Investorclix PTC Review- Make Money with Investorclix?

Investorclix PTC Review

Can You Really Make Money with Investorclix?

Welcome to my Investorclix PTC Review!

If you’re interested in making some passive income on the internet, you have most likely come across PTC (Paid to Click) sites during your search.

Simply put, they are sites that you can freely signup and start undertaking some simple tasks online. But an essential feature about these platforms is, you need to view or click ads to make money, and hence the popular name, PTC websites.

One of the sites that you may come across as you search for the best PTC site to join is Investorclix PTC. It is currently one of the leading PTC sites that you may need to join to start making money from the comfort of your house.

But before going into an in-depth analysis of Investorclix PTC, it would be wise to check on a couple of things first. The main things you need to assess is if the site is legit and whether you can make some good cash from the system.

So, it is essential that I answer this question straight away so we can evaluate other aspects the PTC site has to offer. Well, Investorclix PTC is legit.

It does pay you to participate in various simple tasks like viewing ads, playing games, undertaking contests, among other simple tasks.

This detailed, honest, and exclusive Investorclix PTC review will take an in-depth evaluation at everything the platform has to offer so you can find out whether the site will allow you to make the money that you need.

So, if you have any questions regarding the site’s pros, cons, how it works, it’s earning potential, its owners, among other questions, read on to find much more info about this PTC site.


What is Investorclix PTC?Investorclix Logo

As stated above, Investorclix PTC is a website that promises to pay you for viewing ads published by their marketers. The site alleges that you get paid after a couple of seconds, which is actually true as the money is directly deposited into your account upon successful viewing of the ads.

But before becoming thrilled about this site, there are some features you need to understand about the PTC site as it is not a walk in the park as it may sound.

First, Investorclix PTC was introduced back in 2008, and it has been paying its members consistently since then. An entity or a single person does not own this PTC site.

Instead, it comprises of a team of entrepreneurs, experts, network marketers, professionals, as well as programming gurus who have joined hands to invent a simple business around an intricate industry.

Any member out there can join Investorclix PTC and start making some money by taking advantage of the site’s expertise and knowledge in online marketing and other online related services.

Investorclix PTC site is a global marketing service. However, you won’t be able to make a lot of money with PTC sites.

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How Does Investorclix PTC Work?

As said above, Investorclix PTC is a worldwide online advertising service. The main task of Investorclix PTC site involves enabling marketers to reach thousands of prospective clients by displaying their ads on the platform’s website.

The members, on the other hand, make money by watching these ads. In the end, the members help the marketers drive much-needed traffic.

Well, the members have to click on the marketer’s ad and watch it throughout the time required by the marketer. After the viewing is complete, the member’s account is credited with the pre-determined amount of money.

Here’s a short video on Investorclix

Most of the offers that you will find on Investorclix PTC site are similar to the ones you will find in other PTC sites, but they are unique to some extent. Whether these are fantastic opportunities or disruptions, depend on the things you are searching for.

One crucial thing about Investorclix PTC site is that it has been in the industry for less than 5 years now. With this, it is anticipated that it will add not only other earning opportunities, but also include extra ways to withdraw your earnings.

Now, let us go over to the earning opportunities that the site gives you to determine it will undoubtedly be worth your time and money investment.


How to Make Money with Investorclix PTC?

Viewing Ads

A Paid to Click site will not be a PTC website if the members do not have the opportunity to make some cash by watching paid ads. Investorclix PTC is no different from the others. As a matter of fact, it offers various types of paid ads. Making money from the view ads is quite effortless.

All you need to do is click on the ads that you want to watch, and it opens a new window. In this opened page, you will have to wait for the page to load entirely and watch out for any captcha to verify that you have indeed completed viewing the ad.

The reward will not be credited to your Investorclix account if you fail to complete the captcha.

Here are the various types of ads you can watch on Investorclix PTC site:

  • Investor bonus
  •  Fixed investor ads
  • Solo ads
  • Standard ads
  • Flash ads

The primary difference between the above types of ads is majorly the amount of money you can make by viewing them.

While this type of earning opportunity needs insignificant effort to undertake, you should not expect to make a lot of money from it since you will only earn cents for every ad you view.

Here’s proof of Payments

Investorclix Payments proof

So, you will be forced to view thousands of advertisements each day to make some substantial cash.

However, you cannot certainly forego performing the tasks because other parts of the website will require you to view a particular number of ads each day to get your earnings.

As you can see, it may not be ideal for you, especially if you are in the market for a platform that helps you make a fortune within a fortnight.

ClixGrid Investor

Most PTC sites on the internet offer a grid game to give you additional ways to make money from their platforms. Investorclix PTC is no exception. In this case, their grid game is known ad ClicGrid Investor.

The idea of the game is quite simple. You only have to click on any grid on the picture you will find on the website and win up to $5, which is directly credited into your account balance.

Every click will open a promoter’s site that you will need to view for up to 7 seconds. After the elapse of this time, you will find out whether you are a lucky winner or not.

In ideal situations, you will be given a couple of chances per day to open these grids. Investorclix PTC resets the clicks daily at midnight server time.

The good thing, however, is that you can increase your chances of clicking the grids by upgrading your membership.

Monthly Deposits Contest

Every month, the top members who will have deposited a lot of money into their accounts get rewarded with additional cash.

The reward is offered in two types, account balance or purchase balance. There is a formula used in determining the amount of money to make from the contest.

Nonetheless, the higher your deposits, the higher the rewards. And it is not that challenging to earn some good cash to be in the top of the list. As you can see, it can be certainly an excellent option to make the much-desired extra income from the website.


There are several games you can play on Paid to Click sites that will enable you to get some small rewards. In Investorclix’s case, you can guess the missing letters or numbers in their bonus game and win your rewards in the form of free Bitcoins.

However, the guessing game is only reserved for the verified members. Investorclix PTC gives you a bitcoin address, where you have to comment your guessed numbers or letters to win. The winner that discovers the right Bitcoin address will automatically get BTC 0.00428215.

If you have been longing to have Bitcoins in your cryptocurrency account, playing this guessing game typically offers you an ideal chance to own Bitcoins.

Nonetheless, you should not expect to make a lot of BTC from the game as you only have the opportunity to play the game three times a day.

Investorclix PTC publishes the right proposed BTC address and the winners after every countdown. If the members fail to find the exact Bitcoin address, the amount to be won doubles for the next countdown.

Referral Program

Lastly, you can make some money by inviting your close friends and family members by inviting members to join the website. This is another typical earning opportunity you can find on most online PTC sites.

The company’s referral program is quite complicated, in my opinion, since they do not provide a lot of info about their referral program.

The procedure begins with you inviting members to join by sharing your referral link or embedding the referral link to your blog or website if you have any.

When the users sign up to Investorclix PTC using your referral banner or link, they automatically become your referral. Afterwards, you start to earn a specific percentage based on your membership level.

Remember, in order to make a commission from your referrals. The referrals must click and view their ads. Also, you also need to view a specific number of ads per day to make a commission from their earnings as well.

The only drawback about the referral program is that it is not assured that you will earn something by merely inviting members to join, in my opinion.

You have to make sure that the individuals you invite to join the platform remain active on the website for their referral program to be put into total use. Thus, in the end, you will not really make a lot of money from this kind of earning opportunity.

All in all, Investorclix PTC gives you a way to boost your earnings via the referral program through the rented referral program.

As you will find in their website, it is possible to rent direct referrals by paying a precise amount for a specific number of referrals. The payment for the rented referrals is deducted from your purchase balance.


Investorclix PTC Ugly Truths Revealed!

Low Earnings

As a standard member, you only earn about $0.0012 per click. The silver and investor members earn about $0.01 and $0.02 per click, respectively.

To earn some good cash, you need to upgrade to the ultimate + and Investor ++ membership levels, which in my opinion are costly when it comes to upgrading.

Costly Upgrades

The highest membership level, Investor ++, costs around $12,000. In my opinion, this’s a lot of money. Think about the membership level this way, you will be paid around $5 for every click, and Investorclix PTC does not have a lot of clicks on offer per day. With this in mind, it will take you a lot of time to get your invested money back.

Long Payment Processing Time

Your payment can take up to 15 days to process. Besides, your payment may fail to materialize if you fail to download the last payment withdrawal proof in the forum or remain inactive for a couple of days.


What I Like About Investorclix PTC

  • Available globally
  • Various earning opportunities
  • You may make some BTC
  • Quite a user friendly


Is Investorclix PTC a Scam?

Investorclix PTC is undoubtedly not a scam but is a legitimate PTC site with several earning opportunities. However, it is not the best earning opportunity on the internet that allows you to make a substantial income.

Instead, it only helps you get some cash that you can use to sort out some utility bills. Thus, it is not necessarily the best site to make money from, in my opinion. Just do not anticipate to make a million from the site.

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Overall Quality



  • Various Earning Opportunites
  • You May Make Some BTC
  • Quite a User Friendly


  • Costly Upgrades
  • Long Payment Processing Time
  • Low Earning

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