Is Page Publishing a Scam? (The UNTOLD Truth Behind Page Publishing)

Is Page Publishing a Scam?

Is Page Publishing a Scam?

Hi folks, thanks for stopping by and checking out my Page Publishing review!


If you are here (, you are probably running across a couple of Page Publishing reviews to know whether is it a scam or not.


I’ve heard so many people ask this, so I decide to do thorough research on Page Publishing and reveal to you the untold truth behind it.


Since the first time I heard about the company, I have always wondered how does Page Publishing work. I am sure that many writers who are willing to get their books published also have to ask themselves is Page Publishing a scam or legit.


If you want to know the ugly truth about this company, you may want to read this shocking review. The following is a Page Publishing review that will help you decide if you are going to choose them to publish your book or not.


Let’s take a look at a quick overview first…


Page Publishing Review: A Quick Overviewis page publishing a scam

Name: Page Publishing

Owner: Dustin Roberts


Price: Hidden or 20% for Every Book you Sell

Summary: Yes, they are legitimate to some extents. You get free author’s kit, print and digital editions, customized marketing and publicity. Your books will be sold at major retailers and an international. However, the major downside is that the provide limited marketing services, but take a portion of your on going royalties. So, I would say they offer a great services, but hidden fees.

Overall Scam Rank: 7.8 Out of 10

Recommended: Yes, Be Careful with Their Hidden Fees

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What is Page Publishing All About?

Page Publishing is a New York-based company that provides professional help to assist authors to transform their books from a rough draft to published hardcopy or ebooks.


They are a full-service publish house and involved every step from getting your book published to generating your royalties. They are specialized in several publishing processes including:

  • Book publising
  • Editing
  • Page design
  • Cover design
  • Illustration
  • Book trailers
  • Publicity
  • eBook production


The company is founded by Dustin Roberts in September 2011 and their physical address is located in 320 Walter Street Conneaut Lake PA 16316 in the USA. Now, they are 8 years in business and have 51-500 employees.


Page Publishing has A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. BBB ranks companies on F to A+ scale, Page Publishing’s rank is an excellent rating. Receive an A+ from Better Business Bureau is a sign of a very trust worthy company. They have about 543 customers review and 15 complaints. Most of the complaints are about problems with their service and billing.


With the help of this company, authors can easily publish their work. Page Publishing pursues as many avenues as possible in order to make money for their authors.


If you become one of the authors and get accepted into their catalogs of works, your interests will be directly tied to theirs in terms of their finances. The more copies of books they sell, the more money you both make.


Page Publishing works direct with authors to help educate them on the publishing process and to refine their raw manuscripts into a finished product that you can proud of.


Here’s a Quick Video on Page Publishing.

Our Page Publishing review found that the company does offer legitimate services that make it feel like there might not be a scam.


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Is Page Publishing a Vanity Publisher?

They are a ‘ hybrid publisher’ (also know as ‘vanity press‘) that means they offer publishing services for a price according to an ‘author pays’ model.


In other words, the company make money not from the sales of books to readers as other publisher do, but from the sales and services to the books’ authors. So, this is not a traditional publishing company.


One of the main reasons people are starting ask the question, ” is Page Publishing a scam” is because the company is a vanity publisher. Vanity presses are typically don’t have a great reputation or customer service.


What I Liked About Page Publishing (Pros)

They review all types of literary works

Page Publishing is unique in that they appreciate all genres. They will roll out the red carpet for you as an author whether your work is romance, religious, self-help, fiction, nonfiction, biographical or a children’s book.


Their team of experts will assist you in transforming your book from a rough draft to an eBook or a published hard copy and make them available for consumer purchase at the most popular book outlets in the whole world.


They take the work out of publishing your book

Page Publishing, a full-service publishing house, handles all the activities involved in publishing the author’s book and this involves getting it into distribution and also generating the royalties.


They believe that the authors are supposed to be left to create content and not doing being overloaded with complicated business issues such as establishing wholesale accounts, ebook conversion and insurance, shipping, taxes, and other activities.


They are there to handle all the complex and time-consuming issues so that the writer is left to focus on their passion which is creating and writing.


Authors are involved in every step of the way

One of the best things about working with this publishing company is that it includes authors in every aspect of the publishing process.


Starting from editing to the cover design and the printing, authors are supposed to approve these steps. I think that the company does this in order to prevent the need for reprints and additional fees.


If the author finds any mistake in the book, they are allowed to request a back-to-back revision since it is possible to make changes to a publication. If the changes are made before the printing is done, they do not charge any fees.


They are the only publishing company with their own radio show

This is another reason why authors should choose Page Publishing to publish their work. The company hosts a radio show on WOR (iHeart) radio. In every week, they feature several selected authors.


Here’s a Video on their Radio Show.

The presenters have one-on-one interviews with the authors so that they can talk to the listeners about what motivates them, the new book titles available and also the passion these authors have for their books.


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What I Didn’t Like About Page Publishing (Cons)

They provide limited marketing services

Page Publishing will take your money for their services and then provide insufficient marketing services for a short while. Did I mention that they will also take a portion of your ongoing royalties?


There is a possibility that the royalties will be negligible due to limited marketing and poor sales support. If you want to make more sales, you will have to put in your own effort.


Remember that you will still have to pay the twenty cents for every book sold even if the royalties improve because of your own efforts.


They are a “hybrid” publisher

They can also be referred to as “vanity press” meaning that they offer their publishing services for a price. The pricing structure is based on an “author pays” model.


This means that Page Publishing is not a traditional publishing company, even if they claim that they will still review your traditional-written manuscript.


Therefore, if I was an author, I would be more cautious about considering their publishing agreement.


They offer expensive services

For Page Publishing to publish your book, you have to pay them. Remember that even after making that payment, they will still have a share on all the sales made.


I cannot advise an author to pay anyone to publish their work. In the market today, you will find many companies offering to publish your book free.


Apart from publishing your book free, you will be provided with a free sales page on Amazon, unlike in Page Publishing where authors have to pay money to get an advertising page.


Did I mention that you get a free ISBN? The cover photos provided by these other sites are high-quality and you get them at no cost. Authors should understand that they are the main publishers of their books.


If you are in this process and you need formatting and editing, you should consider hiring someone to do the job for you instead of going to companies such as Page Publishing. You will be saving some money.


However, you have to do the marketing all by yourself, or you can opt to hire someone to do it for you. Page Publishing, just like most publishers, do very little for the authors and this means that the writers have to do a lot of work.


Overrated production rate

Page Publishing has only been in business for six years. Within that duration, they have published more than four hundred books. There is no major traditional book publisher, even the biggest ones, can publish such a huge number within such a short time.


This production rate suggests that Page Publishing is a just a factory whether manuscripts are brought in and books are taken out. They have very little to offer when it comes to sales, marketing, and publicity support.


They offer unrealistic promises

When you first contact Page Publishing, they will start promoting their “free author’s submission kit”. They also promise to publish their customers on the same day.


However, I have never heard of any traditional publisher with a good reputation suggesting that a writer can download their submission guidelines and get published on the same day.


This is an unrealistic promise that every customer should be suspicious about.


Poor-quality book covers

The books that Page Publishing put on their website are not of the best quality. Very few of the covers strike me as remotely professional. All the others are slap-dash.


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Who it is for

Page Publishing is definitely not for everyone. It is appropriate for the people who believe that there is good that comes from working with vanity publishing companies and do not believe in self-publishing organizations.


If you are an author who has been in the industry for quite some time, you would know that the offers that Page Publishing makes are too good to be true.


However, if you are an author with money to burn and little time to go through the publishing process by yourself, Page Publishing might be the right place for you.


Also, if you are good at marketing yourself, it is possible to make money from your book through Page Publishing because they will do the publishing for you and then you can move around promoting your work.


Page Publishing Training Tool Overview

If you are a writer and you are interested in working with Page Publishing, you need to submit your manuscript directly to them so that they can review it.


The submission can be done in any digital format, but even if it is not in a digital form you can still send it to them because they also do reviews on traditionally typed and handwritten manuscripts.


After the review has been done, they compile all the manuscripts that are accepted for publication and take them through all the aspects of the publishing process.


The process includes stages such as editing, page design, and typesetting, cover design, printing, distributing, registration of the copyrights, press release creation, book signing, event coordination, and royalty management.


According to page publisher, this process should take six months or less. After that, the complete book is distributed to all the world’s largest retail and wholesale book outlets.


How the Authors’ books are distributed

I have already mentioned that page publishers are the ones who distribute the books to all retail outlets. Once the book is completely edited and formatted, cover designs are done and the ISBN has been signed, it means that it is print-ready.


The next step is that the book does to the next stage which the distribution. In this stage, there are several things that take place.


To start with, the print-ready electronic file is uploaded to the server of the firm’s printing press. In the next step, the presses are initiated and the first batch of the hard-copy book is produced.


It is important to note that several copies of the books in the first batch are sent directly to the author.


Other copies are used by Page Publishing to get your books reviewed and also for marketing purposes. Since the book’s file is already stored safely in the publisher’s servers, any orders made can be dispatched almost immediately.


For example, when a customer walks into a retail store wanting to purchase your book, the book retailers can virtually enter the book store as long as they are using Ingram Content Group.


To ensure that customers make as many sales as possible, Page Publishing also makes your book available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple iTunes Store for the people who use iDevices such as iPhones and iPads, and also Google play store so that it can be accessed by Android and Google device users.


It is the responsibility of the publisher to do the uploading of the right digital versions of your book in every accessible platform. Page Publishing is authorized distributors in all these platforms.


The company also ensures that they employ the Digital Rights Management Software to ensure that illegal and unauthorized copying and sharing of the published books never happens.


The final step of this process is the collection of the money made by the sellers. They first remove the twenty percent and then the rest of the money is sent to the author. This process can be quite complicated and especially if it is not handled by experts.


Page Publishing Support Service

I have come to understand that Page Publishing has a very strong customer support team who are always ready to assist their customers in whichever way.


If you are a customer who would wish to talk to Page Publishing customer service team about the services they offer, or any other concerns and complaints, you can call them through 800-204-6099, submit your complaint directly to the website or email them at


Their main offices are in New York City. If you wish to visit them, you can schedule an appointment.


What’s the Price?

The Page Publishing website does not provide a clear detail of all the costs. However, they say that they provide their services at what they call a “minimal investment”.


If you want the company to publish your book, they have to take twenty percent per book for every book you sell.


Page Publishing Reviews and Complaints

Page Publishing reviews argue that publisher might to be all its cracked up to be. The many Page Publishing reviews online state that the service they have received may be just a scam.


Customers complaints include expensive service, not upfront on cost, rip authors off, lie, steal and abuse authors. Even some consumer advice other people to avoid Page Publishing like a plague and rate them less than zero.


Here’s the Screenshot

Page Publishing complaints

But on the flip side, there are customer that praise the company in their Page Publishing review saying that they got an excellent services. So, “is Page Publishing a scam?” I would say, they are a borderline scam.


Here’s What I Really Think About Page Publishing

I think that Page Publishing is a borderline scam and especially because I do not consider a hybrid publisher to be legit.


My overall feeling about the company is that they are a press with strings attached. They have a vetting process where some books are eliminated.


According to them, delivering on their promises means taking your money and then leaving you in the pitch, as they continue to take twenty cents out of the royalties from every book sold.


This is the wrong publishing company to approach if you are looking for fame and riches. What they promise is to bring your work to the market but they will rarely make any success out of it.


Therefore, before agreeing to their publishing agreement, you should be very careful. Reputable publishing companies will offer to pay their authors and not the authors paying the company.


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Do you happen to have any previous experiences with Page Publishing that you would like to share with everyone else here today?


Tell me all about it in the comment below!




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Page Publishing at a Glance

Name: Page Publishing

Owner: Dustin Roberts


Price: Hidden or 20% per book for every book you sell.

Overall Scam Rank: 7.8 Out of 10

Verdict: Legitimate to Some Extents, Be Aware of their hidden Cost

Page Publishing Inc.

Not Clear





Overall Quality



  • They Review All Types of Literary Works
  • They Take the Work Out Of Publishing your Books
  • They are the Only Publishing Company with Radio Show


  • They Offer Expensive Service
  • They are Hybrid Publisher
  • They Offer Unrealistic Promises

37 thoughts on “Is Page Publishing a Scam? (The UNTOLD Truth Behind Page Publishing)”

  1. 3800.00 for the fee. I just got off phone with them. Decided I should check reviews before I put out that money to them
    They do take payments!
    Your article has made me think twice about signing with them.

  2. I spoke with a mr anthony and i swear he repeated exactly what i just read in ur article..i wasn’t impressed..second thoughts

    • Kindle direct publishing is free to authors and easy to walk through. A little bit of work to get your book published but you cut out the middle man. Coming from a gal that used page publishing I actually get an ROI on my 3 other published books. You can publish Kindle and paperback!

      • Hi Trina,

        You say you used Page? Did you like them and get a decent ROI? I am a first time author and have gotten a few dozen rejections from traditional publishing houses. I am concerned about going straight to Kindle or others due to the lack of marketing. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    • Try Escarpment Press. They take no royalties, only charging for whay they do: editing, cover design, formatting, ISBN, and ad campaigns. Typical cost for 300 page book runs around $1,200-1,500 for print and Ebook. No hidden costs.

    • I have a finished manuscript of over 400 pages, 10 years in the making. It has been read by literary professors, fellow writers and a few vanity publishers including Page.
      All had positive and encouraging comments. Thus far I have not yet signed with any company. I would much rather, as do all writers, deal with a traditional publishing company but have been advised that most do not accept unsolicited works from unpublished authors. Are there any that anyone could advise me of that would accept my work for review and consideration? Much appreciated.

  3. I just got off the phone with Page Rep. Stacey. I sent my book to them and she said seven people read it and all seven loved it. This usually doesn’t happen in real life!They want to publish my book. They sent me a contract and I would pay $3300.00 in ten installments. After checking your review and many stories about Page, on the “Net,” I think this would be a bad choice for me. My lawyer looked at the contract and checked Page’s reviews and told me to look somewhere else for a publisher!

    • This one got me right here. I had the same responses from Page Publishing about my first book. Elliot said 5 members of the board reviewed my book and they had a unanimous decision to accept the book for publishing.

      It seems to me their formula is for the author to take the risk and pay for actually publishing the book. $609 initial payment, then 10 payments of $290 each. I think they believe the author will give up if there aren’t good sales of the book. By that time, the company will have spent about half as much as the author pays for printing and the rest of the services. If the book sells well, then they will have that 20 cents royalty to cover their real services.

      Although, the numbers don’t add up very well. If they published 400 books in the last 6 years. let’s see the numbers: 400 x 3,200 = $2,280,000.00 That number is nowhere near enough money to pay each year for such a robust organization. If you devide the $2.8m by 6 that equals: $213,333 earnings per year. That number is definitly not enough to sustain a company with an organization that large. One would figure that printing, marketing, advertising, book sining, events coordination, legal requirements, copyrights, etc. would cost a fair amount out of that $213K per year. Then adding the cost for employees, something is not adding up. There has to be substantial reveniew coming in from books’ sales, unless the company is just eating all of it up… That would be so strange.

  4. Maun and friends,
    Six or more months ago I read the Page reviews as well as others. I had work to do, so wasn’t ready for the big stage. In the expensive time I had left to complete, I believe Page gave me the people to steer me correctly. Their process is slow, I’m guessing because lots of writers are, like me, willing to have Page clean up their projects. Finally, I’m in what I’m hoping is the final stage.
    My book is young adult directed, nine shorts, totaling 186 pages, no pics.
    We’ll see.

  5. Hello everyone my name is David Morgan the owner &author of the book called” The Journey Of Life Walking With Christ, Based on an True Story about my Life! I have done an contract with Page Publishing. I designed my own book cover and they still charged me $3,500, in the contract they were suppose to done an commercial, paid me every quartely&to take my book to movie producers, Nothing!!! I paid Page Publishing last year of February of 2018 they told me every Quartley I will receive an check for every 100 I make on sale off my book. The first Quartley came they told me I miss the first Quartley so July of 2018 I will be receiving my check. Well July of 2018 hit nothing so i called them they said i will receive it in October of 2018.Well October of 2018 came nothing then they said December of 2018 before Christmas. Nothing now I’m pissed off by now! Then my girl friend spent $768.00 with them to get my poster and she bought 30 books nothing. Well I had called Wal Mart Head Quarters and gotten an deal with them my self and Page Publishing stole my client and tell. I had called Page Publishing for almost 2years and they keep on saying I only made $63 dollars. So I had talked to the account payable at the wal Mart Headquarters the lady told me that Wal Mart bought 30000 million books of mines at retail price at $15 an book on speaker phone with my family, friends all listen. So every you do the math. So they lady at Wal Mart account payable had told me that they done cut the check already and I was like What! I didn’t received any money and I’m the author of the book. So I had to fill out some papers. With Wal Mart because for 2 months they have been doing some investigation on were that money has gone. Barnes&Noble had rated my book Best Seller of The Year and gave my book an 4.5 star ratings, Amazon said my book is the Best Selker of the Year So Far!!! Those who are author & writer knowns that means my books are selling pretty Great!!! My book is on Barnes&noble,,iTunes,Google Play, Wal Mart on line, ebook& nook. I live in Texas my fellow brother’s&Sister’s author&writers, I need direction on an very very good attorney that lives out side of Texas or New York that is private, licensed to practice and state. It’s time to teach these low down dirt scum Publishing company that you can’t just take pop people hard earn money and think you just going to get away with it!!! I don’t think so Justice for the author’s & writers who work hard to put their dreams on paper to make their stories to come to life and to change their lives to bad to good. Not for No!!! Dirt low down Publishing companies to lye to us and take our sweat&blood money and laugh in our faces, I don’t Think So !!!! Power!!! For the Author& Writers who trying to make an honest living to better our lives from our stories to share with the World!!! But Not for Free!!! I can be reached at my email: Facebook. United We Stand our fellow Brothers & Sisters author& writer. POWER FOR THE AUTHOR &WRITERS Under God and Liberty an Justice for us all.

    • I was able to obtain a Pro Bono attorney from the Chamber of Commerce in the city I live. My author /publisher situation is similar with royalties that I needed legal advice to move forward. Since then, I no longer submit any of my creativity to Author Solutions.
      Page Publishing Company published my 1st novel in December 2019. I am so glad I made the choice to sign the contract with Page Publishers. There was no pressure from them and I actually waited a year before signing the contract. They kept in touch with me prior to my signing of the contract. They were patient with me and I was able to fulfill the financial agreement in 10 payments I paid for their services. The editing team provided to me was awesome. It took approximately four months of their editors making sure my manuscript was suitable for readers. They had me review the chapters in my manuscript for clarification and grammar. Nothing was removed or added without my approval. I informed them that I was not in favor of their cover design. I selected my cover designs from and Page Publishers made the purchase for the designs. The publishing coordinator assigned to me was so dedicated to accepting my requests in the book contents. Everything went smoothly. Page Publishers created a web page for me. I completed a W-9 form for royalties and I set the price of my book. I have a author portal page which informs me of the dates, sales and royalty payments I will receive quarterly. I could not have been instrumental in the press release to media channels without the exposure that Page Publishers is providing me. I searched for a free publisher asking for an advance prior to Page Publishers and was not successful.
      Dorrance publishing com. offered to pay $1000 and I should pay $8000 toward publication. I understand why I had to pay for their services because their agent, publisher services and editors will not work for free. I made ten monthly payments to fulfill my contract obligation. My novel: “Butterfly Whispers In Twilight” is “live” and available for sale on amazon, Apple iTunes, and Kindle KDP and I received my complimentary copies. Page Publishers informed me that they will continue their services for me in request for author interviews or film production. I have joined the Twitter writing community to increase marketing.

  6. Thank you for this information. I too sent a copy of my first manuscript (I now have seven self-published books) to Page Publishing. Received a prompt telephone call and told that my book had been accepted for publication. There was no indication of any author costs in the conversation so decided to do some due diligence on them. I quickly came to the conclusion that they were not for me. If my stuff is any good I expect to be paid for it by the publisher not the other way round. They nearly had me for a minute there.

  7. I am excited about working with Page Publishing.
    It has been a great experience to this point, and Olivia the publishing Manager has been great.
    My book will be out in a couple of months.
    I have been treated very well to this point.
    Not because I wrote it, but working on my fathers biography from his notes and diaries since 1932, it is really an amazing story, with all the ups and downs he experienced in his lifetime. I really got to know my dad from writing this book.
    He was a great unknown American Artist, and entertainer,no one has probably heard of, until they read this story.
    I will comment on this site again, once it is published.
    I am excited about this great opportunity, Page Publishing has given me, in to get my dad’s life story to the world. Enjoy the book!
    It will be published in 6 o 12 weeks, and will be available to everyone.

    Sincerely ,
    David F. D’Orazi

  8. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your review. I was thisclose to signing with Page.

    One thing you didn’t do is offer suggestions for people such as myself. I don’t know my way around a computer and all the programs. I knew I wasn’t getting a traditional deal because they wont even read your manuscript so how are they going to accept something they won’t even read? I’m 63 years old and was dealing with an illness. I didn’t have time to send letter after letter only for it to go unanswered. I was tired of it. This book was my legacy. So I decided to leave you young folks to chasing contracts with Penguin and the other companies. You have time all the time in the world to chase dreams and I don’t.

    I took the advice on one of the other review sites and went with . I am so happy with my book. I live in a small town and everybody is buying it. I was on our local news. My book is in the library and is sold at our Barnes and Noble. They just ordered more copies. It’s sold on Amazon and a bunch of other stores. All I can say is, I did it!

  9. I purchased a book published by Page Press. It turned out to be total rubbish that no agent or legitimate publisher would touch. No wonder people have to pay them.

  10. Published a book, received ten inferior copies, complained and got only five corrected copies, have received no royalties for the books that were sold. Plan to ask for all monies from sales and five more corrected books. It was editing error. And no further business with them

  11. I had a book published by another publisher and I received the kind of treatment that you are warning against. Now I have another book of ‘religious’ controversial content and I am looking for an agent, or a publisher with enough intestinal fortitude to publish my manuscript.

  12. Whew! I was looking for reviews and naturally their reviews on their website is glowing. But I wanted to see REAL reviews. Glad I dodged that bullet! I’ll be emailing Phil back in 5 short minutes to decline the offer

  13. Hi everyone I have written six books however, I need to find a good publishing company that will take me seriously and that will provide me with the best services. Yes I am a first time author and I need help, also I was ready to pay $495 to page publishing INC just to get my books out to the world internationally. All of my books have a purpose, they’re entertaining, and very different from most books other authors write.

  14. I hooked up with page back in 2016, book is called Civil Bloods, came out printed as Civil Blood which was already out there.I have got a total of 100.00 since published,people have told me and showed they bought the book,never shows up on my authors page. I did not write this book for $,but i certainly did not write the book to make them $. For what its worth Steven Nelson

  15. Thank you for the reviews. I also am in “talks” with this “Page Publishing”.

    I am a first time author as well, just finishing my first non-fiction piece. I contacted Page Publishing a couple of months back in anticipation of being published upon completion of my novel. I was excited after speaking with a representative of the company on the phone. However, my work was not completed yet. As the rep waited, we kept in contact via email. During that time, I picked up on a thing or two.

    First: the rep never asked what the title of my work is, yet, she stated that the “review panel” looked very forward to evaluating the piece. I thought it to be strange how the panel would be excited to review a piece they did not even know the name of.

    Second: My work is valuable, as is any other author’s work. I am positive that I have a #1 best seller, as well as, a movie deal worth a starting dollar amount of 3 million dollars for the movie rights. Therefore, on March 10th, 2020, I submitted my novel in PDF format to guard against unauthorized changes to my work. I mentioned in an email that I saw no instructions as to what format I was to submit in and the rep said I should submit in word format. I just sent an email telling her that I felt it strange for them to ask for my work in word format when it has not even been approved for publishing as yet; that I have no copyright or ISBN # yet, and that it is not time for editing since I have not paid my initial $595 upfront. I await her reply.

    Third: I am to pay a total of about $3,500 upfront to get published, yet, the company states that they will not hold out their $.20 per copy until I get my investment returned in full. What if my work never makes any profit beyond the $3,500? That does not sound right. From what I have read here, it looks like the company is selling books and keeping ALL of the profits.

    If anyone here has had success in publishing their work, I am open to your feedback as to a publisher, and/or steps to self-publishing. You can email me at

    Thank you.

  16. Hi,
    Just “finished” working with Page Publishing on a project. Much that is said here is TRUE. I went with them because I’d NEVER done anything like publishing a book before. So I knew that I was “paying for knowledge” so to speak. Still, I expected somewhat better than I got. My manuscript was 300 pages. Unbeknownst to them, it had already been edited by TWO writing professionals; One who is a retired book editor with many years experience, and the second who has been writing professionally for over 30 years. When they “accepted” the manuscript, they outlined their process. It included editing, page design, cover design. I work in fashion, so know plenty of photographers. I had a photo already taken, which I submitted. That is the photo that appears on the cover. After their “edit”, they came back with less than a dozen needed corrections in a 300 page manuscript. So with all the work already done for them, they STILL charged me close to $4000.00 to produce my book. In their advertisement, they promised a web page for the book. Well that page is INTERNAL, and you must go to their site to access it; they promise a “tool kit” for the promotion of your book. Well, once you sign the contract, you find that you’ll have to pay for this simple tool kit; contents of which you can put together at any print shop for a fraction of what they’re charging. There is also a promise of radio interview and promotion. To date, I’ve seen or heard no mention of that to me. The services that they’ve provided is much like the writer of this article expresses. Oh yes, and while they will happily set you up on a payment plan which is stretched out over months for you to pay, they also delay your work into phases that “coincide” with that plan. And if you miss payment, they will suspend “work” on you book… There are also “payment surprises” once your book is published. They claim that Unless your payout is $100 or more, they will hold it until the “next quarterly payout”. Like Steven Nelson, the person that commented here just before me, I too have had several people tell me and show me evidence they’ve purchased the book. Still, according to them my current payout is $38.00. I too did not write my book expecting to “get rich”, but it was my labor and from my heart. It certainly was not to make some scam artists rich. STAY AWAY FROM THESE FOLKS.

  17. These are all great comments, but no one is suggesting’s any other publishing agencies as choices?
    Dr. Carin Croker

  18. I am a Page Publishing author, my first published book. Page did a really good job of getting the book ready. The copy-editing, the formatting, getting it into print form and into digital form and on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, etc. That part was first class. They fulfilled their contract completely. Incidentally, their contract is basic and clear, fair to the author and I say this as a lawyer. The problem is that they offer no marketing or promotion, other than a press release to 1400 or so recipients. The support department is where the problem there exists. When I spoke to someone in support, they barely spoke English, and knew shockingly little about support, probably outsourced to Philippines or somewhere like that. If you are an unpublished new author, the chances of getting a main stream publisher are less than 1%. Page offers a viable way to get a book published, one that looks good visually, and for a reasonable price. After that first one, you will be a published author, and have a better chance for the second. Don’t blame Page for filling a needed gap in the publishing industry; you may, however, blame them for not including some kind of marketing component to their work.

  19. Page Publishing is a SCAM. They ask the writer to pay upfront instead they paying him/her. They are NOT Publisher. They are a PRINT SHOP. Do not deal with them. It is FRAUD.

  20. Hello, Try New Book Authors. They do a lot more than Page Publishing for one flat price very affordable price that’s listed on their webpage. They will also edit your book and you have the option to publish as an ebook and Print in Paperback and Hard Cover. Page Publishing’s paperback is cheap crap and a complete rip off. link to New Book Authors


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