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Thank for dropping by to check out my Evora MLM review. In this blogpost, you will find all answers about your burning question about this direct sale company.

For the majority of us, our introduction to the MLM industry usually comes from our friends and relatives. Such is the way since the driving force behind this industry is, more often than not, recruitment.

Yet, MLM isn’t all about recruiting members at all. There are still good MLM companies out there that focuses on moving products rather than recruiting member to induce cash flow. Avon is the first MLM company that comes in mind when talking about a good MLM business model.

It’s such a shame that the MLM industry now has a burned reputation caused by newer MLM companies which only goal is to recruit people and nothing more.

There are still good MLM companies out there, don’t get me wrong. They’re just a bit harder to spot since they don’t make obnoxious claims like many MLM companies today.

They try to stay modest with their claims which in turn makes them look ‘boring,’ which doesn’t really drive sales. Being honest is a bit of a double-edged sword in this industry, really.

In today’s review, since we just referenced to Avon, I am going to choose an MLM company somewhat related to make up products. The name of the company is Evora. Let’s start with the company overview down below.

Evora MLM Review- Company Overview

Unfortunately, the only information I can scrape off the internet for this company is from an obscure website that doesn’t even have “Evora” in its URL.

This tells me that this is a small company, probably even smaller than what I imagined. If you go look for an Evora company on Google, you will be taken to several IT companies which share the same name. This may also be because this company is supposedly new, yet the company profile says otherwise.

The only way you can get to their website is if your tagged location is in Germany and you search using the keyword “Evora Cosmetics.”

Evora is a German family business founded in 1977 which also has roots in France. It started out as a small perfume company which blossomed into a whole product line for skincare and makeup.

Their company history doesn’t really have some nuances as others have. It’s as basic as any website could be, especially for an MLM company. I could probably change up the name and it would still apply to most MLM companies in the world, but I digress.

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Company Founder

The Evora Cosmetics Company is founded by Hans and Karin Matousek.

Not much personal nor business information is available on the founders, unfortunately. The only thing we know is they married and have been in the business for 40 years.

Their primary goal is to offer all people, independent of origin and background, the chance to be free and create a new opportunity.

Here’s a Short Video on Evora

Going by their ‘motto,’ it can be assumed that they are mainly offering this opportunity to help people earn extra money. This is just standard business talk from every MLM company so no surprises here.

Now, let’s go check their product line.

What are Their Products?

They market a wide range of cosmetic products which all have a badge “Made in Europe.” I really can’t say for sure if this badge means quality but they make it a point to highlight this badge.

Additionally, they claim that all of their products are PETA-friendly, meaning that they don’t do animal testing, or any harmful experiments against animals. They also claim to not use parabens and mineral oils for their products.

It’s going to be hard to list all of their products here since they have so many. I’ll just list their most popular ones, and maybe group their similar products into one category.

• EVORA PERFUME: Intense Eau de parfum 100 ml
• ALOEVORA: Range of products based on Aloe Vera
• CLEAN CARE: Range of care for the face, …
• MAKE UP: Make-up (VEGAN brushes, DD Cream, Magic powder, …)

Their Aloevora quality label consists of most of their natural skincare products that they claim could be used by the whole family. At the heart of their products are natural active ingredients which they claim is safer compared to other products.

Their Make Up line consists of natural make up products as well as make up items that they claim are animal-friendly. They even have a vegan brush which I thought unique.

Do Their Products Work?

Before we dive into their actual MLM business model, we need to discuss the efficacy of their products. After all, the success of their business depends highly on the success of the product line.

What’s the use for a great business model if the product is bad? A good business model can’t keep a company afloat without a good product is what I’m saying.

If I’m going to be honest, I am not a fan of skincare products which have extravagant claims. Keywords like natural, toxin-reduction, antioxidant, and many other jargons do not excite me anymore as they’ve long been synonymous to gimmicks, especially in the MLM landscape. I can count in my hand the companies that stayed away from using gimmick terms.

As for Evora, they seem to have taken the “all-natural” approach. I’m not saying that this is a bad approach but it is certainly not new in the slightest.

To be fair, they have a vegan brush in there which is at least is new and innovative, in a way. But otherwise, yes, they are more or less the same as other companies with regards to how they market their products.

Granted, ‘all-natural’ doesn’t necessarily equate to better efficacy. If anything, all-natural isn’t any better than chemical products. These types of companies just make it seem like everything that has ‘chemicals’ is worse than something natural. That’s not true at all and to be honest, quite misleading.

That being said, their products seem to work just as good as any other on the market. They are more expensive, though, which they claim is due to the additional costs of operating everything naturally.

Overall, you should expect for their products to work but don’t expect something revolutionary or life-changing, and that’s perfectly okay.

How Do Their Business Model Work?

What’s great about this company is if you go into their website, there’s not a hint of it being an MLM company. It’s a cosmetic company, first and foremost, and you’d actually have to dig deep to actually learn that it has some MLM elements.

The reason this is good is this means they aren’t focused on recruiting as most MLM companies are. This means that they understand that the key to a long-lasting business is the ability to sell products constantly.

This is perhaps a good explanation of how they were able to stay in the business for so long. They claimed to have been formed in 1977 which is more than 4 decades ago.

How To Become A Member?

In light of this, I only have limited information as to how anyone can become a member of this company. I’ve browsed several sub-websites from supposed-to-be members of their MLM scheme but hadn’t been able to get my hands on better information from the company itself.

From their website, it seems like you can only register for their newsletter. If you want to become a member, you need to contact the person who referred you to this website.

That person should be the one to assist you to become a member. If you don’t have someone who referred you, then you can contact them directly on the website and they’ll have a representative assists you.

Because of this hush-hush recruitment style, it’s hard to describe what their MLM business model looks like. They don’t seem to share those in public. Either way, I am still going to find out their compensation plan, or if they have any. Onto the next section.

How Do I Make Money On Evora?

There’s really only two ways that you can make money from this company – you recruit or you sell.

This is basically the premise of all MLM companies. Most MLM pretend to have these complicated matrix and compensation plan but when it boils down to it, this is pretty much the only two things you can earn from.

If you are a good salesman, then selling the products is probably the better option. You can create your own personal merchant website to sell your items from. Evora claims to run 50% discount on their items which translates to a good profit margin. This is, of course, dependent upon your ability to sell.

You can also recruit members into the program but it is considerably harder than to just sell their items. You need to be a good people’s person in order to attract people into the program.

A good MLM company should give an equal amount of success whatever path to financial success you choose to. If a company leans towards one side or the other, they risk failing due to imbalance. For what it’s worth, Evora seems to be a good company, having been operational since 1977.

Their Compensation Plan

There are 4 different positions in Evora. Different position will entitle you to different perks and commission percentage from your downlines. The higher you go, the better commission/perks you will have. Here are the positions.

Manager Bronze (7% on lines 1 to 3)
Silver manager (8% on lines 4 to 6)
Gold Manager (9% on lines 7 to 9)
Platinum Manager (10% on lines 10)

There really isn’t much explanation on how these percentages work but it’s ultimately a commission bonus whenever someone signs under you (what people refer to as downline).

I’ve been saying it for a while now but MLM companies purposely make their compensation plans needlessly complex in order to imitate success, but that’s for another discussion.

What’s The Best Way To Earn Money On Evora?

There’s no doubt about it, you will earn more if you sell items on Evora. Sure, you can earn more from recruiting but that would require considerably more effort than just posting your products online.

That being said, it’s extremely hard to build a following for your products. Yes, the potential is greater but that doesn’t mean that it will be cake walk. The opposite is true, actually.

Another thing – what most potential customers fail to realize is the saturation of the market in the health and wellness industry. If you are planning on reselling these items on popular online marketplaces, you will be competing with thousands of similar products but cheaper. That is the case for these wellness products.

Now, I am not saying that earning from selling isn’t possible. It’s just that, it’s highly likely you’ve already quit well before you earn your first dollar. In my opinion, you will enjoy this company more if you are a consumer instead of when you’re trying to profit off of it.

The Final Verdict on Evora

To summarize, there’s really nothing new or innovative about Evora Cosmetics. Everything it’s doing has been done hundreds or even thousands of times now. Even their products, while I appreciate their attempt to be unique, isn’t any different than other companies in the industry.

This is both good and bad. This is good in that it’s a proven business model. Avon has successfully built an empire out of the same marketing strategy. Now, the bad is because there’s nothing new, there’s not much hype you can create for this company.

One good thing that I liked in this company was their product. Their product lines are solid and without a doubt the best thing about their company. I can’t say the same thing for many MLM companies. Most MLM companies don’t focus their energy on their products. For this reason, I think it’s fair to give this company a reasonable 4 out of 10 rating.

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