Is True Trading Group a Scam? Here’s The UNBIASED Truths!

Is True Trading Group a Scam?

Is True Trading Group a Scam?- Here's the Unbiased Truths!


Is it possible to make incredible returns in trading? Well, several traders have alleged that they make a good living from the markets, where they make good returns that is way above the standard 10 % per year. Long term investors usually accept a profit of at least 10 % to be quite acceptable.


Unluckily, the fact that there’re traders who make more than the standard market returns means that companies and groups can use their knowledge to manipulate traders into purchasing their trading products or registering in their trading groups.


If you perform a basic internet search on trading group scams, the number of results you will find is overwhelming. While the trading market is gradually becoming more and more controlled, countless dishonest traders shouldn’t be in the trading business.


If you are looking forward to trading in the stock market, ETF market, Forex Market, Contract for Difference (CFD), or options market, it is essential to search for brokers or groups that are viable and reliable. As a rule, always avoid the groups that seem suspicious.


In order to differentiate reliable groups from unreliable groups, it is essential to go through online reviews to determine their legality. Trading itself is quite challenging to the beginners, and when a group or broker implements strategies that work against you, making a fortune from the trades is almost impossible.


If the group you decide to join does not respond to your problems in time, it may be a a big sign that it’s a scam. Else, check whether there are complaints about the group online.


When searching for a potential trading group, it would be wise if traders learned to separate fiction from facts. For example, when traders fail to make profits as expected, they usually post negative comments about the group they subscribed to online, blaming them for their failed tactics.


Currently, one of the most sought-after trading group on the internet is the True Trading Group. The True Trading Group is an exclusive trading platform that offers various services such as trading programs, brokerage info, education, and much more. Read on to find much more info about this program, including its ugly truths.


What is True Trading Group?

True Trading Group is a LLC ( Limited Liability Company) created to help all level of traders to get the most out of the market. The company is founded in September 2014 and headquartered Florida, USA. They are listed on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website but they are not accredited. They have an A+ rating at the time of this review.


True Trading Group is a community of entrepreneurs and traders looking forward to making their lives much better and attain financial independence. The group mainly emphasis on community and education. The idea behind the inception of this platform is that ‘Two are better than one.’


TTG (True Trading Group) is not based on one trader, Michael Edward, flaunting how successful he has been or bragging about how unique this system is. Instead, this group of top-notch traders continuously offers helpful guides and setups that can help traders reap big in the industry.


Here’s a Short Video on True Trading Group

What works well for some traders might not work correctly for others. All traders have different availability or access to trade throughout the day, and some come with higher risk acceptance than others. TTG wanted to start a real community where both full-time and part-time traders could learn, profit, and interact continuously. A forum where skilled traders can benefit equally as an individual opening a trading account for the first time.


According to the creators, their primary purpose is education. Irrespective of skilled or unskilled you’re, you should never stop learning some tactics. TTG team comprises of experts with unparalleled experience in the hedge fund trading, part-time traders, full-time day traders, as well as novices that never placed a single trade before signing up with True Trading Group. There’s no other place that you will find members who are more than ready to help you succeed in your trades than in TTG.


Aside from getting access to some of the best traders in the industry, you will also establish a healthy relationship with users from all walks of life that shares the same goals as yours to expand your trading career as well as financial status.


Michael Edward, a serial entrepreneur, an award-winning HF (Hedge Fund) trader, and one of the platform’s heads traders, has put in place a curriculum for all levels of experience. Mike utilized the education he got working at a hedge fund organization in NYC and put it into lessons that can easily be comprehended by all members.


As a member of this platform, you will learn how to trade small caps, penny stocks, cryptocurrencies, large-cap big boards, options, as well as commodities. Diversify and expand your trading or just stick to one group that perfectly works for you. Basically, you will get market news and economic data and also learn how to interpret this info. Most importantly, you will get info about how to profit from the information.


How Does True Trading Group Work?

Edward’s chat and education are indeed pretty good in comparison to other platforms in the market. You can undeniably learn several tactics if you are a novice. His technical videos and psychology will ideally show you how to think like a trader and use standard tools.

Here's how does True Trading Group work!


According to Mike, he undertook a three-month training course before even trading a single share. It was in this course where Michael Edward learned every info that he uses today to become a consistently profitable trader.


He used the knowledge he learned in the three-month course to establish a True Trading Group beginner and Advanced Course Bundles. Edward simplified the training he undertook into comprehensive, detailed courses that a typical person understands.


Here is what you will get in the beginner course:

  • How the stock market functions and why it’s essential to be part and parcel of the market.
  • The trading language that every trader needs to know.
  • You will learn how to register for an account and the perfect online broker for you.
  • When and how to place a market order versus a limit order.
  • The top ten trading rules that all traders need to be well-conversant with.
  • You will learn about the top twenty common mistakes made by the traders and how one can avoid them.
  • You will get info about how to recognize the fundamental chart patterns and how one can trade them.
  • A thorough introduction into technical indicators for both swing trading and day trading will be given to you.
  • An introduction into shorting.


The Advanced Course Gives you the following:

  • You will receive a risk management system that’s proven to lower losses significantly.
  • How to stay on the winning trends and trades for a prolonged period.
  • You will get Mike’s most consistent and favorite chart pattern and how to trade with it.
  • The technical indicators used by Mike daily will be available to you.
  • Information about how technical indicators work alongside one another will be offered to you.
  • You will be shown how to implement Michael’s strategy to recognize the best setups in the industry.


In addition, you will get real-time trade breakdown from the top traders showing what they see in the market at that particular time. Webinars and video lessons are a big part of the platform’s educational process.


The primary reason why most traders fail to make it in the industry is not that it is a tough task that only professional individuals can master. The main reason why most traders fail is that they lack a professional and real education before starting to trade with real money.


You cannot risk investing in hundreds of dollars in a casino game without learning how to play casino games. So, why should you begin trading with real money without first learning ho trading is performed?


How to Make Money with True Trading Group?

There are some delusions around trading, but the simple thing is that it’s possible to make money in the trading platform. However, you can also lose a considerable chunk of money as well. But there’re several options on the internet that can help you to make money in the trading world. One of the methods is joining True Trading Group.


At TTG, you will receive useful information that will help you determine when to enter into a trade and when to exit a trade. With this in mind, you will always be making some good profits and then exit the trade before the trade starts falling. On the other hand, it will be impossible to make losses continuously since you will have developed a good trading plan.


True Trading Group Ugly Truths Revealed!

The Alerts on the Chart Room Will Not Make You Profitable

According to Mike, over 72 % of his trades are winners. However, only close to 50 percent of the trades work. Edward also utilizes extensive stops so that to make him right most of the time and to lure customers with his YouTube videos where he posts alerts regularly.


This usually results in a lot of his winners only generating about 1 to 1.5 times of what he initially risks. It is tough to make revenue when trading when your win or loss is this low.


Mike Uses Faulty Info at Times

The creator lets stocks go beyond the stop loss most of the time to prevent being wrong only to later come out at a much higher price. Mike certainly places new trades into his chart at risk to blow the member’s mind.


Generally, education is much better than most services, but the alerts aren’t beneficial. Occasionally, you will realize that Michael does not like publishing bad days on his YouTube channel. As a result, Mike is only a little bit better in comparison to other trading gurus in the world.


What I Like About True Trading Group

Good Training

As said earlier, training can be an uphill battle, especially if you are a novice to the trading world. For this reason, True Trading Group makes it easy and much more comfortable for traders to have the necessary techniques delivered to them via training. The comprehensive courses offered to help you to lower the learning curve and fasten the path to becoming a successful person in trading.


Chat Area

The chat members area gives a beautiful social network where members can discuss trading tactics as well as real-time moves. It comprises of a supportive community and top traders from all corners of the world, and this makes it an unusual way to stay up-to-date with the modern trading trends. Besides, the newbies can learn a lot from the members that have an incredible experience.


Trader’s Forum

Another functionality that makes TTG useful and unique is the trader’s platform. This forum not only enables you to share resources but also a lesson with your fellow traders. Here, you can ask several questions that may be worrying you regarding trading.


Besides, you can discuss useful tips, start discussions with like-minded members, and also share product feedback. The forum is usually active, and you will always find members discussing information that’s up to date.


Is True Trading Group a Scam?

No. The platform isn’t a scam, but there’re some strategies that you need to follow in order to make some good cash from your trading. Also, you need to invest a lot of money on your broker if you need to realize high-profit margins. Trading is not for the faint-hearted as it requires time and determination.


Trading is not a walk in the park, and there no assurances of profits at all times. One of the proven ways to become successful on a much more consistent basis is to plan strategies for lowering trading losses and categorize the trading activities that you engage in. All these should be followed with the primary aim of maximizing your potential gains.


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True Trading Group

$1,497 One Year Subscription





Overall Quality



  • Good Training
  • Chat Area
  • Trader's Forum


  • Huge Learning Curve
  • Alerts on the Chart Room will not Make you Profitable
  • Mike Uses Faulty Info at Times

2 thoughts on “Is True Trading Group a Scam? Here’s The UNBIASED Truths!”

  1. Great review! I learned a lot about this trading group from this review.
    I am definitely thinking about starting with True Trading Group and this review gave me very helpful information.
    Thanks a lot!

  2. True Trading Group is def not a scam! Michael Edward and the the other Ttg mods call out there trades live real time everyday during market hours. We trade Mon-Friday all day! Michael Edward is truly a world class professional that provides an in depth course that came directly from a hedge fund with no gimmicks, no scams, and no bs!
    Im a member and not only did I make my membership back with a few trades, but I now have an education that will continue to pay me for the rest of my life!
    Mike and Ttg are the real deal and a true blessing in my life!
    I cannot Thank Mike and Ttg enough for changing my life with the professional education I received. Hands down it’s the best money I ever spent that keeps on giving. If your serious about learning a skill that you will benefit from for the rest of your life, and you’re willing to put in the work and dedication I highly recommend you did not hesitate and join TTG family!


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