An Unbiased Reveal Bot Review: The Truth Behind Reveal Bot Review!

 An Unbiased Reveal Bot Review

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In this ever-growing online advertising era, you’ll come across ads everywhere on the internet. Today, all types of businesses are trying to get recognition via ads, which is quite remarkable.

Various social media channels such as Facebook offer the business owners a platform to place ads and get many more customers and sales.

In this detailed post, I’ve featured Reveal Bot review, which comprises of exclusive insights of its pros, cons, features, how it works and whether it is a scam or not. I have also featured the ugly truths about the platform.

Let us get started here!

There are countless users out there running Facebook advertisements for their organizations and are actually getting more recognition and sales.

Having said that, why can’t you make good use of this great opportunity to publish your ads on the Facebook platform?

However, before you get started with your Facebook ads, it would be wise of you to carry out some research and scout on your rival’s Facebook Ads to get much better campaign insights. Afterward, it would help if you started using your advertisements on the Facebook platform.

Now, to create a better Facebook Ads campaign, you need to optimize your ads well. In this scenario, you need to have an advanced Facebook Ads automation platform, which helps you tailor and optimize the ads perfectly.

With the growth of the internet and technology, managing and monitoring Facebook ads have become more time-consuming.

In order to attain your ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) objectives, you need to dedicate your attention to analyzing your spending vs. performance.

Therefore, in order to keep low performing campaigns under regulation, you may need to hire a virtual assistant, implement a Bot, or even do it yourself.

Basically, a Bot is typically an automated tool that never sleeps. Nowadays, most professional marketers and advertisers use these tools.

Think about designing personal rules which optimize and manage ads depending on some of your great metrics in ROAS, which are all automated 24 hours a day. Yes, this is what a Bot can do for you!

What this means is that most works, such as the repetitive tasks that need conditional metrics built into rules, will be cut off.

Table of Content

What is Reveal Bot?

How Does Reveal Bot Work?

How to Make Money with Reveal Bot?

Reveal Bot Ugly Truths Revealed!

What I Like about Reveal Bot

Is Reveal Bot a Scam?

How I Make a Living Online

What is Reveal Bot?

Reveal Bot is a dependable, AI-powered Instagram and Facebook Ad automation, optimization, and management platform created for brands and agencies that depend on Facebook for marketing and advertising.

It’s an inventive tool that allows marketers to automate Facebook Ads. Besides, it alerts them when they waste funds on useless marketing campaigns and delivers insights into making the campaigns successful.

Reveal bot uses machine learning, making it quite easy to analyze historical data, project conversions, and CPA (Critical path analysis).

Reveal Bot is available in three powerful modules that comprise automation, bulk creation, and auto-boosting. The automation module lets marketers create custom rules for ad alerts and automation.

In the meantime, the auto-boosting module allows marketers to promote content and keep control of their objectives and audiences. On the other hand, the bulk creation module is intended to streamline the creation of bulk Facebook Ads.

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How Does Reveal Bot Work?

Basically, Reveal Bot incorporates exceptional features like the auto-boosting, which helps you maximize your post reach by merely auto-boosting the finest content right on Instagram and Facebook.

By using this platform, you can effortlessly schedule reports. For example, you can get custom reports based on metrics.

The best feature I like about Reveal Bot is that you can effortlessly manage thousands of Facebook Ads through custom automated rules.

In fact, in addition to managing thousands of ads account, the platform performs tens of thousands of actions per month. Here are some of the features you will find in Reveal Bot:

Facebook Ads Optimization

You just need to use these conditions to merely pause, start, and duplicate your advertisement sets in addition to adjusting your budget and many more things in a row.

Personalized Automated Ads Management

You can effortlessly automate your team’s routine merely by creating countless rules for the ads sets, ads campaigns, and ads. Again, you can easily and directly manage Return-On-Ad-Spent (ROAS).


It is also possible to optimize all of your posts reach by auto-boosting all of your best content straight onto your Instagram and Facebook.

The Auto-Boosting Content

With this option, you will easily get likes and other reactions and the available shares and comments. It is also possible to easily track the boosted posts’ performance.

Additionally, you can effortlessly and automatically increase your best posts’ budgets with the assistance of Reveal Bot’s Ads automation.

Another great feature is that you can utilize your best-performing Instagram content as the source for Facebook Ads.

Comprehensive Reports and Analytics

You can merely keep the whole team in the loop of marketing performance since the analytic reports will be delivered straight into your inbox or the slack team daily or weekly from Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Ads, and more.

When it comes to Google Analytics and Facebook Ads, you can easily get personalized reports in order to focus right on metrics, which are essential to your company.

Scheduled Reports

Using this function allows you to easily schedule your post, Google Analytics, and reports and get personalized, focused reports on the metrics that are essential to your team.

How to Make Money with Reveal Bot?

You are already aware bots are amongst the hottest inventions since mobile applications. That is already clear! With major inventions from Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, the bot trend has dramatically grown over the last couple of years.

All in all, one question that’s being debated in boardrooms, amongst users in Facebook groups and Slack channels around the internet, is this, ‘How can an Ad Bot help me make money?’ Well, that is precisely what I am going to dive into this section.

When it comes to Reveal Bot, it will not help you make money. Instead, it will assist you with the automation of your social media ads.

In the process, you will have incredible convenience. Again, whether you will have to use Reveal Bot or not come down to how big your company is or what you require. Remember, if you have a small business, Reveal Bot can turn out to be quite expensive.

Ideally, Reveal Bot makes you known by prospective customers, potentially leading to increased revenue and customer base.

As said earlier, Reveal Bot offers three products to help you achieve this objective: Automation, Auto Boosting, and Bulk Creation. Let us get into detail about what these features are and what they offer.

In this section, you will find all the Instagram and Facebook Ads alerts and automation. You can merely configure automated rules for your Instagram and Facebook. Here, Reveal Bot will optimize all of your ad performances in the best way possible.

It is possible to automate your Facebook Ads campaigns using the start, pause, or set options. Also, you can use the bid actions to increase or decrease the budget. Generally, this product offer features that let you:

  • Only use the metrics that truly matter
  •  Automate the rules for professional marketers
  • Optimize the rules and analyze the results with logs

The Auto Boosting Feature

By using this tool, you can perform automatic Instagram and Facebook post boosting. Here, you can also easily market your best content and keep good control of your audience and objectives. You only need to configure your conditions and let it boost.

In order to promote the post and get more attention and leverage, just use the auto-boosting feature. Here, you only have to outline the conditions, define the parameters, and you’re ready to get started. Afterward, sit back, relax, and follow the performance. The best thing about this feature is that:

  • You have total control over optimization events and campaigns goals
  • You can automatically market post once it meets custom conditions and much more
  •  You will enjoy a detailed targeting, whereby you target audiences depending on true events

Bulk Creation Feature

With this feature, you can effectively perform bulk Facebook Ads creation in a row. First, configure multiple ads, sets, and ads fast.

Secondly, upload videos and images in bulk in order to automatically create ad variations easily. Generally, this product will assist you in:

  • Saving hours of creating advertisements
  • Speeding up your workflows
  •  A/B testing and much more in a row

Post ID Export

Lastly, there is a new addition to the set of products given by Reveal Bot. Reveal Bot provides social proof for Instagram and Facebook with the post IDs. You can effortlessly export these post IDs to the excel sheet and match it.

Merely put, this tool helps you export the posts that you’ve designed in the form of Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads with similar likes, shares, and comments.

Another option is that you can decide to create a new spreadsheet and then export the posts via the Posts ID by matching it via the Reveal Bot. But it is important to:

  • Keep all the social proof and receive a higher relevance score, higher ROAS, and lower CPM (Cost per thousand).
  • Add the Post IDs to Reveal Bot’s bulk creation to generate countless ads at once.
  • Select any number of campaigns, ads, or ad sets and even export all the Post IDs in a single file.

Reveal Bot Review Ugly Truths Revealed!

  • The automation can be quite intimidating if you are not familiar with Facebook ads. In fact, it is certainly frightening when real dollar bills are waiting for you.
  • The challenge of mass usage across several Facebook Ad accounts is also tricky. While it is not impossible, the process is just difficult.
  •  It fails to create multi-layered visuals.
  •  It does not have the ability to generate intricate visuals.
  • It is quite expensive.

What I Like About Reveal Bot

  • In addition to working well with Instagram and Facebook, Reveal Bot provides several products for social media ads automation.
  • It also provides several features and offers the options to personalize via the marketing toolbox. The best thing is that these tools come with an editor that’s simple to drag and drop.
  • It has fantastic customer support.
  •  It can set rules to auto-boost page posts and fully automate larger campaigns to assist you in keeping CPAs in objective range.
  • It integrates with a couple of platforms like Facebook Ads and insights, YouTube, and Google Ads.
  • It has customized reports which help you focus on the metrics which are essential to your business.
  •  It perfectly tracks your posts and sets the budget accordingly.

Is Reveal Bot a Scam?

Reveal Bot is 100% legit. As of now, you’ve got all the exclusive insights about this advanced Facebook Ads automation platform. It is now your turn to make a move and get started with Reveal Bot.

The best thing about Reveal Bot is that you are not risking anything as it offers a 14-days free trial, where you do not need to provide your credit card information. So, get your Reveal Bot discount today and begin your Facebook ad automation.

With the convenience and automation offered by Reveal Bot, every cent you spend is worth it! With this tool, you will avoid ineffective budget spend and only invest your money into a winning ad.

Furthermore, Reveal Bot lets you automate your best strategies and efficiently scale your budget with higher speeds and ROIs. But keep in mind that Reveal Bot isn’t directly can help you make money online. So, if you are serious about making money online with better alternative, take a moment to check out my no. recommendation.

How I Make a Living Online

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You can easily make money from home or anywhere in the world and do it for virtually nothing out of your pocket.

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Reveal Bot

14- Free Trials Plus Upgrade





Overall Quality



  • Great Social Media Automation Tool
  • Marketing Tool Box
  • Fantastic Support


  • Quite Expensive
  • Fail to Create Multi-layered Visuals
  • Doesn't Have the Ability to Create Intricate Visuals

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