Is Wake Up to Cash a Scam? Biggest Lied Exposed?!!

Is Wake Up to Cash a Scam?


I would like to thank you for taking the time to join me today in the reading of the ultimate Wake Up to Cash review.


Would you like to wake up to $397 in your account every morning? This is exactly what this new website called “Wake Up to Cash” promises to members. I stumbled on this new website a couple of weeks ago. Within a few days, a lot of new affiliate marketers wrote to me to review the program for them. Is Wake Up to Cash a scam? So, if you are here to read the review of Wake Up to Cash, you definitely made an awesome decision.


You see, this program promises that anyone who joins the program will make at least $397 every day. Surprisingly, the guys behind the program were very bold to offer a 100% guarantee. This means that as far as you join their program, you will make this money. Interestingly, I have never seen anything like it before since I started making money online almost 10 years ago. Thus, I decided to do a detailed review of this program.


Like always, despite what seem like fake promises, I will refrain from calling Wake Up to Cash a scam until I have shown you how it works, who is behind the program, and how you can make money from it. Thus, if you really want to know everything about this program, make sure you read this honest and unbiased review until the end.


Wake Up to Cash a Quick OverviewIs Wake Up to Cash a Scam? Biggest Lied Exposed?!

Product Name: Wake Up to Cash

Type: Email List Building (Changes every time)


Creator: James Wendell

Price: $47 (+ Upsells)

Summary: Yes, Wake Up to Cash is a borderline scam. The world is now online, and scammers are taking advantage of this. The promises of “4 Days. $4000. In Cash.” is impossible. Any programs or systems that promise $1000 within a month is a complete scam. Hidden Owner. No actual products. Fake testimonials. No refund. No support. Should you become the victim of online fraud, identity theft, a cyberattack or COVID-19 scams. Wake Up to Cash isn’t work for anyone except the owner that want milk the most money out of your pocket.

Ratings: 1 Out of 10

Recommended: No, Borderline scam and unethical practices

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Important Update: Scam Alert! 

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What Exactly is the Wake Up to Cash?

Wake Up to Cash is a program created by a man known as James Wendell. According to the product creator, you can earn at least $397 every day with Wake Up to Cash without doing any work but exploiting a lesser-known “secret” online. The author claims that despite your level of experience in online marketing, you are going to succeed with this program.


No doubt, Wake Up to Cash made a lot of ridiculous promises. For instant, the author claims that even if this is your first time trying to make money online, you are going to be earning $397 every day. He goes on to claim that all you need to make this amount of money is by investing $47 into the program. However, when you go into the program, you will be asked to pay more money for upsells.


See the Screenshot below.

Is Wake Up to Cash a Scam? Biggest Lied Exposed?!!


At first look, it was very obvious that Wake Up to Cash has all the textbook signs of scams. In fact, my very first research instantly showed that the actual owner of this program isn’t James Wendell. There is no James Wendell.


The real owner of this program is a man known as Corey Lewis. If you are wondering why his name sounded so familiar, it is because he is the creator of the failed “Copy Paste Traffic” as well as other scam programs.


The schemes that tell you it’s easy to make money online are telling you lies. Like you I joined a couple of programs and end up losing my hard- earned money.


The only program that’s not promise an easy money and work for every one is Wealthy Affiliate. This is the exact program that helps me avoid scams online.


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How Does Wake Up to Cash Works?

Here is where it gets more interesting. When you watch the sales video for this program, the first thing you will notice is that the video spokesperson never actually mentioned how the program works.


In fact, all he keeps talking about is generic ways to make money online. There is no doubt that the spokesperson is trying to get you really hyped up about the potential opportunity of making easy money online.


But, is there such a thing as making easy money online? Certainly not! The sales video is so full of hype and huge claims. Of course, I have seen such moves millions of times before. The only purpose of making such claims is to get you thinking that this is the real thing.


I did more digging and what I discovered about Wake Up to Cash shocked me. The program was created as a front to sell other programs now and in the future. Take, for instance, previously, when you join Wake Up to Cash, you will be redirected to another program known as MOBE.


When you join MOBE, the creator of Wake Up to Cash makes money (commission) as an affiliate. Last year, MOBE was exposed as a fraud and was forced to close down and face legal issues.


If you want to know more about MOBE cases, here’s some important details.


After MOBE, the author of Wake Up to Cash made some changes and now when you join the program, you will be redirected to another program known as “MY Traffic Business” (MTB) where you will receive a guide on how to build an email list.


Of course, you will still need to pay an extra $47 when you join MTB. So as you can see, MTB isn’t actually a product but a front for other scam programs the owner wants to sell to unsuspecting newbies who are looking for a genuine way to make money online.


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How to Make Money With Wake Up to Cash

I’m sorry to burst your bubbles but there is no way you can make money with this program. From what I discovered, what the author does is to redirect you to other scam programs he created or created by other affiliates where he can earn huge commissions as an affiliate.


Despite giving you a 100% guarantee of making money with this program, I cannot see a way of that happening. You will learn more about this in the next section where I revealed the ugly truths about Wake Up to Cash.


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Ugly Truth About Wake Up to Cash

To be honest, I’m not disappointed to discover that this program is a scam. Right from the moment I opened the sales page of Wake Up to Cash, I know that something is seriously wrong with the program.


However, since I don’t “judge a book by its cover” or so to speak, I decided to make further investigation and discovered some ugly truths about the program. Some of these shocking truths include:


Hidden Owner

I know you see this one coming. Like I already mentioned above, I didn’t have to dig too deep before I discovered that Wake Up to Cash is being sold under a fake name of James Wendell.


The actual creator of this program is a man known as Corey Lewis. Most of the programs he created in the past have been exposed as a scam. It is, therefore, no wonder that he is hiding under a fake name to sell yet another scam product.


Any program that lacks such transparency is very questionable. The only reason why someone will sell a program under a fake name is only because such a program won’t work. Of course, this is enough to convince anyone that the program is a scam.


No Actual Product

Despite making a long and interesting video to hype the product, you won’t actually get any real product when you invest your hard-earned money into this program. What the author does is to redirect you to other programs he created or high-ticket affiliate programs where he will gain huge commissions following your purchase.


Fake Testimonials

To be honest, since the program is already a scam, I expected that these testimonials on the sales page had to be fake. Unsurprisingly, they turned out to be ill-perfected fake testimonials. All the women that spoke on the testimonial videos were actors hired on Fiverr.


You can easily see these Fiverr sellers when you log onto the platform. The only reason to hire professional actors to give you fake testimonials is because your product does not work or the system the author is promoting is not in existence.


No Refund/No Support

Oh yeah! Just in case you ignore my warning and invest in the product, you won’t get any support or refund from the author. Despite the author giving you 100% assurance that the product will work, he doesn’t offer an actual refund. You won’t get support either. Thus, save yourself the trouble and stay away from this program.


Is Wake Up to Cash a Scam?

Wake Up to Cash is 100% scam. It is deceptive, manipulative, and doesn’t work. It is cleverly created as a front for selling other scam programs. The author also doesn’t offer support or refund. There is no actual product.


You will be referred from one program to another where you will spend more money until you are tired of losing your hard-earned money.


Overall, Wake Up to Cash doesn’t work. It is a scam product and I will 100% recommend that you avoid this program.


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Wake Up to Cash at a Glance

Name: Wake Up to Cash

Owner: James Wendell

Website: https://wakeuptocash

Price: $47 Plus Upsells

Overall Scam Rank: 1 Out of 10

Verdict: Do Not Recommend, Borderline scam

Wake Up to Cash

$47 + Upsells





Overall Quality



  • None
  • None
  • None


  • No Actual Products
  • Fake Testimonials
  • No Refund, No Support

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