The Royalteas MLM Review: Legit Or a Glorified Pyramid Scheme?

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Thank for stopping by to check out my The Royalteas MLM review. In this you will find the most important info about this direct sale company.

There’s a good chance that you’ve been introduced to some kind of MLM by one of your friends or family. That’s usually where most of us gets our first taste of this industry. By the time we hit our adulthood, we probably already have a mental note to stay away from all things MLM related.

That’s not actually fair though since there are plenty of good MLM companies. It’s just that, the whole industry has been tainted by the whole pyramid scheme business which makes searching for good ones extremely hard.

For this reason, I am going to look into a new MLM company that’s been under the radar for quite some time. Perhaps the reason it remains relatively unnoticed is the fact that it does not claim extraordinary things like most MLM companies, which in a way, kind of validates why most MLM companies do these extravagant claims – because apparently it works.

You won’t even learn that this company is an MLM unless you do a deep research about it. At a glance, it looks just like any other product website out there. The fact that it doesn’t come right out of the gate screaming that it’s an MLM where you can make tons of cash is refreshing, and to be honest, a good sign.

Without further delays, let me introduce you to my topic for this day which is The Royalteas. Let’s start with the background of this company.

Company Background

The Royalteas was founded in 2016 by a man named Michael Poirier. He remains the President of the company to this day.

The story of how this company got started is actually quite funny. That is, if you believe the history on their page but I don’t see any reason for them to lie about its origin.

The story goes, Michael Poirier, the founder of this company, has been suffering from a terrible digestion problem. Entirely for that reason, he went on a quest to finding natural remedies around the world.

It was during this quest that he was able to discover the health effects of Moringa. As the company claims, this leaf is a nutritious gold mine that it inspired Michael to build a company around its efficacy.

That’s basically how this company got started.

Here’s a Short Video on The Royalteas

Do Their Products Work?

Before we dive into the business or MLM part of this company, it’s essential that we discuss the truth about their product line. After all, the success of their business depends mostly on the efficacy of their products. Without a good product, not even a good business system will be able to keep any company afloat.

Many companies have been sank by their products which is why it’s important to have a great understand of the product before you decide to register as a member of their MLM.

Truth be told, I’ve always been wary of products that claim these extravagant health benefits. Dr. Oz is one of the primary advocates of these miracle trees, fruits, vegetable, or whatnot. No, I am not saying that these medical remedies don’t work. It’s just that, they don’t work nearly as good as some people make them out to be.

That is the case for this particular product, unfortunately. While it can cure indigestion and improve bowel movement, there’s very little evidence of this product curing other kinds of diseases that’s being claimed by them.

It’s safe to assume that they are embellishing the effects of their products. All companies do this, just on varying degrees. Even still, I am not a fan of misleading claims especially if it has something to do with medicine. It’s a slippery slope.

This being said, Moringa tea appears to cure some digestion problems. To expect more from this product is setting yourself up for disappointment. There are still plenty of studies and research needed to make a full claim and until then, I’m going to go with a lukewarm rating on this particular product.

How Do Their Business Model Work?

If you go to their website, there isn’t even a hint of it being an MLM company. Even when I learned that this company is MLM, I had a hard time believing it was because they’re so hush-hush about it. It’s only after you are a few steps into being a member that you’d learn the MLM part of their business.

In my opinion, this is actually good. MLM companies that don’t make recruiting the main goal of their business last longer than those who do. The fact that the goal of this company seems to be to move products, I’m confident that it’s not one of those MLM companies that flame out after a couple of years.

That being said, this is not a guarantee that The Royalteas work 100% of the time. That’s not the way it works. No MLM company can guarantee your success. Far from it, in fact. The truth is, only a paltry percentage of MLM members make a livable wage, and that’s one of the design faults of MLM companies.

In the next section, I am going to talk about how you can become a member of this company in case you’ve become interested in it from what you’ve read here.

How To Become A Member?

If you’re interested in becoming a member, it can easily be done by registering on the site. The registration to become a distributor is free and all registered members will receive 7% commissions on all direct sales.

This is actually very different to what how most MLM companies operate. For most MLM companies, you have to pay a fee in order to be eligible for a percent commission.

There are certain perks that you can’t have if you’re a free member though. Let me explain below.

This free membership can be considered a lower-level distributor. Yes, you are eligible to 7% commission but that’s only because you provided the sale.

Now, to up your commission and get all the available perks of being a member, you must become an active distributor.

How To Become An Active Distributor?

To become an active distributor.

• You need to buy a VIP pack priced at ~$300.
• Subscribe to any of their subscription package worth ~$90/year.
• Make at least $25/month sale.

If you fail to make at least $25/month sale, your active distributor license will be revoked. You can opt to pay the monthly fee yourself but that is on top of the $90/year membership fee so it’s better if you actually sell more than $25 worth of products per month.

If you plan on being an active distributor, you must at least be very serious about selling their products because that’s the only way you can make money from this MLM.

Now, the next question you may ask is if this active distributor tag is even worth it? We’ll answer that on the next section below.

What Are The Benefits Of Being An Active Distributor?

If you upgrade your membership, you are entitled to a 28% commission instead of 7% (which is the normal for free membership). This is a pretty significant jump. Does it justify the premiums that you have to pay? That depends on how good of a salesman you are, really.

Another benefit is you are entitled to 14% commission for indirect sales made under you. If your direct downline successfully makes a sale, that’s 14% commission for you until several levels down the line. It’s a pretty neat commission package that you can benefit from if you successfully recruit an active distributor.

Last is you will earn a passive income of ~$10/month per active member under your team. This may not be a significant number but remember that this goes up considerably the higher the number of your active members.

How Do I Make Money On The Royalteas?

There’s really only two ways that you can make money from this company – you recruit or you sell.

This is basically the premise of all MLM companies. Most MLM pretend to have these complicated matrix and compensation plan but when it boils down to it, this is pretty much the only two things you can earn from.

You can focus on one of the two things, or both, if you like. If you are a good salesman, it’s a good choice to focus on the selling side of things. If you want to have passive income, then recruitment is your best option. Whatever option you want, there should be an equal amount of success.

If the MLM company leans heavily on the recruitment side, then that MLM is likely to fail. A good MLM company do not just promote member recruitment. Successful MLM companies like Avon focuses their efforts on actually moving the product.

As far as I can tell, The Royalteas does the same. They want to be known for their Moringa tea. That is a good sign that this company is not just in it for the money. Of course, money is a factor, too, but at least they’re not being overt about it.

What’s The Best Way To Earn Money On The Royalteas?

If you become a free member, you won’t really make much from selling items. That’s only 7% commission.

If you are a paid member however, that jumps up to 28%. That’s 4x the commission. You would have to pay a handsome fee of $300 one-time payment and $90 recurring yearly payments, so there’s that.

As much as I’d like to say that going for the paid membership is the better option, there’s more to the numbers than that.

First thing you have to consider is how saturated the market already is, especially the health supplement industry. Go on Amazon and search for this particular item and you will probably see hundreds or even thousands of results.

This alone would suggest that you will have thousands of competitions in this product alone. What more if you widen the scope of your market.

In my opinion, you would enjoy this company more if you are a tea drinker than if you make it your livelihood.

Honest Thoughts About The Royalteas

To summarize, The Royalteas is not an innovator in the market contrary to what their website claims. It honestly is really like any other MLM companies that you will run into, and that is both good and bad.

It’s good that you know some people can make a living out of it. It is bad because there’s too much competition already and this company being in the health industry makes it an even tougher endeavor.

I would be more receptive of their sales pitch if they accompany it with a more innovative MLM approach but as it stands, it is just like any other MLM company out there, and for this reason, I will give it a 3 out of 10 rating.

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