobs and positions that are available on Jobs2careers are aggregated from other websites around the internet just like a search engine does.


When you click on a job position that you are interested in, you will be redirected to another site from which the post actually originated.


Jobs2careers For Employers

Jobs2careers is also created for employers. This platform provides employers an innovative way of searching for talents. They are known as the first platform to introduce Pay-Per-Apply Click for employers.


When you are looking to recruit a talent, you can actually make use of this platform to look for new talents. They charge in various ways which include:


Pay-Per-Apply Click: This payment process allows you to save money by paying only for people that read the full description of your posting and apply after reading your post.


You can advertise as a small business or Enterprise if you have 2000 or more employees. When you make use of Jobs2careers, they provide services such as:


  • Job management
  • Candidate management
  • Attract more candidates


Jobs2careers claims that you only pay for results. According to them, if your post doesn’t yield any result, they won’t charge you. You only pay when someone views or applies to your job.


In order words, you only pay when your job ad is working. As an advertiser, you can be able to set your budget based on the recommendation they will give you. Your overall cost will depend on how many hires you need to make.


Complaints Against Jobs2careers

Just like other platforms, there are a number of complaints I found against Jobs2careers when I was researching them. Some advertisers claimed they received applications from unqualified candidates. Others claimed they receive the same daily job leads multiple times a day.


Some also claim that job posting website like Jobs2careers is just a front to capture applicant’s information and then share the information with third-party sources.


While going through the Jobs2careers Privacy Policy, I noticed it clearly states that your information will be given to companies for the purposes of sales and marketing.


They also mentioned that submitting contact info on their site or with any of their partners constitutes permission for these companies to call you even if you have previously signed with the Federal Do Not Call registration.


What I Like About Job2Careers

  • Easy to use
  • Can find lots of job posting in one place
  • No payment required to use them
  • You can start using the portal without signing up
  • You can download the app and use it
  • Helps you find jobs
  • Can get you a job in a city of your choice
  • Can help you attract the best employees


What I Don’t Like About Jobs2Careers

  • Can share your private information with the third party
  • Some job postings are not real
  • Advertisers complained of getting unqualified applications
  • It hard to find a good job


Here’s My Final Thought About Job2Careers

Jobs2careers can help you find a job or advertise for a position. However, a lot of people are confused about how they work since clicking on most of these offers here will take you to another website.


Thus, it could be confusing to figure out where and how to submit your resume (CV). Note that this platform is just a job aggregator. So far, I don’t think that Jobs2careers is a scam, but a little bit misleading.


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Job2Careers At a Glance

Name: Job2Careers

Owner: Bruce Ge


Price: Free to Join

Overall Scam Rank: 5.0 Out of 10

Verdict: Legit, but Hard to Find a Good Job.



Free to Sign Up





Overall Quality



  • Easy to Use Job Search Engine
  • Help You Find Jobs
  • Free to Sign up


  • It Hard to Get a Good Job
  • They Don't Have a Good Amount of Training
  • Some Jobs Posting are Not Real

5 thoughts on “Job2careers Reviews: Can You Really Get a Job From This Platform?”

  1. Thank you for this very thorough review. It seems like Jobs2careers are basically like the rest of the job programs other than not having to pay and easy to use. Your honesty in this is greatly appreciated.
    I believe I will stay away from this one. I do not like seeing that they post jobs that aren’t real. If they do that then who knows what else they may do.
    I definitely don’t want my information just handed over to third parties either.
    It is really sad how it all works like that.
    Thank you again for this information. I am sure it will save others the aggravation of finding out the hard way.

    • Hi Lee,
      Most job programs are basically the same. They will share your personal information with third parties.
      Me too. I don’t want to hand my personal info to third parties. The moment they give out your info, your inbox will fill with junk mails.

  2. Hi Maun,

    Really interesting post about jobs2careers. Not something I have ever heard of before but sounds like a great platform in theory; really don’t like the fact that they share your contact details with a third party. This would put me off using them, and I’m pretty sure they could find another way around this if they wanted to.

    There are some other great ways to make a living online these days such as the Wealthy Affiliate platform where you get proper training and are able to build your own website out from scratch. This could potentially give you an income for life and I recommend others to give it a go and check out the free trial period.

    • Hi Stefanie,
      Agree.To risk personal info to get a job isn’t a good deal. Wealthy Affiliate is my favorite making money online program. Past a few years, they helped me a lot in building my affiliate business.

  3. Although I have been using J2C periodically for about 3 years I do not believe it led to employment. The way it works by redirecting you other job apps, as do many of the others, I never could determine the source of my contact/interview/employment came from. Most employers ask for your source once they communicate with you and my answer has to simply be, the internet.

    As far as releasing your information to 3rd parties. They have to release your info. to the business you submit your resume/application to or they cannot contact you for interviews.

    I have yet to find a job search engine that does not have bogus job postings. Because of the redirecting that goes on in cyberspace and companies using multiple names and ui’s for their one employer data base I ended up with 30+ accounts.

    My advice is, if you aren’t familiar with the company you are thinking about applying to via a job search site, plan on investing a good 30 min. researching the legitimacy of the company. The 1st thing to do is get a phone number and call. Most likely the 1st person you reach has already fielded calls with questions regarding a job posting so you will get a quick answer and save yourself some time. That is not always the case but a good way to quickly eliminate a bogus posting before you spend a bunch of time communicating with a scammer.


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