Motor Club of America Reviews- Ugly Scam or Real Deal Motor Club?

Motor Club of America Reviews- Ugly Scam or A Real Deal Motor Club?

Name: Motor Club of America

Owner: William W.Green

Website: www.

Price: $9.95 Per month

Overall Scam Rank: 6.0 Out of 10

There has been a lot of news about Motor Club of America that got a lot of people thinking if this business opportunity is real or not. That’s why we have to decide to do a thorough research on this company.

You probably come across this website a couple of times and were wondering if this a scam or if it’s for real. So you are doing your homework on it online before you make your decision. Good move.

Find out if they a scam or a real deal motor club in this short review. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Motor Club of America.

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What Is The Heck Motor Club of America?

Motor Club of America is a car service company that has been around for years offering roadside services like lock/unlock replacing lost keys when you run out of fuel when driving along a highway or in case you experience an emergency, and the car breaks down.

The business is operating on multi-level marketing model where you will be recruiting others to join the scheme and make money through selling membership’s packages.

Like most of MLM company out there, they are turning you into a customer.



World Financial Group


I remember having one of my worst experience where my car broke down, and there wasn’t any mechanic shop around this one of the most annoying situations in my life. But thank MCA as they provide these assistance packages when you experience any of these situations.

You can buy these packages, and the company allows you to become an associate where you sell the packages to other customers at a discount and earn some commission.

Here’s A Quick Video on Motor Club of America.


At the time of this review, Motor Club of America has an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. Receiving an A+ from BBB is a sign of a very trustworthy company.

This according to my view it is a legit business though some think it is a scam I will point is clear here before the end of this review.

The Company Background.

This company can be traced back in 1926 and was founded by William W.Green who was running the company on a capacity of a CEO till 1986. But later the company was sold to TVC Company which took control, and TVC was founded in 1987 by Virgil coffee.

Truckers voice in court was a company with a vision and mission of representing for truckers involved in any incidents of a well on transit. The TVC Company still sells professional driver products alongside the MCA packages.

The founder of TVC was an employee of prepaid legal services, and he spearheaded the introduction of the multi-level marketing scheme which was a success to the company and sold many pans thus increasing the company’s profitability. Coffee has applied the same policy with MCA.

MCA Membership Plans

Below are plans that are enjoyed by normal private drivers.

Travel assistance

On this plan, all members enjoy reimbursements of up to $500 for services like car hire, meals, and accommodation.

Roadside assistance

Here a member enjoys a lot of benefits, i.e., when towing up to 100 miles, tire changes, battery charging, lockout services and fuel delivery.

Arrest bound

The MCA membership card is used instead of cash bail.

Bail bonds

The membership card can be used to bail you out of jail up to $25,000.

Attorney fees

Depending on the level of offense one has committed the membership card can be used as an attorney security fees of up to $2000.

Another benefit one many enjoy are hospital benefit fund of up to $150 in a day, dental discount, etc.

As we can see I may conclude that these services are legit and useful to all members.

Who is MCA for?

This program is for a person who has some internet marketing experience. But if you don’t have the internet marketing skills, then you need to have a team leader who has these skills to guide you through.

If you need successes with this scheme, you must be a hardworking person who is willing to work for a long hour. Always know that convincing person to buy a product isn’t that easy.

According to recent research, about 99% of people who start MLM may lose or spend more money than they receive so always be cautious.

The multi-level marketing is not a walk in the park and not for everyone. You must be willing to be often rejected if you are selling to friends and family.

What I Like About Motor Club of America

  • Free membership fees though you may be requested to buy a plan from $9.95 per month,
  • This is a legit business
  • You are paid weekly
  • Money back is a grantee if one is not satisfied

What I Don’t Like About Motor Club of America

  • The high cost of promotional materials
  • Only available in USA and Canada

Training and Tools Overview

MCA does not offer any training it is up to the person recruiting you to offer some guideline on how to carry the marketing.

The TVC Have some outline of the training ideas you could use when you start recruiting new members, but it up to you to use the outline or not

Does Willian Offer Any Help When You Need It?

The company has an online support who are always available in case you need assistance. They are professional and will always give a professional solution to your problem.

If you are stuck and you think you need some personal assistance the contact your group leader.

Why Do Many People Think This is a Scam?

This is because many people who have reviewed the MCA and the available videos online say it is possible to make $1000s per week.

Many people are misled by these reviews not knowing that making these amount of money is not easy. When many don’t make these amount of money they are thinking that MCA is a scam.

The Culprits are not the MCA company itself but the associate who promote the products on their behave and give false expectations to the users with the aim of making higher sales.

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What is The Cost of Joining MCA

To join this scheme is free. But the company encourages new members to buy a membership so that they may understand what they are promoting.

If any member decides to join MCA through associate sites than you will be required to pay the membership plan before you may qualify for the compensation program.

MCA doesn’t provide many promotional materials online but they are availed to it members online or those who have signed to be an affiliate site.

Other promotional materials which are not provided by MCA then you will have to pay for. Most of them are given for free by the company you are promoting.

Any willing seller with a vision of succeeding in MCA then you have to dig deeper into your pocket and pay for business cards, adverts, flyers, brochures, etc.

The registration fees are $0, but in some states, you will need a promotional license to promote MCA Packages where the lowest is $5, and some may go up to $247.

Here are the packages of MCA:

  • Security will go for $19.95 in a month
  • Total security Gold for $29.95

Here’s What I Really Think

If you want to work as an associate of MCA, you are a requirement that you purchase one of the membership.

Many people end up purchasing a membership without getting to know what it involves only because they heard of the company online.

I would like advice on all those willing to Join MCA they must be people willing and have high marketing skills to convince clients so that they reap benefits. Do not rush and come to give a bad review of the company as a scam.

I will conclude by saying that this is an MLM business scheme, not a scam many of my friends are making lots of money from it will some are frustrated it depends on your commitments and handwork.

MCA isn’t a scam As the company always pays it associates on time and provide products can is useful.


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