Gab PTC Review- Can You Really Make Money with

Gab PTC Review

Can You Really Make Money with

Hey folks, welcome and thanks for dropping by to check out my review of Gap PTC.

I know most of you want to know whether GPT sites, PTC sites, and survey sites can generally make you some cash.

I do not recommend users to join these websites, as they consume a lot of your time and efforts and then rewards you peanuts.

However, in order to introduce you to some of the best PTC sites, where you can make passive income very first, though minimal, here is a review of the popular PTC site.

Do you really want to make some good cash from the GAB PTC site? Are you searching whether GAB is a scam or a legit platform to make cash?

Before I go into detail about this site, I want to commend you on performing your due diligence and, for sure, reading a review if the best way to avoid being scammed on the internet and save your hard-earned income.

In this honest and unbiased review, I will assist you in getting the truth about GAB and give you the best method to make passive income online.

In addition, allow me to be crystal clear with you; GAB has not paid me to review its product. Therefore, you can rest be assures that I am not here to sell or pitch their products to you.

Without further ado, read on to fund out the truth about this PTC site.


Gab PTC Review: A Quick OverviewCan You Really Make Money with

Name: Gab


Owner: Not Disclosed

Price: Free to Sign Up

Summary: Yes, you can make some money with You can sign up for free. You can make money on viewing ads, completing surveys, completing paid offers, playing Gabgrid and referring others to You can also earn bitcoin from their partners. However, the bad thing is that you have very low earning potential. So, I would say it is great but you need a lot of time, efforts and miracle to make a good money.

Overall Scam Rank: 4.3 Out Of 10

Recommended: Not Really, Not Worth your Time and Efforts

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What is GAB? logo

You are already aware; GAB is a PTC site that enables you to earn money by clicking ad offers and doing other activities on the site.

Since it is a Paid to Click website, you can expect to make money in many ways like paid surveys, paid offers, referrals, and GABgrid.

To genuinely find out whether the website offers excellent earning potential, you need to learn about the earning opportunities you can get from the website. So, let us take an in-depth look at how the site works.


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How Does GAB Work?

You need to sign up at GAB’s website to get started. The best thing is that GAB is available worldwide, and any user can sign up at the site. All you have to do is fill out the site’s registration form, and you are set to do it.

Here’s a Short Video on

Although the website does not mention any age requirement to sign up as a member, I believe that you need to be at least 13 years of age or older to participate in viewing the ads.

However, since GAB will only pay you via PerfectMoney or Payeer, you undeniably need to meet the age requirement of any payment option you choose to utilize.

You will love the fact that the signup process is indeed artless. GAB does not bother you to activate your account. After you are done filling out the registration form, you can start viewing the ads straightaway.


How to Make Money with Gab?

Basically, you can make money via ads and the GAB grid on the GAB PTC site. Let us find out how to make money through this program.

Viewing Ads

As it’s the case with other PTC sites, the primary way to make money on GAB is via clicking ads. Clicking ads is usually a fun way to make some quick cents.

It is difficult to make huge earning, but if you love watching ads, it’s a good option. In general, you’ve to click on an advertisement and wait for ten seconds before closing the tab.

GAB offers several ads that you can view, including daily ads, tiny ads, featured ads, bonus ads, and fixed ads. Among all these ads, the ads that pay most are the daily ads, tiny ads, and featured ads.

However, these ads do not pay a lot. You need to be aware that you will only earn about $0.001 for every ad you view, but it will not take a lot of time and effort to watch it.

As stated earlier, all you need to do is click an ad, wait for about 10 seconds for the load to complete and then complete the captcha that appears on the upper left-hand corner.

When the captcha confirms that you have finished viewing the ad successfully, you can close that window and start watching another ad.

As you can see, it requires you negligible time and effort to perform this type of earning opportunity. However, if you need to make a substantial income, it will require you to spend a lot of time on the site.

In order to make a commission from your referrals, you need to click at least 10 ads per day.

Here’s a Screenshot Payment Proof

Paid Offers

Another option to make money at GAB is through paid offers. However, these paid offers come from other websites. To get these paid offers, you need to visit the offer walls.

Well, for those who don’t know what paid offers are, they’re simple tasks that you need to perform and, in return, get some cash upon completing it.

Generally, a paid offer requires you to signup to a specific website, answer a quiz or survey, watch a video, play a game, or download a mobile application. But irrespective of the type of paid offer you need to do, one thing remains constant.

There’s no shortcut, and you have to follow the guidelines given by the paid offer. You’ll only get the reward if you follow the instructions to the latter.


The Grid games are currently prevalent on many Paid to Click websites. In GAB’s case, their grid game is known as GABgrid. This game is simple to play as you only need to click any number on the grid, that is, 1 to 30.

Every grid you click opens a new window that displays your ad. Similar to viewing ads; you only have to complete viewing the ad to make some cash.

When you are done watching the ad, the system alerts you whether you have won the reward. In these types of games, you typically earn cash or points.

The cash or points you make from the grid games varies greatly depending on the type of ad you view. However, if you are lucky enough, you can win the jackpot prize of up to $30 or more.

It is not the best way to make money, but winning the jackpot makes you make some good cash.

Earn Bitcoins

If you have been looking for a platform where you can earn Bitcoins, GAB is one of the best places to receive your first Bitcoin. However, the site will direct you to another site to earn the Bitcoins.

Therefore, if you tap the ‘Earn Bitcoins’ tab on the member dashboard, the website redirects you to another site known as adBTC. It is this website that enables you to earn Bitcoins by browsing other websites.

The process involved in earning Bitcoins is more or less the same as when viewing an advertisement on the GAB site. The only difference here is that the site takes you to another website instead of viewing the ad.

Remember, the Bitcoin you will earn will be credited to your adBTC account instead of being credited to your GAB account. So, in reality, this earning opening is only referring you to another website to earn your Bitcoins.

You will need to register to adBTC to undertake their offers. Therefore, it is additional work for you, which in my opinion, is quite unnecessary.

It would be wise to earn Bitcoins via Bitcoin-based sites instead of being directed to other third-party websites.

The Referral Program

Almost every PTC site on the internet provides a referral program, and GAB is not an exception. A referral program allows you to make extra income.

GAB will enable you to recruit your family and close friends, and in return, get a commission whenever they view an ad. You can invite users to register to the site by using your referral link.

Nevertheless, there’s no info on their site about how much will earn for referring your friends to the website. In my opinion, this is just website design.

In my opinion, referral programs on Paid to Click sites will generally enable you to earn around 5% to 10% of the reward your referral makes upon completing their offers and tasks.

GAB allows you to rent a referral to increase the amount you will make from the referrals. When you rent a referral, what happens is that, you’ll get the chance to be allocated a referral by GAB.

The users they will allocate you as a referral are those who are registered on the site without anyone referring them.

Theoretically, renting a referral allows you to earn more, but I do not love this type of making money. There’s no point in joining a site and then start buying members to help you make money.

In the first instance, you registered on the website to make extra passive income and not use your own money. Besides, you need to be aware that there’s no guarantee that the rented referrals will always be active.


GAB Ugly Truths Revealed!

Very Low Earning Potential

It is impossible to make a lot of money from the GAB since you will be making about $0.001 for every ad. As you can see, in order to make a lot of money, you will need a lot of time, effort, and a miracle.

Not Transparent in a lot of things

The website does not provide a lot of necessary info needed to make a member make a sound decision regarding joining or not joining the site. For instance, you will not get info about its owners and how it works.

Bad User Interface

GAB does not have the best website. This site indeed has a horrible user interface, that contains countless ads. Users do not like a website that has many pop-ups as it makes it less user-friendly.

You need to Pay to Earn More

In order to get some more benefits from GAB, you need to upgrade your account. Every upgrade membership level allows you to make more money by viewing ads.

Besides, it increases the commission that you make from your referrals. The logic, in this case, is that you need to use the money to get more. In my opinion, it is not the best idea out there.


What I Like About GAB

Available Globally

Regardless of your country of origin or state, you can join this site and start making money by viewing short and straightforward ads.

Easy Registration Process

The registration process is artless, and you only need to fill in your names, email address, password and accept their terms and conditions.

You will love the fact that you do not have to confirm your email address. In my opinion, it is a plus as you will start viewing ads instantly.

Low Payment Threshold

When it comes to withdrawing your earnings, you only need to have achieved a very minimal amount of $3.


Is GAB ab a Scam?

GAB is 100% legit, but it offers meager earning potential. The Paid to Click sites are not meant to make you rich. Instead, they are designed to help you pay a few bills here and there.

In my opinion, I do not like the way this website hides crucial info and how it tries to show us that it is among the most popular and oldest PTC sites on the internet.

There are much better ways to make money online. You don’t need to trade your precious time with pennies. If you are serious about earning part time or full time income online, take a moment to check out my no. 1 recommendation program.

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How I Make a Living Online

I do not recommend my readers to join PTC sites since they offer limited earning potential. The time and effort you invest in these sites can be used in other much better ways.

Think about marketing other company’s products and services on your social media channels or blog sites, which you can make passive income for years.

And if you need to know where this happens, affiliate marketing is the way to go. Becoming an affiliate marketer is free, and you can earn a substantial income with minimal efforts.

Over the years, I’ve been working online as an affiliate marketer. In fact, most affiliate programs offer free training, and you don’t have to pay anything to join them.

If you truly need to earn good and legit money online, you need to commit to affiliate marketing. However, remember that affiliate marketing is like any other business that you can open. As a result, it requires patience, hard work, and persistence.

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Overall Quality



  • Availble Globally
  • Easy Registration Process
  • Low Payment Threshold


  • Very Low Earning Potential
  • Not Transparent with Everything
  • Bad User Interface

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