Is The Fearless Momma A Scam? What This Simple Program Is Not Telling You!

Is Fearless Momma A Scam?


the fearless momma scam


I first saw this website, Fearless Momma, as an advertisement on my social media account, and it quickly got my attention because of its eye-catching claim of being the best “beginner-friendly” marketing software. This is one of the more unique advertisements that I’ve seen in this industry because most of what is advertised today have big claims like “earn (this much) in 1 day” or “never work again” – something like that.


The message of the ad is pretty simple, and not the over-the-top kind which, as I said, has piqued my interest. Note to affiliate marketers out there, this is the way you do advertisements and not the kind where you make outrageous claims that seem too good to be true. In any case, I must check this product out to see if it’s worth my money or not. It relayed a pretty simple message which for the most part, sounded true. But to be fair, it’s also possible that it’s just a clever ploy of the marketers to gain clicks for this product.


In this article, I am going to review this product to check whether it has the making of a good affiliate marketing program. I’ve been reviewing affiliate products for many years now and it has allowed me to easily spot scams from legit ones, making me a perfect consultant in these matters. And with all that, we can start the review now.


The Fearless Momma – What Is It Exactly?


At a glance, Fearless Momma is a simple program that claims to help people earn $250 in just 72 hours or 3 days. Its main sales pitch is that anyone can do it, even people without prior experience in any kind of marketing. It’s a beginner-friendly product, they say.


It’s an affiliate marketing program wherein you need to get leads and have them buy into whatever product you’re selling them. Whether it’s a good program or not remains to be seen but from what I gathered, it’s not that different from other programs that I’ve reviewed – you can check my reviews here.


The first thing you will notice when you visit their website is you need to provide them with your email address in order to access some of their basic and free content. In fact, you can’t even watch their sales video without inputting a valid email address on their opt-in page.


How Does The Fearless Momma Work?


The way this program works is very simple. The Fearless Momma promises its user an easy $250 within the first 3 days of joining the program. I would have to say that this claim is indeed possible but not without a catch.


The $250 they are referring to is the commission amount you will get paid once you successfully refer someone to the program. Ultimately, you will become an affiliate member when you sign up for their program. The only real way you could earn through this program is by selling the program to other people, thus, referring. If your lead successfully signs up with the program, you then get your $250 as promised.


As you can see, it’s not a unique premise. In fact, it’s a kind of scheme that’s been done to death in this industry. If you think about it, it sorts of looks like a pyramid scheme. You recruit other people into the program and they do the same until they run out of people to recruit, but it’s a legit marketing program. And let me assure you, the majority of affiliate marketing programs do this to some degree, which means that this isn’t a cause for concern.


How Much Does The Fearless Momma Costs?


On the surface, it may look like The Fearless Momma is a free program. After all, all they ask for you to access their sales video is your email address. However, you will find soon enough that this isn’t necessarily the case. The first package of their program will cost you around $250. This includes a slew of freebies that can help you jumpstart your earning potential.


Unfortunately, like the majority of affiliate programs available, this program has tons of upsells. There are 3 upsells ranging from $1,000 to $5,000. They claim that you will get your money’s worth for each and every package you select but that’s a big gamble. They won’t even show you what you will get if you opt for the most expensive package. In my opinion, that is a pretty dicey and I won’t ever recommend anyone going for any of their upsells.


The Fearless Momma Red Flags


Now, for the juicy part. This is the part where I lay out all of the bad findings I’ve unearthed on this program. The very best affiliate programs still have issues but not as much, and sometimes, I really have to be extra keen to even spot problems. However, for the bad programs, I won’t even have to flex my brain to spot their issues, just as this one will show you.


  • Success is not guaranteed


On the disclaimer portion of their terms and agreements, they say that your earnings will be solely based upon your own efforts. While that seems fair enough, it doesn’t justify their use of “guaranteed success” on their sales pitch. That makes their whole thing too misleading.


  • Tons of upsells


I’ve pointed this out before on the “How Much” section of this article. Basically, they will present you with upsells that are considerably pricier than what is initially offered. Having that many upsells is guaranteed for me to dislike the program.


  • Misleading claims


One of their taglines is they are a “beginner-friendly” program. But if you look closely at their program and the fact that their tutorial videos go pretty deep on topics only an experienced marketer would know, you’d see that they are clearly lying. This isn’t a beginner-friendly program at all. In fact, if you become a fully pledged member, they would almost require you to run paid ads that aren’t newbie-friendly at all.


  • No money-back guarantee


This program doesn’t come with the usually money-back guarantee. This means that if you decide that the program is not for you but you’ve already paid, then you can kiss that money goodbye. You will never get a cent back. It’s just one of those things that I always include in my red flag section. A good program would almost always include a money-back guarantee.

The Verdict – The Fearless Momma


If it isn’t obvious enough – the verdict is pretty simple, stay away from this program.


It’s not that it’s a scam, per se, but it’s a program that is worth more trouble than it offers. It displays the common problems of most affiliate marketing tools on the market. It’s rife with misleading claims and upsells, almost making it a carbon copy of the most popular scams on the internet.


Apart from that, the training provided definitely isn’t worth the $250 entrance fee. If you become a member, you would be asked to promote this product to anyone you know. Let me tell you right now, you will have a hard time getting this product to anyone. What I’m saying is there are better products on the market than this one – one that provides good training, customer support, webinars, analytics, and many more. All you have to do is research and you will find that there are literally thousands of programs better than this one.


If you are interested in checking out one of the better programs out there, click down below.


My #1 Recommended Program


Actually, saying that this program is one of the better programs out there would be a disservice to its quality. It’s one of the best there is, you can trust me on that. I’ve been using this product for myself and I’ve only seen positive results from it. And those I have recommended this by saying the same thing. You better check it out if you don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity.

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