Is Ferpection a Scam? Comprehensive & Latest Updates!

Is Ferpection a Scam?

Ferpection claims to help you puzzle out your user experience and ensure your success by offering high quality feedback in no time on website, store experience, customer support, mobile application and more.

But is it worth your hustle? Is it legit or a scam? Find out the most comprehensive and latest updates about it in this Ferpection review post.

Is Ferpection a Scam: Comprehensive & Latest Update!

Welcome to my detailed and honest Ferpection review. If you have found yourself here because you want to know whether Ferpection is a scam and whether it is worth your time and investment, then you have made the cleverest decision!

On the internet, I have come across several YouTubers and bloggers promoting this website and alleging that you can make an incredible $500 by just taking screenshots and typing. But what is the ugly truth about this site?

Well, Ferpection is a website I have personally signed up and used. Besides, I have received a couple of payments via PayPal as a result of my tasks.

Having said that, I believe that I am in the right position to share with you my personal experience regarding this website.

Therefore, if you would love to get much more information about this progressively popular earning website, then keep yourself glued to this review to the end!

In simple terms, I can say that Ferpection is an online rewards website that will reward you upon registering on the site as a ‘tester.’ If you reside in the United Kingdom, this is an incredible website to join.

So, if you are searching for a website that will let you generate a couple of extra dollars on the internet and bump into Ferpection, you must be questioning if it is a perfect website to sign up at.

Yes, that is a valid worry that every one of you should have when it comes to joining a new rewards site. As a matter of fact, before registering on any rewarding site out there, it would be wise of you to ascertain it is worth joining.

Therefore, is Ferpection a legitimate website or just another scam that wants to swindle your hard-earned income?

Well, allow me to answer this question straight away so we can pay our attention to other essential features of the website. Ferpection is not a scam.

However, it does not essentially mean you need to take the next step and register as a member. We need to assess a few features in order to conclude whether it is truly a perfect website to join or not. We will also find out whether it is actually worth your precious time.

Generally, this amazing Ferpection review will do just that, and it will precisely show you what the website has on offer. Thus, after going through this review to the end, you will have the ability to determine whether or not it is right for you.

Is Ferpection a Scam? A Quick ReviewIs Ferpection a Scam: Comprehensive & Latest Update!

Name: Ferpection


Owner: Arnaud Limbourg

Price: Free to join

Summary: Yes, Ferpection is a legitimate company. You can get qualitative and quantitative research with consulting tailored to your need and obtain your user experience research in just a few day. If you want to build better website, mobile application, prototype, Ferpection is the right place to get started. However, the major downside is that it is hard to make a living on the platform if you are testers. So, I would say it is great but there are better options out there.

Overall Scam Rank: 5.0 Out of 10

Recommended: Yes, but there are better options out there.

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Table of Content

What is Ferpection?

How Does Ferpection Work?

How to Make Money with Ferpection?

How Much Money Can You Make with Ferpection?

Ferpection Ugly Truths Revealed!

What I Like About Ferpection

Is Ferpection a Scam?

How I Make a Living Online

What is Ferpection?

As said earlier, Ferpection is an online rewarding site that pays you to become a tester. In other terms, it is a market research site that helps other organizations and brands by carrying out research that will be advantageous to them.

As a proficient online rewards website, Ferpection provides a pretty simple way of making money online. Well, as long as it has incredible earning potential, this is a good thing!

Furthermore, we can define it as a testing website for digital items such as mobile applications, websites, videos, social media networks, among several other things.

In addition, it gives an incredible platform for app developers and creators to get genuine feedback regarding their digital products from real-world users.

Merely put, what Ferpection provides is a platform for you to make passive income on the internet by working as a tester.

On this site, based on the test that you undertake, you can earn anything between $5 and $10. While other user testing sites need you to record your screen during the testing process, Ferpection only requires you to take a few screenshots of the application or website being tested.

Afterward, you will have to write a simple description of your screenshots accompanied by your positive or/and negative thoughts.

Now, to evaluate the accurate earning potential of Ferpection, we have to take a closer look at how the site works and how you will be able to make money from the website

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How Does Ferpection Work?

Since its launch in 2014, Ferpection is a legit site that boasts more than 50,000 user testers worldwide. The company has its headquarters in France. As long as you are above the age of 18, you can become a proficient user tester on this platform.

Open a membership account on this site is a walk in the park. You only need to provide a valid email address and password to the site.

Besides, you can use your personal Facebook account to sign up on the platform. The subsequent signup stage needs your name, gender, as well as the year of birth.

However, Ferpection needs you to undertake a slightly lengthy trial test to finalize the signup process. But with a successful trial test completion, you will earn two dollars. Here are three simple steps showing how this platform works:

  •  Use your tablet or smartphone to explore applications and websites.
  • Write either positive or negative feedback.
  • Finalize the process by sending your feedback.

Well, if you are not sure about the platform, testing denotes the process of assessing digital products to understand the users’ experience.

Generally, it is an effective way of determining defects, such as poor website layouts, unreadable text, misplaced images, and other technical issues.

In simple terms, testing allows website owners to make the much-needed changes prior to releasing the final products to the end-users.

By working as a user tester on Ferpection, you will get invites once the tests (missions) that match your profile becomes available.

Here, you will have the right to accept or even decline a mission at any time. Nevertheless, this will typically diminish your chances of getting future mission invitations.

Notably, every mission comes with an accompanying brief. A mission brief is typically the requirements of that special test (mission).

In fact, the brief will offer you a step-by-step guide on how to perform the test. When it comes to performing the test, your incredible observation skills will come in handy!

Now, in order to finalize a mission, you will be required to write a short description regarding your experience throughout the mission.

Basically, your test report should highlight a couple of things, such as speed, flexibility, user-friendliness, as well as the layout of the application or website.

A Ferpection community manager will assess your mission before approving or returning it for edits. Keep in mind that you can only get your payments when a community manager accepts your report. Basically, the report acceptance time ranges between five days and one week.

Here’s a Short Video on Ferpection

How to Make Money with Ferpection?

On Ferpection, the only way to make money after registration is by performing what they call tests or missions. Merely put, these missions are minor tasks you have to undertake, and in exchange, you will get a reward once you complete it successfully. Every mission will require you to give your feedback regarding something from their brands or partner companies.

You will be needed to test and give feedback regarding a particular application or website in most situations. Whenever you accept a mission, it will be helpful for you to go through the brief since that is where you will find the instructions. You need to follow the brief instructions to the latter since that is the only proven way to guarantee you receive the indicated reward for the mission.

When you complete a mission, Ferpection expects you to offer feedback regarding the subject. Furthermore, you have to provide a screenshot of the application or the website you must give feedback for. Therefore, it will be quite easier and comfortable on your side if you have some kind of screenshot app you can utilize instead of performing it the basic way.

Since you have to wait for the community manager to review your mission and either approve it or request for revisions, it is vital to note that you will not get your reward instantly after submitting the test. Again, you will only get your payment provided your work is approved. Therefore, you need to perform the tasks to the latter.

As you can see, Ferpection offers a different way to make an income online than giving your feedback through the paid surveys. In my opinion, it is truly a fascinating and fun way to make extra income online.

How Much Money Can You Make with Ferpection?

When it comes to the amount of money you can make with online rewards, such as Ferpection, it all comes down to the number of available missions. Besides, the number of missions you undertake also plays a huge role. Moreover, the amounts of money you get paid for every mission you complete determines the amounts of money to make.

All in all, most missions here let you earn roughly $5, which in my opinion, is pretty awesome. If you think of the amount of work you have to accomplish, this is genuinely a decent amount. Besides, upon a successful registration, you will win yourself a registration bonus of roughly $2.

Also, the other aspect you have to consider is how often the missions will be available for you to perform. Unluckily, there is no certain answer to this question. But based on how Ferpection structures its website, the high chances are that the number of available missions will primarily be based on the locality you reside in.

Since Ferpection mainly uses the Sterling Pounds as its official currency, you can guess that most of the missions will be available to the United Kingdom members. Therefore, I can confidently say that the earning potential at Ferpection comes down to where you reside.

With this in mind, you have high chances of making a decent income from the site provided you live in a region that regularly enjoys a high influx of available missions, such as the UK and other regions in Europe.

Ferpection Ugly Truths Revealed!

  • Insufficient missions
  • A high minimum payout threshold of $25
  • Most of the missions are location-based
  • It only pays once a month
  • It offers long approval times (your mission can take up to a week to be approved)

What I Like About Ferpection

  • Joining is free
  • The trial mission pays $2
  • It has a reliable and friendly support team
  • Free training and tutorials
  • No professional skills needed
  • It pays monthly via PayPal
  • You can make up to $10 from a single mission
  • You don’t need to record your screen or voice throughout the mission

Is Ferpection a Scam?

First, I hope this honest and detailed review has given you a thoughtful insight into the Ferpection website as well as the available options that let you make passive income online. In my opinion, I can confidently say that Ferpection is not a scam site.

Instead, it is a legit platform that allows you to make money on the internet by testing applications and websites. In the process, it offers an incredible way to generate the much-needed extra income on the internet.

However, it is essential to note that you will perhaps not make the alleged $500. But it is possible to make up to $10 for every mission. Additionally, lately, I have realized that the ‘missions’ are diminishing at an alarming rate. In fact, you may fail to come across a new ‘mission’ for a couple of months!

Since the availability of the ‘missions’ is based on your location, you may realize that the platform is not worth your investment if you are not residing in the UK, the US, or France. Besides, this platform is only for making the extra bucks. So, you should not look forward to resigning from your 9 to 5 job in order to use Ferpection as a ‘full-time income’ opportunity!

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