Social Bounty Review: Here’s What Happened When You Join!

Social Bounty Review

Social bounty review: What happened when you join!


Hi everyone, and thanks for coming to this website to read my exclusive review about Social Bounty. If you are searching for easy and quick ways to make money online, Social Bounty has perhaps caught your eye at one time or another. The program says that you can make up to $ 500 per day. Now, you are probably wondering whether making this much is true or not and whether Social Bounty is just another scam to exhaust your hard-earned money.


I thank you all that you have decided to perform due diligence about the program before investing your money. I am undoubtedly happy for you. If you have guts telling you that Social Bounty is a scam and it is probably too good to be believed, then you are not alone. There are many users out there who think the same about the system.


Social Bounty promises easy money and big bucks as soon as you join the system. Having a passive online income is everybody’s desire, and they know it. However, being scammed online can be quite devastating. I am saying this because I have been scammed, not once or twice, but a couple of times. So, before you jump into this system with both feet, it is essential to go through this review to the end.


Unluckily, Social Bounty does not function as its described in their marketing video, and I am going to show you why I say so. You have possibly heard more about some systems where you are promised to get some cash by just referring your friends to the system.


In this review, you are going to find what the system is and how to make money with it. Also, you will get its pros and cons, as well as whether it is a scam or not. I promise that the review will be fun until the end.


Social Bounty a Quick OverviewSocial bounty review: Scam Alert

Name: Social Bounty


Owner: Kiya Kramaric (Fake)

Price: Free to Sign up

Summary: Yes, Social Bounty is a Borderline Scam. I can’t recommend this opportunity to anyone. First, the business   was founded fake owners. Very often Scammers are hide behind stock images. Second, fake payment proof to entice you to sign up. Fabricated checks and earning. Third, fake testimonials. Fake testimonials are consider false or deceptive advertising. This is against the law. So, I would say Social Bounty isn’t good for anyone except the founding owners.

Overall Scam Rank: 2.5 Out of 10

Recommend: No, Get Caught after joining

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What is Social Bounty?

Social Bounty alleges to be the best influencer network across the world. The main idea is based on Influencer Marketing. It alleges to pay its members a lot of cash for undertaking incredibly easy tasks.


Social Bounty is just another influence network among many that don’t work. I found several similar websites like Social Bounty which include:


  • InfluencerCash
  • Tap2Earn
  • RainMoney
  • ShareCash
  • Click4Kash
  • Cash4Clickz
  • And more…


For instance, you may be rewarded with thirty dollars every time you enter into a prize competition. However, I certainly do not believe what the inventors say, as I will outline to you in a few.


Social Bounty, for example, says that you can quickly generate 500 dollars if you signup with them today (right now). Here, I do not think that the organization is being 100 % honest with the members. When was the last time you earned 500 dollars for doing absolutely nothing?



Here’s a Short Video on Social Bounty

Let me be clear here, the main objective of Social Bounty is to collect member’s personal info and then sell it to third-party spammers or illegitimate promoters. The many tasks about opinion polls, surveys, and prize draws are all forged.


Social Bounty offers users an opportunity to win equitably valuable prizes in exchange for member’s full personal details such as phone number, email address, as well as a street address. Unfortunately, you are not going to win, and there are no such awards.


The program is run very the same like Social Media Gift Exchange which is an illegally pyramid scheme.


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How Does Social Bounty Work?

When signing up with the program, you will need to provide your name, email, and password. If you would like to try how the system works, it would be advisable if you used fake passwords and email when registering. The main reason for this is to avoid giving the company your original password and email.


If you do not feel like signing up with the system, let me explain to you some of the things you may find from the system below:


The main menu is situated on the left-hand side of the main page. On the middle page, there are some notifications about how some members got paid some fake cash. You also have a personal (affiliate) link located in the middle. According to Social Bounty, you will make two dollars whenever someone clicks it.


In my opinion, this thing of earning money whenever a user clicks on a link that leads to nowhere is hogwash. How is it even manageable? This is what I call cheap enticement from the creators. However, if you genuinely think that you can make money whenever a member clicks on the link, please let me know more about this in the comment section below.


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How to Make Money with Social Bounty?

Throughout my Social Bounty review, I am trying to be honest with you by offering you all the information about the system. Now, how does this site make money for you? Well, here are the methods that creators encourage users to incorporate to make money.


  • Register on the program’s site and receive twenty-five dollars in your account.
  • Share the referral link on various social media channels to receive 10 dollars for everybody who registers through your link. Besides, you will get two dollars for every click on this link.
  • You can undertake simple and easy tasks where you will get paid anywhere from ten dollars to fifty dollars for every task. The duties may include answering surveys or questionnaires, uploading YouTube videos, and downloading applications and games.


Still, remember that various legit systems only pay a couple of cents for these types of tasks. Thus, you could end up making a few hundred bucks every month. When it comes to withdrawing or cashing out your earnings, Social Bounty offers a minimum threshold of 250 dollars.


Therefore, it will be difficult to cash out your registration bonus when you sign up with the program. Instead, you will be needed to perform some simple tasks first and generate some genuine money.


Now, let me tell you nothing else but the whole truth – you will not be able to cash out your winnings. The organization is undoubtedly scamming members in several ways. Aside from failing to pay you, they will also steal your data and use it for other malicious activities. Some of the things that they can perform with the data they steal from you include:


  • Spam you with non-existing offers
  • Hack into your accounts using the email and password you offer them if you happen to use the same combination in other accounts
  • The information can be used to gain access to any social media accounts that you have used to connect their third-party associates or systems
  • Steal your money through your credit card or bank information


Here, the bottom line is that the system can use your personal info to harm you. Also, you will only waste your time undertaking various tasks on their website, and you will not receive any penny when it comes to payout.


If you have been doing Social Bounty jobs and referring others, I bet that you are frustrated with the system, especially when it comes to cashing out your dues.


Here’ are screenshots

Social Bounty pay out complaint


Social bounty pay out Scam


You’ll find tons of complaints like this on the web. Whenever a member attempts to withdraw cash, the request is usually ignored by the company, and then the user’s Social Bounty account suspended after that. In the end, I suspect that the website will shut down, and this will be the end of the system.


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Social Bounty Ugly Truths Revealed!

I do not want to say that Social Bounty is a scam since I do not have conclusive proof. However, here are some red flags that you need to consider when signing up with this program:


Fake Establishment Date

From Social Bounty’s about page, as seen on their official website, you will see that the owners say that the system was the establishment in 2012. However, this website was registered on 28th December 2019. Social Bounty wants you to believe that they have been in the business for almost a decade.

Here’s a Screenshot from WHOIS

Social Bounty Domain Name Registration Date: NameCheap

Courtesy of WHOIS.


It is quite hard to have a legit online-based business that is nearly ten years old when the actual site is only a couple of weeks old. This is undoubtedly a huge deal, and while I am not getting into conclusions, this system seems like a scam site.


Fake Testimonials

While you may be forced to believe that Social Bounty is legit due to the testimonials it may have, please remember that these people are fake. The names you come across on the testimonials are not their real names, while their images are just stock images.


Here is something actually hilarious and funny. Maria, in the testimonial section, is also Kiya Kramaric, who is supposed to be their CEO or founder. False testimonials are considered false or deceptive advertising and it is against the law.


Fake Founding Members

Their establishment date isn’t only their only lie. The company is also giving false info about its founders. All founding members are fictitious, and Social Bounty utilizes models and stock photos to represent their business. Besides, the company’s CEO, Kiya Kramaric, is not searchable in popular search engines like Google.


So, it goes without saying much that the program giving false info about their founders and founding date is not a good thing. Does this make Social Bounty a scam? Well, let us check more info about the system’s ugly truths.


Fake Payment Proof

So, this system is all about lies after lies. And when I thought about payment methods, I already had low expectations about the cashout process. From the payment screenshots posted on the website, you will notice that everything is written there is a lie.


Since the program is pretty new in the industry, I am sure that users who have already request a payout may have to wait for up to two months to get their dues. I forecast that all payment requests will be denied due to fake clicks or referrals, and all these suspicious accounts will be banned.


Inconsistent Contact Information

Social Bounty’s terms & conditions pings their address contact info in Australia, Melbourne. Nevertheless, the contact info on the site is linked to New Jersey address, New York. It is impossible to get in touch with the organization due to the presence of the two fake addresses.


Fake Terms & Conditions

Here is another bogus thing. From the company’s terms & conditions, users need to be ninety-nine years and above to use their website. Remember that when you register with the system, you automatically agree to these terms & conditions. And if you fail to adhere to these terms, you will be practically barred from withdrawing your money. In simple terms, everyone who is under 99 years is not eligible to join Social Bounty. Seriously? This does not make sense!


What I Liked About Social Bounty

It is quite impossible to find anything that I like about Social Bounty. Social Bounty only gains the member’s trust via deception and lies and then steals their personal data after giving them false hopes.


Is Social Bounty a Scam?

Yes, it is, and I do not recommend it to users. Let me tell you this; it is hard to make money online without learning the tactics. Learning about these tactics is not tricky, but you need to listen to the professional’s advice and tips.


Even skilled entrepreneurs -regardless of their online success – never stop learning. Everybody needs to follow the current technology updates and trends. Thus, I do not believe in easy jobs like prize competitions and surveys.


Making a full time income online isn’t a walk in the park. It takes time and persistence. It’s not something that happen overnight. It is possible to make $500 a day in legitimate way.


One place that you can make money online with the most legitimate way is my no. 1 recommended resources. Once inside, you can find in-depth actionable training that will guide you from being a complete novice to creating your own online business that can generate a full-time income for years into the future.


How I Make a Living Online

It is always upsetting to realize that a system you recently joined does not work accordingly. I do not know much about the time you take to learn whether a new money-making program will help you make substantial online passive income or not. However, I know how it feels to get conned online. A few years ago, before I joined affiliate marketing, I was desperate to make it big on the online market, and this only resulted in me being conned by hyped-get-rich-schemes.


If you are wondering what affiliate marketing is, it is undoubtedly a revenue sharing option between an online merchant and website owner. The website owners typically place adverts on their sites to either convert visitors into leads or sell the merchant’s products.


All in all, the main objective of an affiliate marketer is to make some commission whenever a sale is made. Other users usually refer to the affiliate marketing program as just an affiliate program.


I have worked as an affiliate marketer for several years, and all I can say is that this mode of marketing is a wonderful way to create flexibility, earn money, and create free lifestyles.


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Social Bounty at a Glance

Name: Social Bounty


Owner: Kiya Kramaric (Fake)

Price: Free to Sign Up

Overall Scam Rank: 2.5 Out of 10

Verdict: It’s a Borderline Scam. You’ll Never Cash Out Your Dues

Social Bounty






Overall Quality



  • None
  • None
  • None


  • Fake creation date
  • Fake founding members
  • Fake testimonials

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