Coupon Cactus Review: Is Cash Back Shopping Worth Your Time?

Coupon Cactus Review

coupon cactus review

Product Name: Coupon Cactus

Price: Free

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Verdict: Overall, Coupon Cactus is a cool product that if used correctly will give you a chance to save money on things you often buy. Just be wary of unnecessary items that offer cashback and you will be alright.


It’s no accident that you’re here now. The reason you are here is you probably want to learn more about a company called Coupon Cactus. It’s also possible that you are just browsing for online money-making programs. Whatever your reason is, I can tell you now that you are in the right place.

I’ve been reviewing programs for several years now and I’ve learned how to identify scams out there. There are actually plenty of tells if you know where and how to look for it. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to learn all the identifying markers because I’ll share my findings with you!

Let’s begin with the review.


What Is Coupon Cactus?

Coupon Cactus is a cashback website that lets you earn money back whenever you shop on their website. If you think about it and save a step, it’s just like they are selling their items always at a discount.

At first glance, the cashback method can be considered as needlessly complex since they can just apply a discount on their items instead of troubling you with this mechanic. But as with all promos and gimmicks like these, there is always a motive why it’s there. That’s what we’re going to discuss in the next section.


Why Not Just Apply Discounts?

This is probably one of the first questions that popped into your head when you read about their cashback mechanic. The reason for this is affiliate marketing. The majority of the items they sell are being promoted somewhere else, so whenever an item is sold, a percentage of that will be for their affiliates.

A tiny chunk of that commission will be passed on to you. This would give you an incentive to want to buy products. It’s sort of like an unconscious thing wherein you are inclined to buy a product if you will earn something back. Somehow, it triggers a bigger response than just seeing the discount outright.

Think of it like a Walmart Rewards card. You will get a teeny bit of reward every purchase. Unconsciously, this would make you purchase more than usual – at least that’s the theory behind this concept.


How To Join Coupon Cactus?

Joining Coupon Cactus is fairly easy. All you have to do is click on the signup link at the top of the page then enter your details – the usual email address, name, and password. If someone refers you to the program, you can also include their promo code.

Before you get sent the verification email, you will be given several payment options. You can opt for the usual Paypal or any other available payment platform. I will put a screenshot of their registration to give you an idea of how standard the process is.

registration coupon cactus


How Do You Earn With Coupon Cactus?

As I’ve already discussed above, whenever you buy an item from their website, you are eligible for a cashback. They are able to do this because the merchants are all affiliates who pay Coupon Cactus every time they make a sale on the platform. They just kick back some of the commission to their users, so to speak.

Their business model basically assumes that you will be shopping with them regularly because you are earning some money back. The usual cashback is 1-2% depending on the quantity of the item you are buying. If you are buying more regularly, you are eligible for a bigger cashback.

One slight problem with this mechanic is the long wait time. I will discuss that in a bit.


How Much Time Do You Need To Wait For The Cashback?

Coupon Cactus, unsurprisingly, only makes cashback payments 4 times a year. This is the common time table for most cashback websites. They only do it quarterly so as to give their merchants enough time to double-check everything.

This means that you have to wait at least 3 months before you can claim your cashback. If you are a regular user of their website, that shouldn’t be a problem because you should not buy items solely because of the cashback. You must only buy items that you need. Only think of the cashback as an incentive to being loyal.

Another thing that you need to consider is the minimum cashback withdrawal. You must have at least $10 worth of cashback in your account before you are eligible for withdrawal. If you fail to meet this requirement, you need to wait 3 more months for another opportunity to withdraw.


What I Like About Coupon Cactus

They have plenty of items available on their site. Of course, comparing it to giants like Amazon and Walmart is not fair at all. But they do have several good items in there.

Cashback is like a delayed discount. If you are already a loyal customer, a cashback will be considered a bonus.

They offer $3 signing fee if you use your verified Facebook account for signing up.

cashback bonus

You will receive alerts whenever a cashback item is nearing its expiry.


What I Don’t Like About Coupon Cactus

It’s pretty obvious – the long 3-month wait time. The fact that you have to wait for 3 months is a bit disappointing.

While it may seem like all the items on Coupon Cactus offer cashback, many of them don’t. Keep this in mind when looking for cashback opportunities. But this shouldn’t be an issue if you are just doing your regular shopping. As I’ve said, you should not purchase items simply because there is a cashback.


The Verdict – Do I Recommend Coupon Cactus?

Before I answer that question, I feel like I have to put your mind at ease and tell you that this website is legitimate.

Cashback websites are not new. In fact, it’s only copied from an already-existing mechanic called loyalty card that most superstores have. It’s a borrowed concept. The only difference is it is online this time.

A word of advice though – you should not but items just because they offer cashback. Act as if you are shopping like you normally would. If the item offers some cashback, then awesome. If not, then purchase only if you really need it. All I’m saying is don’t even make cashback eligibility a requirement whenever you are buying something. You’re going to have a bad experience if you do that.

Overall, Coupon Cactus is a cool product that if used correctly will give you a chance to save money on things you often buy. Just be wary of unnecessary items that offer cashback and you will be alright.


Want To Know How To Make Real Money?

If you are here because you are looking for a legit way to earn real money, then you should switch to an entirely different industry altogether. Cashback websites are legit and all but they don’t offer anything near the value that you want.

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See you there.



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