Is My Profit Formula A Scam? Truth Revealed!

Is My Profit Formula A Scam?


is my proifit formula a scam


Product Name: My Profit Formula

Author: Megan Sanders

Price: $250

Rating: 2.1 out of 10

Verdict: There are plenty of better alternatives out there. There are too many red flags about this product which is why I am not recommending it to anyone. Don’t even try it.


If you search online, you will find plenty of money-making opportunities over the internet. The internet is riddled with these kinds of programs, actually. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of these opportunities are legit. A good chunk of them is just scams, out to get your hard-earned money.


That is the main reason why I created this website. I want to help you identify which companies are good and more importantly, which ones are bad. I’ve been reviewing companies for years now and if there’s one thing I learned in my years of review is the majority of the time, this opportunity you stumbled upon on the internet is likely just a scam.


In today’s review, we are going to look into a program called My Profit Formula, which is an affiliate marketing program claiming to help you earn money through automated marketing. This information is a bit vague, I know, but that is by design.


Companies or programs like these create an image of wealth to lure in users with the promise of easy money. To be fair, some companies can back up their claims but most can’t. To learn if My Profit Formula can back up its claims, I am going to do an in-depth review of it, examining its structure, functions, and marketing strategies. Shall we begin?


What Is My Profit Formula?


My Profit Formula is like a cookie-cutter affiliate marketing program. I can probably just copy and paste from an article I’ve reviewed weeks ago, and you won’t even know the difference. That is how generic this program is.


Normally, in my introduction of the program, I talk about its history, how it came to be, and what it’s all about. Unfortunately, there’s not much to talk about this program at all.


Perhaps that’s a good thing because I won’t waste my time talking about it then. But I feel like I still have to at least describe this company to give you a better picture.


About Their Website


If you go to their website, you will notice that they have a footer that claims “Become a millionaire by helping others……” This is actually a pretty weak headline, all things considered. Normally, programs like this start off with big ridiculous claims like “Make a million..$5,000/day…” and whatnot. This is a tactic used by many websites to make it look like you’re going to miss out big time if you fail to join.


I normally don’t bring out the red flags until I’m halfway into the article but there are just too many red flags on this program that not talking about them this early would be a great disservice to my readers.


Red Flags About My Profit Formula


Paid Actors


In their sales video, you will see 3 testimonials from 3 different people, all talking about how awesome this product is. It’s very obvious from their words that they are reading off a script that somebody has written for them. But I’ve got better evidence though.


I will post a screenshot of the 3 people from the testimonials below.


Actors On Video
Here Are They On Fiverr


Here are their Fiverr pages. In case you aren’t familiar with Fiverr, it’s a website that offers odd jobs for $5 or more. This is where most scam programs get their paid actors because it’s super cheap.


Creator Is Not A Real Person


The owner calls himself Megan Sanders. She is the one talking on the video that autoplay when you visit the website.


The truth is, it’s all fake. Megan Sanders is just a fake persona used to tie this product to a face. Studies show that if you put a face behind the company, users will think of it as more trustworthy. My Profit Formula is using that tactic to appear more reputable than it is.


Unfortunately, for some reason, I can’t find the Fiverr profile of the actress “Megan Sanders” but trust me, she’s a paid actress. It’s been proven countless times.


No Tools Or Training Available


For most programs of this caliber, usually, once you pay, you will be given access to tools and platforms to use for your marketing endeavors. The thing is, for this product, there’s nothing of the sort.


Once your payment is processed, you will just receive an email. If you click the email, it will redirect you to another Clickbank product, and not to the dashboard of My Profit Formula, like you are expecting. This seems like a super scammy way to get you to purchase another product.


Support Is MIA


Let’s call it MPF from now on because that long name is a mouthful. MPF, believe it or not, actually provides a money-back guarantee. The only issue is, it would take you a very long time to get your money back because customer service is completely MIA. None. Nothing. Good luck getting your money back if you buy this product.


How Does My Profit Formula Even Work?


I’ve been wondering about that myself. I navigated their website, read about them online, read reviews, and even tried to talk to customer support, and I only want to know one thing – how does it really work?


If you go on by the explanation on their website, you will come up with nothing. It’s as if they expect you to just buy the program because of the name and forget about it.


The clear explanation for this lack of information about how it works is because it actually doesn’t work. That’s it. It can’t provide any specific explanation about the mechanism of their program because they have nothing to speak of.


The Verdict – Is My Profit Formula A Scam?


Yes. It is a scam.


There are plenty of red flags about this product and it’s obvious even from just a glance of their website. There’s a good chance that you won’t see your money again if you go through in your purchase of this product.


I have a feeling that towards the end of the year, MPF will change its name to get away from all the complaints that have been accumulating on its behalf. Such is the case with spam programs like this one. That is their way of life – they come, they go, and most importantly, they take your money with them.


I strongly advise you to get as far away from this product as possible.


Is There A Better Alternative?


I’m glad you ask. There are actually plenty of better alternatives out there. The only problem is finding them. You probably already came across a good product but paid no mind because there are no ridiculous headlines like “Earn a million dollars in 2 weeks” or something of the sort.


Here’s the thing, good programs don’t use claims like that because that will be misleading. Good programs tell you how it is. You can only earn online if you know what you’re doing and if you have a good training module with you.


In fact, this program that I’ve been using for the past several years now doesn’t use outrageous claims. Their claims are fair and level-headed, and so far, it has exceeded even my wildest expectations. If you, too, want to learn how I make my money online. Just click the link. See you there.





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