Is Dollar Shave Club a Scam? Important Review Facts!

Is Dollar Shave Club a Scam?

Dollar Shave Club Landing Page

Dollar Shave Club denotes that its goal is to ensure you always have everything you require to feel, look and smell good. It’s a US-based online store that specializes in blades and other grooming products.

Now, the big question you may be having is whether this product is really worth your investment. With countless online stores to buy blades and grooming products, what benefits does Dollar Shave Club have over its competitors?

Do the blades possess the highest quality? Is their online store competitively priced? Do they have the best customer service? Besides, is Dollar Shave Club legit, or it’s just another scam website that wants to vanish with your investment?

Before getting into an in-depth analysis of this product, it’s essential to note that it’s legit. It is legit since most of the information about it seems to be good.

Basically, this extensive and honest Dollar Shave Review will scrutinize the site to offer helpful information that will make it easy for you to make an informed decision before buying the product. Read on to find out more about why the product is legit.

Dollar Shave Club Review: A Quick OverviewDollar Shave Club Landing Page

Name: Dollar Shave Club


Owner: Michael Dublin

Price: Free to Join

Summary:  Dollar Shave Club is a scam. When you join them, you get a personalized, top- self grooming routine as unique as you. You will get the first month free. If you are not satisfied with their products, you have a 100% money back guarantee. However, the major downside that they are not going to help you make money. So, I would say if your are looking for ways to make money online, they are not a good place to make money.

Recommended: Not Really, You can save some money.

Overall Scam Rank: Out of 10

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Table of Contents

What is Dollar Shave Club?

How Does Dollar Shave Club Work?

How to Make Money with Dollar Shave Club?

Dollar Shave Club Ugly Truth Revealed!

What I Like About Dollar Shave Club?

Is Dollar Shave Club a Scam?

How I Make a Living Online?

What is Dollar Shave Club?

Michael Dublin started the Dollar Shave Club. The company’s site came into existence back in 2011 and operated for a couple of months before the invention of Dollar Shave Club in 2012.

According to Dublin, his goal was to solve problems for most folks, which is that: razors are pretty costly and going to buy one may lead to an annoying moment.

So, the entire Dollar Shave Club experience was to ensure razors are much more affordable and breezier to get.

Although it started with razors only, it currently offers a wide variety of grooming products, such as hair products, shaves, skin care products and much more.

Therefore, the company’s current mission is to ensure you have everything you require to feel, look and smell good.

A Short History of the Company

Started by folks whose motivation was brought about by the frustration of the high cost of razor blades, the company began in January 2011.

The website started running in April 2011. Michael Dubin and Mark Levine invented this company with their personal investment and money in Dubin’s apartment.

Dollar Shave Club primarily delivers razors by mail every month. Dorco, a company in South Korea, manufactures these razors.

At first, the house handled distribution, but it’s currently outsourced to a third-party company known as Kentucky. In later years, Michael and Mike were backed by venture capitalists and investors.

Well, this company is popularly known for a marketing video created by Dubin. The video went viral and made Dollar Shave Club what it is today! At the time of writing this review, this video has over 27 million views.

Here’s a Short Video on Dollar Shave Club

Michael and Mark decided to transform this company from a razor delivery service to one that offers men a wide variety of toiletries and other grooming products.

Presently, the company is headquartered in Venice, California. In 2012, the company expanded its services in Australia and Canada.

Later in 2018, it started a branch in the United Kingdom. As Dollar Shave Club was being started, Gillette boasted a whopping 72% of the razor market share.

Dollar’s main agenda was to minimize the domination of these ‘giant’ companies. Later, it planned to build on the razor’s popularity and start venturing into other wellness and lifestyle brands.

Five years after its inception, 2016, to be precise, Unilever acquired this company for $1 billion. During this period, Dollar Shave Club’s sales had surpassed the $225 million mark. Over the years, the company has built a unique and dependable customer service team.

The affordable prices, coupled with the convenience of having the razors delivered to the customer’s doorstep, gave the company an edge over its competitors. Within a short period, this delivery act made the company get a market share of 10% in the razor blade industry.

Dollar Shave Club is an exciting, playful and vibrant brand that lets you register for affordable razors and enjoy the pleasant experience that comes with the product. Michael also initiated a marketing strategy that conversationally reached countless clients and used a minimal budget.

By registering for the club, you’ll typically belong to a team of like-minded people. As you can see, Dollar not only wants you to buy items from them, they also want you to become part and parcel of the company.

An interesting fact about the company is that 20% of its customers are women, although Dollar mainly promotes its products to men.

The company’s tactics have guaranteed that it has maintained its exponential growth throughout the years they’ve been in the business.

How Does Dollar Shave Club Work?

Dollar Shave Club’s operating model noticeably differs from what you’ll get from other online stores. Basically, this is because the company offers a subscription-based model.

The company’s promise to make the buying process fast and straightforward makes it pretty easy for clients to always receive their grooming products without doing anything.

In this platform, you only need to register, select one of the three razor cartridges, and the company will send you a package of cartridges monthly.

If you don’t shave frequently or a lot, you can modify your schedule by selecting the ‘not so hairy’ option. Afterward, you’ll receive a set of cartridges monthly from the company.

How to Make Money with Dollar Shave Club?

Well, Dollar Shave Club does not make you money. Instead, it helps you save a couple of dollars. In most cases, the razors are quite expensive. However, at Dollar Shave Club, you can simply get a starter kit for as low as $1.

Well, this makes these products very famous amongst customers. Although the other kits cost $6 and $9, they’re really worth the price considering what you’ll get from the package. Remember, the company will deliver the package to your doorstep.

The price of these razors is probably the main reason why the Dollar Shave Club is quite popular. In addition to the affordable prices, their YouTube video that went viral complement these products’ cost.

Whenever you top up on products, Dollar Shave Club will give you discounts. Generally, you’ll save more if you buy more. Also, referring your friends and family members to join the club will earn you credits.

Dollar Shave Club Ugly Truths Revealed!

Dollar Shaving Club isn’t a Shaving Company!

It’s worth noting that the company isn’t a razor/shaving company. Instead, it’s just a good marketing company.

You can Get Similar Razors at a Much Cheaper Price

As said earlier, the company doesn’t produce its razors. Usually, a company known as Dorco creates these razors for DSC. So, you can get the same razors at a lower price from Dorco’s official website.

You’ll get What You Pay For!

If you pay more, you get more, and vice versa. Today, some users allege that the products comprise a lower quality than what the company used to deliver a couple of years ago.

Insufficient Shipment Customization

Most customers believe there would be flexibility when it comes to the shipment frequency of their replacement blades.

Currently, you are entitled to four blades per month with the standard plan. With the not so hairy plan, you’ll get the blades monthly.

Besides these two subscriptions, you can only select to pause your membership plan for up to three months or cancel the subscription altogether.

Only Made for Men

Some customers wish there were some products designed for women.

What I Like About Dollar Shave Club

Super Convenient

The best thing about the Dollar Shave Club subscription is that it allows you to keep your personal grooming on point with little effort and memory on your part.

Flexible and Transparent

Dollar Shave Club has a dependable customer service team, making it relatively easy and hassle-free for you to modify orders, cancel subscriptions and solve any worries you may be having. In addition, the company stands to its true promise of no hidden fees or costs.

Good Value

Club members say that they save money on the razors and other extra grooming items like shaving butter and hair paste without compromising on the product’s quality.

It has a Referral Program

Similar to other programs in the industry, Dollar Shave Club comes with a fantastic referral program. Basically, you’ll receive a $5 deposit to your account for every person you refer to the club.

You’ll get the First Month Free

So, if you want to join DSC, it’s worth noting that you will enjoy the first month for free upon successful registration. All you need to pay is a shipping fee of $1.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

What is better than a 100% money-back guarantee? Well, perhaps there is nothing. Dollar Shaving Club gives you a 100% money-back guarantee. Therefore, if you’re not satisfied with the subscription, you can ask for your refund.

Is Dollar Shave Club a Scam?

With scammers all over the internet, determining that an online platform is legit before investing in it is a wise decision to avoid being conned.

Therefore, the big question here is whether Dollar Shave Club is a scam or not. Well, the short and straightforward answer to this question is: it’s not a scam. A longer answer to the same question is:

  • It’s 100% legal.
  • It’s popularly known across the world.
  • It has a good track record of fulfilling orders with functional and real products.

Usually, the first evaluation of a legit online company is its legitimacy because a 100% legit company is less likely to scam you. Luckily, the Dollar Shave Club ticks this box.

Dollar Shave Club Inc, a fully registered company in the United States, runs the website. It’s worth noting that most online scam stores do not bother to get company registration certificates.

Another evaluation of the legitimacy of an online store is industry-wide recognition and visibility. Well, this is because most online scam stores primarily run in the shadows. Fortunately, Dollar Shave Club ticks this box.

Dollar Shave Club aggressively promoted their products on YouTube, and these videos gave them a huge growth that, within a few years in the industry, the company has over millions of on its YouTube channel.

As a matter of fact, Dollar Shave Club has been the main focus of several case studies on how to use social media marketing to promote a business. Basically, an online scam website can’t succeed on such campaigns.

All in all, the decisive check of a legitimate online store is to assess its fitness for purpose. Well, this is because most online stores are made to rip members off their investment.

As a result, they don’t deliver on their promises. Well, Dollar Shave Club is a legit store that will fulfill an order with functional and real products.

Gratefully, Dollar Shave Club ticks all the boxes. Over the years that the company has been in the industry, the company has continuously delivered. It has shipped genuine products to clients who order from them, leaving many totally satisfied.

Therefore, with the company being 100% legit, possessing a wide-range of recognition, and a good track record of fulfilling their orders with functional and real products, there’s no doubt that Dollar Shave Club is a legit online store.

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Dollar Shave Cub






Overall Quality



  • Super Convenient
  • Flexible and Transparent
  • Good Value


  • You can get similar razors at a much cheaper place
  • Insufficient shipment customization
  • Only made for men

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