Is Insight Global A Scam? Get The Answers In My Review!

Insight Global Scam Review- A Place For Dream Jobs or A Pure Scam?

Name: Insight Global


Owner: Richard Lingle

Overall Rating: 7 Out Of 10

Verdict: Legit

When it comes to a company like Insight Global, many folks just term them a scam because there have been so many questions and complaints about them.

Insight Global claims that they offer real jobs with not less than Fortune 500 companies.

Is it real or just another a scam?

For you to be sure if they are real or just another scam that is waiting to collect your hard earned money from you, you should do a plenty of researches before you are actually joining them.

I know many people out there are getting them confused ( including myself) so, I thought I’d clear that up!

In this post, I am going to walk you through what Insight Global has to offer you and whether you should join them or if you are better off exploring other options to Make Money From Home.


What Is Insight Global All About?

Insight Global is a technology staffing services company that provides employment solutions to Fortune 500 clients across the United States and Canada. It was founded in 2001.

According to the company, more than 33,000 job placements completed annually ranging from short-term to contract- to- hire and direct placement positions throughout their network of more than 40 regional offices across the US and Canada.

They offer job placement starting from entry-level to executive position for positions in other companies. It is a safe, easy and efficient way to find professionals and legitimate job.

The company is frequently featured on leading media outlets an expert in its fields and has appeared on CNN, New York Times, Times and so on.

The company also received several award winnings in 2016. For example,

  • 2016 – Best of Staffing Client & Talent Award (Inavero)
  • 2016- #2 America’s Best Companies to work for ( 24/7 Wall Street )
  • 2016- 3rd Largest IT Staffing Firm & 12th Largest Staffing Firm.( Staffing Industry Analysts)


Insight Global Jobs

Jobs opportunities include in data analysis, system engineering, security, research coordination, software development and more.

They are also actively looking for people who can help them find and recruit the most talented individuals to continue placing these people in jobs that will fit their skills and personalities.

Each of the technical recruiters receives extensive training and education how to evaluate the needs of potential new hires.

Immediately you are recruited, you will be required to come every day and will be asked to go to and to look through some tech resume.

After a job placement, they will do some follow up to make sure you are happy with your jobs and keep communication open with them for the future.


What I Like About Insight Global

  • Knowledgeable staff and their attention to details.
  • Very efficient talent management.
  • Great people and fun outside work events.
  • Contracting rate is competitive.
  • Free breakfast on Friday, happy hours, fun office environment.


What I Don’t Like About Insight Global

  • A lot of complaints.
  • Low pay, low salary.
  • long hour, the high expectation to be met.
  • Sitting at a computer all day.
  • You have to pay for your benefits
  • Benefits are very expensive for families.


Training & Support

Insight Global provides a continuous training for its recruiters. During your time as a recruiter, you will report directly to an account manager who will act as your one-on-one mentor on your part to sell.

This one-on-one mentorship and training come directly from someone who has been through everything you are facing as a new employee of the company.

In addition to the one-on-one mentorship, you will also get a daily on-the-job training.

You will have to attend their 3 days of supplement training within your first 4 to 6 weeks in the company’s Professional Development Center at the corporate headquarters.

You will learn things by doing and then they will provide constructive feedback on what you did well and what areas there are to improve on.


Should You Join Insight Global?

The decision to join this company or not is totally up to you.

No matter how a company is legit there will always be one issue or the other. Some people said Insight Global is the best company they have ever come across.

Some also said their products are junks and very misleading. Even I got one complaint from one of their employees that they are not paid.

See What Their Employees Say Below.

Many of the employees that I researched about do not recommend this company.

But if you think all of these key reasons are no problem to you at all, why not join.


Final Thought: Is Insight Global a Scam?

The Insight Global is not a scam because they offer their customers a number of services that are beneficial to them.

The problem with this company is that you won’t learn much about your skill development because most of the tasks you will be engaged in are a repetition of what you have been doing before.

Finding a better job is hard and there is no guarantee you’ll land a good position by signing up if you don’t have a degree or tons of experience.

You can only work with them if you think you are fine with how they operate, and if you are not I will recommend you venture into the better online business out there. Rather than working on the dead-end job.

A few years ago, I quit my 9 – 5 job and joined a training platform where they offer step by step training that teaches you how to set up your own business.

Ideal for newbies, you can join for free and often a few days, you will have your own free websites and build your very own business foundation.

If you are serious about starting your own business, I recommend you to check out My #1 Recommended below!

It is completely FREE and no credit card or bank details required.

Have you had any experience with Insight Global? or any question let me know in the comment box below. I love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading.

All the best!






6 thoughts on “Is Insight Global A Scam? Get The Answers In My Review!”

  1. Hi Maun,

    I have considered employment opportunities with Insight in the past and often wonder if I should revisit the opportunity, but after reading your review, I don’t think it is the right fit for me. Your number one recommendation WA is a much better opportunity. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Josh, thanks for stopping by, Insight Global is good company. Many people find a good job and make a good money with them. My only issues with them is you need a degree and a plenty of experiences because they hire only college grads.You may apply for it, but your chance of getting a good job may not guarantee.

      I recommended Wealthy Affiliate for anyone who wants to start an online business.

  2. Hmm, are you comparing an online wealth business company with a job placement company? How are these two related? Is there something tying them together?

    • Hi BingC,
      Not completely, but I speak from my own experiences. Before I started my own online business, I was grinding the 9-5 dead end jobs.
      Even worse, I started my days with double shifts. Sure, I make money from the extreme work hard and extreme saving. But when it compares to the days I waited for Fridays to have quality time on weekend with family and friends, I don’t think it worth it.
      BTW, thanks for stopping by!

  3. Insight Global seems like an ok company if you want to work remotely and from home. However, working from home does not equal financial freedom! If you are tied to certain work hours, you are not free and you are not your own boss, I like your second option which does give you freedom 🙂

    • Hi Ben,
      Great! you’re here!
      I’m totally agree with you. In fact, work from home isn’t a real freedom if you have no chance to run your own schedule. Even worse, you will face a constant distress if you haven’t had your own office.
      My second option is better, but first you’ll need to put in time and effort to make it happen.


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