Unbiased Dyno Trading Review: Detailed & Latest Updates!

An Unbiased Dyno Trading Review

Welcome to my unique and unbiased truth about Dyno Trading review!

Dyno Trading advertises themselves as the leading day trading educational provider that specializes in trading only price action. As a newbie trader, you can see through the giant amount of nonsense that exists in financial market today.

Can you trust these guys with your hard-earned money? In this an unbiased Dyno Trading, I will answer all your hard burning questions.

Dyno Trading Landing Page

First things first, Dyno Trading is typically a trading vendor site operated and owned by Mark Wentz. Mark is not only an interesting character, but his business model is quite enticing. According to Mr.

Mark, he invented Dyno Trading to help new traders overcome the hurdles in the marketplace by using ‘No Indicators.’ Still, Mark Wentz is precisely selling a trading indicator that he alleges to pinpoint the start and end trends.

Besides, he says that this tool can choose the precise tops and bottoms of the financial markets. According to the info I gathered on the sales page, this ‘magical trading indicator’ can run on any financial market.

The tool purportedly produces ‘excellent’ results on the stocks, forex, options, and futures markets. Well, Dyno Trading can accurately function on any financial market and at any time frame. Wentz asserts that regardless of the time frame you are using, this amazing trading indicator will work perfectly.

Moreover, the sales page alleges this magical indicator used to work flawlessly more than 100 years ago, which, in my opinion, is quite implausible!

On the same page, there’re promises that the platform will continue offering great results in the next two centuries to come.

I can guess that you are now fascinated at the promise that this trading platform can help you solve your financial problems over the next 200 years.

Well, if this is the case, then all the desperate traders out there need the help of this fantastic trading software. Isn’t it?

After minting thousands of dollars via this trading indicator, you can ultimately buy a dream beach house, yacht, a fancy car, or even go for summer vacations to the best cities in the world.

Regardless, I feel that Dyno Trading is an incredible platform worth reviewing. So, without further ado, read on to find out more about this platform, especially about how it works, its ugly truths, what I like about it, and whether it is a scam or not!

Dyno Trading Review: A Quick OverviewDyno Trading Landing Page

Name: Dyno Trading

Website: https://dynotrading.com

Owner: Mark Wentz

Price: $4000 Plus a Year

Summary: Dyno Trading is legit to some extents. The software works in several platforms. You can work at any time frame with this indicator. The platform also has an automated trading indicator to help you take the most advantage of the market. However, the major downside is that the platform falls short of the promises it offers. So, I would say the platform is great, but fails to live up the promises.

Recommended: Not Really, You Can Increase Your Income or Loosing Everything.

Overall Scam Rank: 5.3 Out of 10

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Table of Content

What is Dyno Trading?

How Does Dyno Trading Work?

How to Make Money with Dyno Trading?

Dyno Trading Ugly Truths Revealed!

What I liked About Dyno Trading

Is Dyno Trading a Scam?

How I Make a Living Online

What is Dyno Trading?

As said earlier, Dyno Trading is a trading platform website that’s solely operated and owned by Mark Wentz.

Building a reputation on his incredible experience in trading for over two decades and being the leading trader in Chicago, Mark invented Dyno Trading to help you become successful in the world of trading.

According to its description and functionality, we can say that Dyno Trading falls in the category of a trading indicator that pinpoints the start and ends of trades.

As Mark denotes, the day trading software product is practically assured to pinpoint the precise top and precise bottom of all the trading markets. For instance, traders can use it for forex, futures, options, stocks, or any other item tradeable item in the market.

Besides, Dyno Trading eradicates the ‘chart noise’ and clearly recognizes and displays market trends. In the process, it gives you a better image of where the direction is heading.

When it comes to identifying the turning points in the market, Dyno Trading uses the exclusive Dyno Trendlines algorithm and Bar Volume

Analysis. Additionally, it’s integrated with price points on where ideal stops need to be placed. Its focus is primarily on the Trendlines and Price Bars rather than the indicators.

According to the content published on the website, Dyno Trading uses more than 200 proprietary investment methods, summarized into one powerful signal.

The most important thing about this tool is that the data streamed via the platform comes straight from Wall Street money managers’ trading desk.

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How Does Dyno Trading Work?

According to Mark Wentz, he has discovered a ‘secret.’ Generally, this secret is incredibly powerful such that it should not be passed to the worlds’ elite money managers.

As a matter of fact, you should always adhere to the stringent secrecy of this allegedly fantastic, highly sophisticated, truly cutting-edge trading software. The owner says that everything is processed via a highly inventive Artificial Intelligence system.

Although Dyno Trading costs $4,000 every year, it is worth noting that the pricing info for the various tiers of the trading software has been pulled down from the website. All in all, you can view the free demo and then contact Mr. Mark Wentz for additional info.

After contacting Mark, you’ll be referred to a private session with him where you can inquire and ask any questions you have regarding the software.

If interested, you will receive a link to a page where you can subscribe and make a payment. Mark markets this trading software is ideal for anyone who does not have the skills or time to manage/ execute trades.

Here’s a Short Video on Dyno Trading

Furthermore, Mark alleges that he started this trading software for the NinjaTrader platform. As a trader, you only have to load it up onto the NinjaTrader platform, and it will pinpoint the precise areas where the dollars are. Wentz also says that this software is the number one trading robot throughout the world.

Well, this means that even if you do not have the time to sit on your PC, the trading platform works! Well, this set-and-forget trading robot is essentially thrilling.

You only need to have a Ninja Trader investment account as well as a valid Dyno Trading software license. Dyno Trading will effortlessly start feasting on the market and direct the money into your bank account.

How to Make Money with Dyno Trading?

When it comes to making money on any trading platform, you have to utilize an effective forex trading strategy. Basically, you need to follow the following three simple strategies, and if you do, it is assumed that you will have an amazing career as a forex trader:

  •  Take note of the GIANT moves. Mostly, ride the trend and continue to only stay in a profitable trade.
  • Lower the losses as fast as possible.
  •  Master the expertise of using leverage in your trading account.

Also, you do not need to have a Ph.D. in Mathematics to recognize that forex trading is typically a game of probabilities. Most amateurs believe that the odds of winning are 50-50 as if it’s a betting or casino game.

The most common thing about the beginners is that they risk a dollar to make a dollar. Else, they risk one dollar to make two dollars. Furthermore, beginners want to make profits fast and take too slow to minimize losses. I am aware you precisely know what I’m talking about.

Dyno Trading Ugly Truths Revealed!

As great as Dyno Trading claims to be, it truly falls short of the promises it offers. As a matter of fact, there is no validity to any of the allegations made on the site – from the artificial intelligence-driven algorithm that captures the precise top and precise bottom of all the trading markets.

According to Mark Wentz, Dyno Trading uses the exact trading platform available only to Wall Street’s prop trading firms. Nevertheless, it is quite impossible to certify any of the allegations he has published on this profile, including authenticating his identity.

The picture Mark Wentz uses is taken from the internet, and we cannot link it to the actual ‘Mark Wentz.’ While his YouTube channel has more than 18K subscribers, there is no conclusive information about his identity. Here, you will find nothing but financial propaganda!

Besides the above ugly truths, there is no proven track record of trading. Also, the available financial reports seem forged since they do not meet the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) guidelines for producing the trading statements.

Compared to other trading platforms that offer live brokerage statements on request, giving certifiable trading statements should not be seen as an ‘out of norms’ request.

The blog on the Dyno Trading website is inactive, where the last content was published more than a year ago. There are also extra products marketed on the website such as the Trading Courses but the buttons ‘Learn More’ do not respond upon clicking on them.

All in all, it seems like a cheap ploy to populate the site with adequate content to make it seem legit and enable Google to index it much better. It also wants to confuse the financially naïve individuals into thinking Dyno Trading is a valuable investment.

Finally, Mark does not seem to have a proven track record of trading. He only has deceitfully generated financial reports. His YouTube channel is full of financial hypes. Some countless videos and pictures lead the financially unsophisticated to believe Mark’s earning records are genuine.

CFTC regulations say there are certain conditions traders need to follow when producing trading statements. For instance, the performance disclosures need to be accompanied by statements saying that these results aren’t an assurance that traders will get similar results.

No one should be naive to believe Dyno Trading’s unconcealed fraud-filled trading results. Mark alleges to be a skilled trader while it is clear he does not trade! He also lies about his location.

In addition, Mark claims to be the owner of a prop trading firm. Yet, we are aware some guidelines regulate people who need to start a prop trading organization in the United States.

First, you need to be registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor. If you search for his name at the SEC investment advisor search portal, you’ll not find it.

Merely put, Mark Wentz doesn’t have an identity. Well, if he’s the true owner of a prop trading organization that sells trading indicators that make thousands of dollars, why does he hide his name?

What I Like About Dyno Trading

When it comes to the Dyno Trading platform, there are very few things I like about it. All in all, here are a few things that fascinated me:

  • It works on several platforms
  • You can work at any time frame
  •  It has automated trading indicators

Is Dyno Trading a Scam?

Not only does Dyno Trading software seem less than legitimate, but there is no indication as of now that the site is still up and running. In fact, some of the buttons on the official website no longer work!

Furthermore, Dyno Trading’s social media channels aren’t super active as they used to be. The content posted on them is irregular and features other traders as opposed to Mark himself.

At the end of the day, there is nothing to show that Dyno Trading is worth your investment, even if you’ve some $4,000 to use. While a forex trading software is an essential part and parcel of most traders in the market, Dyno Trading doesn’t seem to make the cut.

Dyno Trading only makes huge promises about complex aspects but fails to emphasize much more important factors like having real-time access to the market.

It seems awkward for the inventors to allege the software can track with precision all the tops and bottoms of all the tradable markets. Indeed, there is no other software or tool that makes such a daring claim.

All in all, Dyno Trading offers some positive features that help a trader’s strategy and decision-making, but you need to use it with carefulness.

Remember, there are no universal solutions in sectors that are as dynamic as the markets themselves. Also, what works for your friend may not work for you.

While there’s no conclusive info to show that Dyno Trading is not legit, at this point, it would be wise for you to opt for other systems and techniques available for trading in the foreign exchange world.

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Dyno Trading

$4000 Plus a Year





Overall Quality



  • It Works on Several Platforms
  • You Can Work at Any Time Frame
  • It Has Automated Trading Indicators


  • Exaggerated Claims
  • Hidden Owner
  • No Proven Track Record of Trading

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