Is Press 1 Cash A Scam? Can You Really Earn Money By Auto-Calling People?

Is Press 1 Cash A Scam? Can You Really Earn Money By Auto-Calling People?


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I first saw this product, Press 1 Cash, on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. Truth be told, Facebook is known for running malicious advertisements, and sometimes, even promoting outright scams. They don’t really filter their ads as long as they stand to gain money off them. That being said, I was intrigued when I first saw this product on my Facebook page. Granted, I was always searching on Google on reviews on marketing products but to see the ads there on my feed had in a bit of a shock, to say the least.


The only logical choice for me was to quench my curiosity so I did the thing I’m good at – and that is to research this program, Press 1 Cash. At first glance, it looks just like any other affiliate program you see on the market, but is it? Before I give you my conclusions about this product, I will first present you with the facts about this company. That includes a review of its system, price point, framework, and a lot more. Basically, I am going to give you a complete image of the program before I dish out my findings. Shall we begin?


What Exactly Is Press 1 Cash?


According to their website, Press 1 Cash is some sort of automated money-making machine that allows you to make money from people you call once they press the number “1.” I know how this sounds – it sounds sketchy almost to the point that you’d think of it as a gag video or something, but alas, it’s a real program. To illustrate how “real” this program is, I will embed their video down below so you can check for yourself.



It’s an 11-minute long video that allegedly explains the thought process behind the inner workings of the program. If you have the time, I suggest that you watch it before you even consider the program for yourself.


But if you read between the lines, you can actually infer that this program claims one thing but then does another. In short, it sorts of misleads its users into thinking that they will be getting the thing they promised even if they won’t. We’ll talk about the details of their misleading claims down below.


How Does Press 1 Cash Claim They Work?


The entry price for the program is a hefty $297, and that only includes the SMS and voice message system. Basically, the $300 you paid for is just for access to the tools of the software. Then after you’ve set up your account, they will give you a referral link to the automated messaged that your leads will receive if they press “1” on their telephones.


You will also be given a personal phone number that people (or your leads) can call to. The only work that you need to do is to drive traffic to that website.


How it works is the number that will be given to you will be like an automated answering machine. You will input the message you want on the answering machine. Once a caller decides to call the number, they will hear the message, then after a while, your offer will come up, if they decide to proceed with your offer, they will then press “1.” That’s your goal. Once they’ve press “1,” the program has done its job of providing you with leads.


But you may wonder, “where’s my earning?” Well, the answer is quite tricky. Technically, you still haven’t earned any money once they press “1” but you are on your way to earning, at least that’s what Press 1 Cash considers. Their claim of getting you to earn money just by people pressing “1” is a bit of an oversell of their product, which to be fair, is what most products do. But I do agree that this particular claim of them deserves the scrutiny it’s getting.


How Does Press 1 Cash REALLY Work?


While Press 1 Cash makes it seem like this is a program designed to help you promote your product, that isn’t necessarily the case. The main purpose of this program is to have you recruit people into their system. They are looking for affiliate marketers for their products, basically. Once a person buys into the scheme, they are then almost required to recruit other people into the scheme. Wait, isn’t this a familiar kind of scheme?


You’d be correct in assuming that it almost sounds like a pyramid scheme because it actually looks like one.


How Much Does Press 1 Cash Costs?


For a one-time payment of $297, you will get the license to use the SMS and voice message program. You will also have access to their customer tracking, compensation plan, backup plans, auto-text platform, and many more.


But for the $300, you will only get 100 playbacks. As soon as you consume your playbacks, you will need to buy additional credits so as to keep the program running. At the time of this writing, each playback costs 1 cent, which is pretty reasonable. But if the caller presses “1,” that’s another cent since they are basically accessing another kind of recording. You can purchase additional credits anytime you want.


This system offers customer tracking which should give you an idea of what percentage of the callers are pressing “1” or how many callers you’re getting per day, month or year. It has a neat dashboard that is pretty easy to understand.




Is Press 1 Cash A Scam?


As usual, the answer to that is very tricky since you are getting a product from the $300 that you paid. One could argue that the value of the SMS and auto-calling system you would receive is a fair exchange. However, in this review, that question of it being a scam is more like, “is it misleading enough?” and to that, my answer would be YES.


This product provides its users a legit product but it does mislead them into thinking that they can promote their products effectively using this software. Only later would you learn that the only things that you can promote through this system are the system itself and a couple of sister companies that you’ve never even heard of. You are fed into this idea that you can earn here through promoting your own product but the only real people who are earning from this are them, and that’s misleading.


And with that, I will say that Press 1 Cash is a probable scam and that you should beware of it if you ever come across it on popular social media sites because that’s where they mostly advertise.




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