OffersBux PTC Review- Can You Make Money With OffersBux?

OffersBux PTC Review

Can You Really Make Money With OffersBux?

Welcome to my unbiased, honest, and detailed OffersBux review!

OffersBux is a PTC site that offers incredible ways of making money than other Paid to Click websites that you may come across on the internet.

But is the site a scam or a legitimate way of earning passive money on the internet? Read on to find out about this PTC site.

First things first, I am glad you’ve decided to perform research before joining this PTC site. It is basically the best way to find more about legit online earning opportunities.

It is a fact that the online industry is full of scam sites that can take your hard-earned money and waste your time as well. Besides, most online businesses come with security risks.

If you are searching for the best Paid to Click sites to make money online, OffersBux may be an ideal choice for you.

The best thing about this site is that in addition to being available globally, it is also offered in four various languages – English, Turkish, Spanish, and Arabic. Read on to find out a full review about OffersBux.


What is OffersBux?OffersBux Logo

OffersBux is a PTC site that was started in 2018. The platform pays the members to complete simple tasks such as viewing advertisements and visiting the target websites. Besides, OffersBux provides a source of traffic for the promoters.

The site is based on a popular PTC site system, the EvolutionScript, a preprogrammed system for running Paid to Click websites. It is for this reason that most PTC sites you come across on the internet are similar.

The platform pays the members between $0.0022 and $0.01 to view ads, play games, complete surveys, download games, and complete several other activities.

Allow me to be honest with you before going deep into the review, making at least $2 per day is an uphill task. However, it gives you an excellent earning platform to make some cash during your free time at work or while commuting.

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How Does OffersBux Work?

Now, how does OffersBux PTC site work? Well, most of the PTC sites on the internet are artless to use. You only have to sign up for a free account on the official website and then start watching the ads and completing surveys, and OffersBux is not an exception.

Here’s a Short Video on OffersBux

When it comes to clicking the actual ads, you will have to click on a banner ad that will take you to a sponsor website.

On the sponsor’s site, you will have to remain on the site until a load bar finishes loading. Finally, you will need to solve a simple captcha to certify that you have indeed completed viewing the ad. When it is totally done, the earnings will be credited to your account.

You need to be aware that OffersBux utilizes various types of clicking tricks and captchas to make it difficult for the members that want to use bots and automated systems to view the ads.

It is against the platform’s terms of use to incorporate bots and automated software in your viewing process. Still, I am sure that there are users that are always looking for openings to hack the system at any particular moment.

Regarding the promoters, OffersBux provides various types of ad packages at reasonably competitive prices in the industry. For instance, you can secure a package to have your website published on the clickable banner ads.

Who is the Owner of OffersBux?

I always want to assess the background of an online business I am reviewing since it helps a lot in determining the legitimacy and transparency of the company under evaluation.

I always like to know whether the business is a private or individual entity, as well as the real CEO behind the management.

As I researched the platform, I am sorry to write that I didn’t find conclusive info about the website owners. OffersBux is not different from other PTC sites because most of them actually do not publish contact info on their websites.

Nevertheless, there is one thing I certainly love about OffersBux. There is a contact email address that you can use to get in touch with the management.

How to Make Money with OffersBux?

OffersBux gives you various ways to make money. You can make some cash in the following ways viewing ads, OfferWalls offers, OfferGrid, Survey Wall & Survey Time, PTP (Paid-to-Promote), PTSU (Paid-to-Signup), and several other ways. Let us discuss these methods of making money in detail.

Viewing Ads

Viewing advertisements is perhaps the most artless way to make money on this PTC site as you only have to click on the published ad and watch it until the time elapses.

The timer runs between 5 seconds and 60 seconds, and you will earn between $0.001 and $0.01 based on the ad duration.

Here’s Proof of Payments

OffersBux Proof of Payments

You only have to sign in to your account to begin watching the ads. After signing in to your account, tap on the ‘Earn Money’ tab in the header and tap on the ‘View Advertisements’ button.

You will be able to view several types of ads like fixed ads, micro ads, offer ads, as well as bonus ads. Here, tap on an advertisement and then wait for the time to complete for the money to be credited to your account.

Note, in several advertisements, you will need to tap on the ‘click to visit’ button to begin watching the ad.

OfferWalls Offers

After exhausting the maximum number of ads to view per day, you can browse the OfferWalls to increase your earning potential.

OfferWalls allows you to undertake partner tasks from various promoters, and this, in turn, gives you the money that you need.

This method of making money from OffersBux offers you a chance to make money by downloading applications, taking surveys, registering on websites, viewing PTC ads, and carrying out several other tasks. From the ‘Earn Money’ tab, you’ll find the OfferWalls option.


OfferGrid is a type of lottery game, but you do not need to invest any money to start playing the game. To begin playing the game, click the ‘Earn Money’ tab, and then tap on the ‘OffersGrid’ option. When you click on this option, the system directs you to a picture that contains several grids.

Here, you only have to tap on any grid and then wait for the ad to load. Afterward, you can win between $0.0001 and $0.25, which is directly deposited to your account. You will win a prize when you complete clicking at least 25 grids.

Survey Wall and Survey Time

On the survey wall section, you will get online surveys that basically pays you to give your feedback or opinion about the products or services published in the surveys.

However, you will need to complete your survey profile to start completing these surveys. As a result, it is against the site’s rule to create a fake profile.

When taking these surveys, it is advisable to ensure that you are offering an honest opinion. Additionally, you should always avoid taking surveys that don’t relate to your field of knowledge.

Giving incorrect information may lead to the termination of your survey profile. You can get more surveys by visiting the ‘Survey Time’ page.

Paid-to-Promote (PTP)

PTP is an incredible feature offered by OffersBux. This feature allows you to make some cash by marketing your PTP URL.

For every unique visit, you will make around $0.0002 for the first visit and earn approximately $0.00012 for the second visit.

This way, you will make some cash for up to 10 visits from one person. You can get to OffersBux’s PTP page to get more info about this method of making money.

Paid-to-Signup (PTSU)

PTSU is another unique way to make money from OffersBux. The site pays you when you sign up on the published website and undertake the needed actions.

For instance, you may be required to join a website and start clicking advertisements. Your account will be credited with some cash once you finish the task and report that you’ve completed.

Bonus Ads

In addition to the ordinary ads described above, there are other types of ads named Bonus Ads, and they give out bonuses to all members.

They follow a similar process to the regular ads, where a new window pops up after selecting the Bonus Ad to view, and then you’ve to fill the captcha to warrant that you have completed viewing the ad. The only downside about the Bonus Ad is that you can only click a maximum of 30 Ads per day.

Play Games

If you need a site that offers an enjoyable way of making money, OffersBux PTC site is the place to be thanks to the many games.

Whether it is playing the Grid Game or Coin Toss, you will earn some cashout points when you finish playing the games. Although the game’s interface is vulnerable to crashes, it is still a profitable way of making additional credits.

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Referrals and Invitations

OffersBux also has a referral program like the other PTC sites you may come across. It is an excellent downline earning opportunity that enables you to make a commission from your referrals whenever they click ads. The Referral program is a good way of boosting your earnings.

Notably, OffersBux neither has an upgrade feature or rented referrals. Therefore, the best tricks or strategies to make money via the platform are completing surveys and participating in the OfferWalls offers.

OffersBux Ugly Truths Revealed!

It has countless ads

OffersBux’s website has numerous redundant ads on the page, which are only rivaled by social media or adult sites. In my opinion, the many ads on the homepage may be a source of malware or virus to your devices.

Poor site optimization

Since the website is entirely new, you will be saddened to note that content is scattered all over the site.

Unreliable customer support

You can go ahead and tap on the ‘Support’ button and create a ticket. However, you may not hear from the team for a week.

In my case, the support hasn’t replied to my issues for over four days now. Now, think about a scenario where you have problems when withdrawing your earnings.

Minimal earning potential

10,000 points are equivalent to a mere $1! This’s the unpleasant truth that no one wants to hear.

Time Consuming

Yes, the ads take between 15 seconds and one minute. It would be wise to use your time elsewhere since the earnings are incredibly minimal.

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What I Like About OffersBux

  • Free registration and available globally
  • Several methods to make money
  • A wide variety of payment methods. They include PayPal, Payeer, PerfectMoney, Airtm, Bitcoin, Papara, and Skrill.
  • A simple way to make money. Just click on the ad, and you are ready to go.

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Is OffersBux a Scam?

When evaluating whether a PTC site is a scam, I usually check the payment proof on their website and then check out the site’s Foxy Rating.

Currently, OffersBux has 458 opinions with an average rating of 4.7/5 stars with minimal negative reviews. There are countless authorized payment proofs from the company.

Thus, I can confidently say that OffersBux is 100% legit since it has been paying its members all through since its invention without fail. If this site has scammed you, please leave us a comment below.

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How I Make a Living Online

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The best thing about this method of making money is that you are your own boss and can work from anywhere you need.

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Overall Quality



  • Free Registration
  • Several Methods to Make Money
  • A Wide Variety of Payments Methods


  • It Has Countless Ads
  • Poor Site Optimization
  • Unreliable Customer Support

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