Is Influencer Cash a Scam? Warning Before You Join!

Is Influencer Cash a Scam?

Is Influencer Cash a Scam? Review


Do you want to make money via Influencer Cash? Are you searching whether Influencer Cash is a legit or scam program to make money online? Well, first of all, I congratulate you all for coming to this site to get detailed info about this program. Doing personalized due diligence is undoubtedly the best way to save your hard-earned investment as you will know whether an application is a scam or not before registering with it.


There are countless scams online, and probably you have fallen for them previously. Else, perhaps you were trying out Influencer Cash and came across some types of red flags, for which you are searching for answers. When you land on the company’s official website, ‘Start making $ 200 per day’ is the tagline everyone will see, but does this tagline live up to the hype?


We are going to examine this program wholly because the site gets a lot of traffic, and most users are questioning whether it is actually possible to make this amount of money quickly. In this review, you will find all the details that you need to know regarding Influencer Cash. The info will help you to make a sound decision about what to do after signing.


However, what I have to say before going deep into the review is that I have come across various ugly truths about Influencer Cash that everyone should take into consideration. You may be asking yourself, ‘Why have I mentioned ugly truths about the system?’ Well, it is because I have already seen the website, and it firmly takes after other suspicious sites.


So, is Influencer Cash legit or not?

Can one lose money after investing at Influencer Cash?


Let us find out the answers to these questions below. Believe me. This review is going to change your mind entirely about the site.


What is Influencer Cash?

Influencer Cash is a website that claims to be the leading monetization network, where you can make more than 200 dollars daily by referring other users to the site. Besides, users are offered a signing-up bonus of 25 dollars, according to the website. The site is similar to other sites like Social Bounty, Paid4Tasks and more.


It seems really simple to earn money via the program as well; you only need to register, create your account, grab a link, and then begin posting across all social media channels to start making 10 dollars for every referral. Afterward, you can cash out your earnings when ready.


Here’s a Short Video on Influencer Cash

Nevertheless, what I have to say about these allegations is that I found them to be doubtful. Influencer Cash is promising to pay users a lot of money for simple tasks. The amount the company is willing to pay is way more than what other professional and legitimate sites usually pay.


In addition, we do not have any information about the individuals who created the program. So, it can be impossible to tell whether people behind the system actually want anything good for the users if they cannot tell us who they are. Will they even pay for the services you offer on the site?


Have you seen that Influencer Cash said that their parent company has been developing online monetizing products since 2012? If this is so, why is Influencer Cash finding it hard to give us the name of the parent company? From a business viewpoint, wouldn’t it make sense? By associating itself with a legit online company, more and more users would trust the program and even signup. So, why keep the company a secret?


With the experience I have for reviewing hundreds of money-making programs, I can confidently tell that Influencer Cash is not what it is. Let us find more proof about Influencer Cash below.


How Does Influencer Cash Work?

Before joining an online program, it is advisable to check out how the organization is making money. The money-making process could be legal or illegal, and based on this, you can tell how the company pays or if they pay at all.


First, you need to register to become a member. You will need to input your email address, name, and password to sign up. I would advise you to enter fake details when registering at Influencer Cash because the company could sell your data to other third-party scam sites.


By examining the program’s business model, the manner in which the company makes money is via ad-spent revenue. Whenever you refer users to the website, it leads to an increase in web traffic, which virtually exposes the ads to prospective clients.


Since more users will click or watch the ads, Influencer Cash makes money from this process. From the money made from traffic generation, the organization pays its members a portion of it. Nevertheless, referring other people to the program remains the leading method to make money.


Besides, I did not find any ads on the company’s website. So, how is the company generating income? And if the company does not possess genuine ways of making money, where will they get money to pay you?


As you can see, this business model isn’t making sense since there is no proven way of making money. Although Influencer Cash says that you can use ads or undertake some simple tasks on the member’s area to make money, it does not market them as ways of making money from the program.


There are high chances that you will not get paid because the program does not possess genuine ways of making money. In fact, I have realized that Influencer Cash is part and parcel of other similar sites that are involved in mass data harvesting. The main reason why Influencer Cash is in the industry is to collect your information and then sell it to other websites to make a profit.


Here’s what the registered member say

Influencer Cash complaint: Negative rating


How to Make Money with Influencer Cash?

Honestly, you will not make money via this system. However, the company says that members are given 25 dollars immediately after signing up. It sounds easy, right? You just register and make money straight away. But the big question here is, ‘Will this money get into your account?’ You will get to know the truth about this soon.


The influencer Cash system has a member’s area where you get things like Task Wall. Here, you will find several simple tasks like trivia, surveys, as well as quizzes, which you can undertake to make $ 30 according to the company.


On the same member’s section, you will see a refer & earn section where you can make 10 dollars for every person that you refer to register with the system using the link offered during the registration process. Additionally, Influencer Cash says that you will receive 2 dollars on every click.


Besides, you will see social media accounts where you can make 10 dollars by marketing the company via social media by creating YouTube videos. Else, you can decide to market the already designed promotional post by publishing it across your social media channels.


By now, you are perhaps thinking that this is the best opportunity on earth to make money due to how easy the process of making money is and the amount of money you can make. Unluckily, the truth of the matter is that the process does not work, and Influencer Cash only wants to collect your personal info when you register.


Influencer Cash Ugly Truths Revealed!

Fake Payment Proofs

Ooh yes, you will not be paid. Do you want to know how I found out that they don’t pay? Well, I researched about the dates when the website was developed and when the payments were actually made. According to Whois, Influencer Cash’s website was registered on 10th April 2019.


When you carefully look at the payment proofs published on the website, you will see that one of them was made in February 2019, while the one was established in September 2018. As you can see, these payment proofs are total lies because Influencer Cash didn’t exist until April 2019.


How could users have registered with the system in the first place and make money? Can one visit a site that has not yet been registered? So, how were these payments made while the website was non-existential? As you can see, these are made-up payment proofs.


You Will not be Paid

Does Influencer Cash actually pay you? Well, the answer to this question is a big NO. Even after performing all the needed tasks and reaching the payout threshold of 200 dollars, you will still not be paid. Also, even after using their referral link to promote their ads, they will say that your account is a fraud.


Here’s a proof

Influencer Cash: Payment cancelled


For instance, there is a warning published on the dashboard to warn users. Is says, ‘When approving payments, the payments will not be authorized if the team finds fake referrals or clicks, and this will lead to the closure of your account.’ This is definitely the primary red flag because they are using this policy to intimidate you. With this, you are forced to give your real name and info.


Fake Testimonials

After reviewing the testimonials, I realized that there is something that does not add up. Right below the fake payment proofs published on the website, Influencer Cash has published some positive testimonials allegedly written by its members. These testimonials are all fake. For instance, after examining the picture of the testimony by CRISTINA R, I realized that the same image had been used on another site’s testimonial, known as Paid4Tasks. Here, she’s known as Ambria N.


Unrealistic Claims

Just like many other Online Money-Making programs, Influencer Cash uses countless earning claims in order to enhance their conversion rate. For example, the program alleges that you can make upwards of $ 200 daily if you join it today.


If you consider that the program is supposed to pay you ten dollars for every referral, then you should make $ 200 if you make 20 referrals a day, right? However, if making money online was this easy, everyone across the world would be rich and living happily.


Additional Costs

In order to qualify for a payout of your earnings, you need to carry out at least five tasks on Influencer Cash’s $ 30 TaskWall. For you to undertake some of these tasks, you will be required to submit a valid phone and then agree to subscribe to premium text message services that could cost you some money.


Besides, other tasks might require you to fill your bank account or credit card info and then begin charging you for digital services and other products you never actually purchased. With this, you could end up losing much more money while trying to undertake tasks to qualify for your first Influencer Cash payout.


What I Like About Influencer Cash

Free to Join

After examining the program thoroughly, I didn’t find anything positive I could write about it except this one. At least, you will not waste money by joining Influencer Cash, assuming that you will not give them your phone number, bank account info, and credit card details.


Is Influencer Cash a Scam?

Influencer Cash is with no doubt a borderline scam, with all the ugly truths and false info outlined above, it would be wise if you stayed away from this system. The red flag of all online websites is when the creators hide their names and never show their identity on any social media platform or even on any website. On the Influencer Cash’s site, you will get zero information and image about the owner.


Besides, you will not get any contact info on the site. Thus, getting any help or assistance while using this product is quite tricky. Suppose you face challenges when attempting to withdraw your dues, whom will you get help from? There is no contact number, not even an email or live chat support service!


How I Make a Living Online

You are perhaps asking yourself, ‘are there ways that one can make money online?’ Yes, there is. If you are looking to make passive income online, there are several legit sites that you can register for free. However, without determination and effort, making thousands of dollars per month is quite challenging.


Now, if you are genuinely in need of earning genuine money on the internet, I would advise you to join affiliate marketing. I have been into affiliate marketing for many years now, and I cannot regret joining this unique program. In fact, it is my full-time job, and I can work from the comfort of my home or when on the go.


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