Is Lurn a Scam? Comprehensive & Latest Updates!

Is Lurn a Scam?

Lurn claims to help you start, launch, and grow your online business for free. But can you trust these guys? Is lurn a scam? Find out the most comprehensive review facts and latest update about Lurn in this blog post.

Comprehensive and Latest Updates on Lurn

Do you want to get started on your journey towards a substantial income on the internet? Well, Lurn is a product developed by Anik Singal, a popular person in the internet marketing world. The best thing about him is that he has a proven track record under his belt.

Anik has invented some of the top internet marketing products globally, and he continues to earn trust and praise from his peers’ thanks to the quality he offers.

So, what is so special about Lurn? Is Lurn the real deal or just another overzealous, overactive underperformer in the online marketing world?

In this honest and detailed review, I’ll reveal all the necessary details you need to know about this product and determine whether it’s really worth it. Read on to find out more!

Is Lurn a Scam? A Quick OverviewComprehensive and Latest Updates on Lurn

Name: Lurn

Website: https://

Owner: Anik Singal

Price: Free to join

Summary: Lurn isn’t not a scam. The platform can you start, launch, and grow your online business for free. You get the latest digital marketing strategies through experience crafted into the proven and simplest way towards a successful affiliate marketing business. However, the major downside is that all the free courses offered on the platform are just a standard introduction to their training program. So, I would say Lurn is great but lure you into their premium version courses.

Overall Scam Rank: 8.0 Out of 10

Recommended: Yes, but Be aware of their marketing tactics.

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Table of Content

What is Lurn?

How Does Lurn Work?

How to Make Money with Lurn?

Lurn Ugly Truths Revealed!

What I Like About Lurn

Is Lurn a Scam?

How I Make a Living Online

What is Lurn?

It is an online entrepreneurship platform that teaches people how to become internet entrepreneurs via digital marketing.

You will find over 100 courses on this platform, ranging from peak performance and Facebook marketing to copywriting and business models. Lurn came into existence back in 2004 under the guidance of Anik Singal.

Anik Singal has been a proficient digital marketer for decades now. He even invented and mastered a digital marketing method that repeatedly made him millions of dollars.

Today, he’s giving back to society by sharing his tactics to help people have a successful digital marketing business.

Lurn provides subscription-based and free affiliate marketing courses that are suitable for both experienced and beginner digital marketers.

Every training package comes with a step-by-step easy-to-setup guide, motivational instructions, and the latest online marketing tools to help you hit the target.

So, are there things that I like about this platform? Else, is the platform a scam? Well, let’s find out about this shortly.

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How Does Lurn Work

First, you’ll have to visit the official website to register and set up your account, and the best thing is that the sign-up process is totally free. Here, you will have to fill up your first name, last name, valid email address, and create a strong password.

Afterward, you’ll receive an email with a confirmation link to activate your account. After setting up everything successfully, you can embark on your training.

As denoted earlier, there’re over 100 courses on this platform and two types of courses – a free version and a pay version.

Here’s a Short Video on Lurn

Lurn Free Courses

There are several free courses like FB Bootcamp, Copywriting Bootcamp, coaching and consulting Bootcamp, etc. While you can choose any course that interests you for free, it’s essential to note that some tools and other materials you’ll use aren’t offered for free.

Nevertheless, if you are into the course and need success and don’t mind spending a few bucks buying the tools and hosting your site, you can go for the free courses. Let’s get into detail about what to expect from the free courses.

Digital Bootcamp

With almost three hours of learning, this course has over ten lessons. Here, you’ll get a step-by-step system on how to start and grow an online business regardless of whether you’re a beginner or expert.

For example, you’ll learn how email marketing actually works, the resources needed to build an online business, and how to get traffic to your business.

Coaching and Consulting Bootcamp

With over 20 hours of learning, the course incorporates 10 helpful lessons. The course gives a proven strategy for designing and growing a straightforward, simple, and lucrative consulting or coaching business.

Facebook Bootcamp

The course teaches you how to start creating Facebook Ads. It’s an eight-part system to get started with Facebook Ads – one of the most powerful Ad platforms available on the internet for any product, business, or service.

Copywriting Bootcamp

Here, you will learn about the five-step persuasive copywriting formula you can utilize to sell any item online.

Massive Traffic Startup

The course teaches you how to drive traffic to your site. The course provides the ‘step-by-step’ direction to leverage the essential forms of traffic to attain higher sales, greater revenue and more conversions.

Lurn Premium Courses

You’ll find some premium course in the dashboard and you can select the course that interests you most. Here are some of the best premium courses on the platform.

Lurn Inside

It’s a 21-day entrepreneurship training program made to help people totally change their minds and quickly master the skill to build, start, and launch their initial online business.

As a certified student, you’ll get access to the Lurn insider community. The course will cost you $67, and it comes with 34 lessons.

Traffic Geniuses

The course lets you harness the power of traffic for your organization. Usually, it’s a course to get the directions to master, learn, and execute great amounts of traffic from various sources so you can make more profit and sales from your website.

FB Academy

The course incorporates about ten modules that come with a proven step-by-step formula to sell any product or service using little Facebook Ads instantly.

Emails that Sell

Basically, this course lets you master email marketing and learn how to boost open and click rates. Being a five-module course, you’ll learn how to promote open and click rates for your organization. Merely put, the course is designed to help you build, write and send emails that sell.

Email Startup

Learn how to launch an eCom business on this course. After going through this eight-week hands-on coaching, you’ll learn how to launch, start and scale an eCommerce business from scratch by leveraging on the power of influence.

SEO Crash Course

Learn how to get organic traffic via search engine optimization. Ideally, the course teaches you how to master search engine optimization to help your site perform better on SEO rankings. So, you’ll learn how to drive more organic traffic and boost your website’s visibility.

Marketing with Anik

In just twelve weeks, the course teaches you all the advanced traffic generation tactics discovered by Anik throughout the years he has been in the industry. In fact, he has used these tactics to attract more than 2.5 million visitors every year to his websites.

How to Make Money with Lurn?

With the training offered on this website, there’re high chances of succeeding on the digital platform.

As a matter of fact, this course is perfect for anybody that wants to explore digital marketing. It’s also suitable if you dream of financial freedom and want to convert your passion into money.

The offered courses help you improve your entrepreneurial mindset, start an efficient money-making email marketing strategy, and launch a reliable technique to optimize your profits.

As a beginner, it could be quite tricky for you to spend a lot of money to learn how to make money online.

All in all, with more than a hundred courses on the platform, it is easier to spend a few thousand dollars on the required courses.

Lurn Ugly Truths Revealed!

Every company has its benefits, and drawbacks and Lurn isn’t an exception. Thus, if you research the ugly truths about this platform, you will surely come across some.

Nonetheless, the drawbacks don’t make Lurn a bad company. Here are some of the upsetting things about Lurn:

False Advertising

Have you ever come across a company that invests its time and effort to design a product or service and then give it out for free?

Well, Lurn isn’t a non-profit organization. Instead, it’s a private company that’s in the business to make cash.
So, all the free courses offered are just a standard introduction to the program, and their objective is to get your contact detail and give you a clue about the program. Ideally, the company uses them to lure you into the premium version courses.

Low Ticket to High Ticket

While some courses start costs less than $10, others cost upwards of $1,000. Generally, Lurn wants to make you guilty and worthless if you fail to spend extra money on the premium courses.

Spammy Email

It would help if you prepared yourself to get hundreds of email promotions. What this means is that you are not a student but a prospective customer.

It takes time to Make Money

Indeed, Lurn is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme where you receive a ready-made system to inject into your internet marketing strategy. Instead, it will take a lot of time as you learn how to maximize the learned tactics.

Typically, the info on this course is there for those ready to stay patient and try to work things out. While you will surely see the results, it’s worth noting that the big numbers will not happen instantly.

Here, you’ll need to establish the foundation, and then money will start flowing. Certainly, this is something Anik mentions over and over again to his members since he teaches legit strategies that work.

Results Vary

It’s essential to note this’s produce made to help you outline the foundation for your internet marketing journey.

Even so, the results will vary based on how you execute the results and how leads react to the info you are putting out.

Therefore, you don’t have to assume you’ll achieve various things at particular dates on the calendar.

Remember, it does not work this way, and it will never. Singal too experienced these rough patches with the same strategies but the results he attained after the hurdles say it. Provided you’re committed to the techniques, and results will come your way.

What I Like About Lurn

  • Easy to set up
  • There free content
  • A learning curve for skilled digital marketers
  • Introduction to the new software and tools that will simplify your digital business
  • Inspiring, easy, and convenient to understand the courses.
  • It gives you a perspective on the challenges you’ll encounter and how you need to solve them.
  • The platform gives you a perfect guide on how you’ll optimize profit via information gathering approaches and how you’ll maintain and get new gratified customers.
  • If you are not contented with the program, you can ask for a refund. However, the terms vary based on the chosen course.
  • The CEO and founder is an experienced person with a proven track record.
  • The course offers the latest digital marketing strategies through experience crafted into the proven and simplest way towards a successful affiliate marketing business.

Is Lurn a Scam?

Lurn is a legit platform. Considering the CEO and founder’s struggles and success to make the first $100 million online, it shows you can succeed online by following the courses offered on this platform.

Perhaps, it will take another century to come across a seamless platform such as this designed by one of the most reliable and proficient internet marketers globally.

Whether you are an amateur or proficient internet marketer, you are going to enjoy everything offered in this program.

Combining a robust community of active members and incredible support staff, you will certainly appreciate the value offered by Lurn.

Lurn is a fantastic platform to learn digital marketing and become an online entrepreneur. However, you’ll need to have a substantial budget for the entire course.

You’ve higher chances of succeeding if you have a lot of money to start an online business immediately after training.

There are tons of ways you can make money online that doesn’t need to have a substantial budget. If you serious about making money online, take a moment to check out my no. 1 recommendation. Get started for free. You will get a free website, free hosting, and tons of free resources.

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A couple of years ago, as I struggled to market my site on the internet, I came across a new form of marketing, affiliate marketing.

Basically, this marketing just required me to send customers and clients to merchants and online companies where they buy stuff, and since they originate from my site’s affiliate links, I get a commission for the sales.

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  • Free to Join
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  • False Advertising
  • Spammy Emails
  • It Takes Time More Than Suggested

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