Paid Online Writing Jobs- Warning Before You Join!

Paid Online Writing Jobs Review- Warning Before You Join! Important Review Facts! READ ON…


Paid Online Writing Review & Warning


Paid Online Writing Jobs a Quick Overview


Welcome to my exclusive and detailed Paid Online Writing Jobs review!


I am convinced that you are here to find out whether you can make money with or not.


By the end of this article, you will be able to tell whether Paid Online Writing Jobs is a scam or legit.


Although Paid Online Writing Jobs have been criticized from all corners, I still encourage going through this review before concluding this program.


What I know about this program is that it is an intermediary site that promises job seekers numerous online jobs for a small fee.


The truth is that the organization does not offer jobs to people. Instead, it possesses a list of other legitimate online writing sites. If you search on Google, you will get a list of sites promoted by this platform at a fee.


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What is Paid Online Writing Jobs?

The Paid Online Writing Jobs is an intermediary site that promises to link individuals to various online writing jobs. From their website, I saw that the site is registered in Wales and England.


However, the company doesn’t have any business number, email or physical address. There are zero details about the founders, administrators, as well as the year of establishment.


The primary idea of Paid Online Writing Jobs is to offer training and online writing jobs for online users to register.


However, some users see the site as a scam since they ask for a registration fee of 49 dollars to access the website. After paying the registration fee, all you get is access to the webinars.


The webinars have a lot of confusing info as well as a list of websites in place of numerous jobs promised.


I can say that the primary benefit that members acquire from this platform is the detailed list of legitimate online writing websites as well as information contained in the training materials.


Here’s a Short Video on Paid Online Writing Jobs.



You can sign up with this program from any corner of the world. However, the ‘founder says that the products are meant for the United Kingdom residents. But paying the subscription fee from any country allows you access to the website.


How Does the Program Work?

Before members begin making money with this program, the website first makes money from the members.


As seen above, you will be given a free webinar that shows all types of praises for Paid Online Writing Jobs upon registration.


Afterward, one is asked to pay ‘administration’ fee of $ 1 to cater to the website’s fast-track three-day easy training program.


One thing I noticed is that users are asked to part with $ 77 after the expiration of the 3-day ‘training’ in order to access the jobs database.


In simple terms, you cannot make money through this website as it is just a ‘middleman site.’


Pros & Cons of Paid Online Writing Jobs


  • For starters, the training material may provide some understanding of what online jobs is all about.


  • The lists of sites offered are legitimate online writing webpages that you can register on and start making money instantly.


  •  Paid Online Writing Jobs gives you the chance to work from the comfort of your home. This action saves you a lot since you don’t have to commute to work.


  • All that is needed is a computer and internet connection. With this, you are more than ready to go.


  • If you are employed and need that extra cash, you can still register at this platform. You only need to dedicate an hour or two daily to the site.


  • There are no exclusive programs to buy.


  • While having a college degree may be valuable on some topics, knowing the basics of English Language and grammar rule is sufficient for you to be a writer.


  • Having Basics computer skills is an added advantage.


  • The program isn’t a scam since you can prospectively make some money from it.


  • If you are lucky, the organizations portal can land you a job.



  • It is an intermediary website that doesn’t deliver the jobs promised.


  • The company does not provide any physical address, email, or business numbers. You can only get in touch with them through their customer care via a contact form.


  • There is a hidden seventy-seven dollar monthly subscription fee in the fine print.


  • You are required to pay in order to get access to information that is available for free on the internet.


  • The terms and conditions of Paid Online Writing Jobs contradict with the promises on the landing page.


  • The reviews found on the web say that there is a sixty-day money back guarantee. I can confidently tell you that this takes more than sixty days.


  • The only option to pay for the services on this site is via credit cards. When using your credit card to pay for online services, it is recommended to cancel before the completion of the trial period to avoid being charged automatically.


Who it is for

Paid Online Writing Jobs site primarily targets users who are searching for online writing jobs.


There are a lot of people out there looking forward to making money via writing and completing other simple jobs.


The good thing about this platform is that it promises training and numerous online writing tasks.


Paid Online Writing Jobs Training Tool Overview

Honestly, I can say that the training offered by Paid Online Writing Jobs is pretty useful. It does not give any secret tactic for making a lot of money through freelance writing, and this is because there is none.


The only problem I have with the training program is that it just tells us how to get started with freelancing and what freelance writing is. This information is helpful, but you can get it for free from the internet.


The training typically costs $ 49.95, and after 3-day training, you are given a chance to become a lifetime member of Paid Online Writing Jobs for $ 77.


Members are given an opportunity to pay $ 49.95 once off. Else, you can pay $ 1 and then pay the rest with the money you will make from your first online writing task.


Paying the one dollar allows you to get started with the training. After the completion of training, you are required to pay $ 77.


Every day of training, you will only be given the info for the particular training day you are on. You will then get your first writing assignment on the second day.


The amount made on the writing job generally pays for the rest of your training if you opt to pay $ 1 at the registration step.


While on the training period, you are also given useful insight info and plenty of PDFs to read about the online writing tasks.


All through the training, you will note that you are being prepared for the fourth day where you are finally given access to the database that has numerous online writing jobs.


After completing the training, I was disappointed to find out that all the writing tasks on actually directed me to Elance.


After writing the two SEO essays, members are debited 77+1 dollars. This is undesirable as one typically pays for things that can be searched on the internet.


One of the best-selling points of Paid Online Writing Jobs is that they offer freelance writing jobs directory on the landing page. You can use this directory to find writing jobs.


The truth is that members are directed to other popular freelancing websites such as Elance and Odesk.


Paid Online Writing Jobs also provide a job board. Here, writers can publish what is referred to us ‘jobs.’


The ‘jobs’ is a mere post published by a writer indicating that he or she will write a post for you at a certain amount.


However, it is good to note that there are no members that will purchase the jobs on the website.


Paid Online Writing Jobs Support Service

When it comes to support, Paid Online Writing Jobs isn’t the best. All that is required is opening a support ticket and indicate your issues.


In fact, there is no business address or contact number, but you can email the support team. Writing the support ticket with bad language leads to a permanent mail delivery failure.


Besides, opening one support ticket after another can also lead to an exclusion from the use of their platform.


The Price of Joining Paid Online Writing Jobs

Paid Online Writing Jobs allege that they can offer users various online writing jobs for an initial payment of forty-nine dollars.


The company also asserts that after three-day training, the amateurs will graduate into professional online writers who can make up to $ 50 to $ 100 for every task. In the end, you will have to pay a monthly subscription of $ 77.


The organization requires members to cancel the subscription within the first three days of registration.


However, it is likely that you will forget to cancel the subscription after three days of training. By paying that much, you only get a list of other legit sites that provide online writing jobs.


Is this Program Worth Your Investment?

Paid Online Writing Jobs does not have any writing tasks to offer its members although they claim to assist users in finding a writing assignment.


This website may not be worth your investment, as the primary reason for registering to such programs is to make money which is not the case here.


All the info you get after paying the subscription fee is available for free on the internet. A simple search on Google is sufficient to get all this information.


Is paid Online Writing Jobs a Scam?

I expect you to decide, but I will make my point. This program has a lot of cons as shown above. The site requires members to pay an entry fee of $ 1.


If you fail to cancel the membership within the first three days of registration, your credit card will be automatically debited a whole $ 77. In my own research, I realized that the money refund policy takes time to complete.


Besides, most of the sources listed where members can get the data entry jobs can be acquired for free on the public domain. It is available anywhere on the popular search engines as well as YouTube.


I cannot imagine I was charged to be given a list of websites where I can make money online through writing.


The organization also promises to train all members on how to write efficiently within three days. In my own opinion, this is next to impossible.


Three days aren’t enough to teach a beginner how to make money online especially those with little computer and grammar skills. With this, Paid Online Writing Jobs scam? Well, it depends on your meaning of scam.


Throughout the years I have been writing reviews about online money making programs, I have encountered many programs that claim to show members how to make money online quickly. Most of these are discovered to be scams as they disappear after some time.


All in all, I can say that this program isn’t a total scam as it gives you lists of other websites where you can make real money through online writing. You can get a site that pays well if you are lucky.


Here’s My Final Opinion on Paid Online Writing Jobs

In conclusion, if you want to be a professional online freelancer writer, there are various free resources on the internet that can teach you how to get started.


I do not recommend you to take paid classes or anything close to this. As long as you are good at grammar and have basic computer skills, then you are more than ready.


All that is required of you is to build a portfolio and effectively learn how to sell your skills.


Well, there are a lot of legit jobs websites out there for all users. Of course, some of them might demand to bid on jobs while others are picked straightaway.


The good thing is that you will get paid for your job. It is inevitable that you cannot make sustainable money via Paid Online Writing Jobs. Thus, you should consider to avoiding wasting your resources and time.


The idea of helping online users find writing jobs is a good one, but this specific website doesn’t assist users in doing that.


The products being sold on the site are somehow valueless to us, and the fact that they don’t have writing jobs themselves makes the site much more worthless.

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