Forex Duality Review: Should I Invest or Is this a Scam?

Forex Duality Review

Forex Duality review


Welcome to my Forex Duality review!


If you are searching for a way to make money online, one of the opportunities you are likely to come across every time is forex trading. This is one money making opportunity that has been around for so many years.


Forex trading has its roots in stock trading and currency trading that usually happens in banks and Central Banks.


As a forex trader, you are doing exactly what bankers are doing. Your job is to predict the movement of currencies and make money when your prediction goes right.


Of course, forex isn’t just about prediction. If you are looking for betting on currency, then I will recommend you try binary trading. Forex trading is a lot more technical. This is why it is good and bad at the same time.


The great thing with forex trading is that you can make millions just like George Soros did if you master how to do it the right away.


Unfortunately, only 2 out of every 10 forex traders know what they are doing. Others are just winging it hoping to make money.


In fact, this is why there have been so many programs in recent years claiming they can help you become a forex guru so you will earn millions of dollars.


Some even claim they will give you accurate signals. About 90% of these programs are just scams.


In 2019, Forex Duality is another program that claims you can become a successful forex trader when you sign up on their platform.


I have received tons of emails to review this platform. Today, you will learn everything you need to know about Forex Duality in this honest and unbiased review.


Keep on reading to find out more.


Quick Forex Duality Review

Name: Forex Duality

Type: Forex

Founded: June 25, 2019

Author: Russ Horn, Andrian Jones, Toshko Raychev, Nicola Delic

Price: $499

Recommended: 6.7/10

Forex Duality is one of the latest Forex product launched on Clickbank. The program is created by Tradeology- a Forex Educational provider based in South Africa. They are in good reputation with about a decade in the Forex industry.

They claim that their powerful trading system will help you make about 100% winning rate. That’s CRAZY! I have never heard of trader’s making almost 100% wins. The maker of Forex Duality even claims to make 1274.96% in 10 days!

Did you know that trading currencies involves substantial risk and there’s always the potential for loss. Your trading results may vary with the best help from forex expert out there. Because the risk factor is high for the forex exchange marketing trading, only genuine ‘risk fund’ should be used in such trading.

If you don’t have the extra capital that you can afford to lose, you should not trade in the forex exchange market. No ‘ Safe’ trading system has ever devised and no one can guarantee profits or free from loss.

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What is Forex Duality?

Forex Duality is a forex training and forex software created by a professional trader and coach known as Andrian Jones. According to Andrian Jones, his system has been a secret to the world until now that he decided to make it public.


Andrian Jones claimed that during the test phase of the system, he was able to pocket $6,700 in just one trade. Forex Duality also claimed that you can turn $150 investment to $7523 in under 30 days.


The people behind Forex Duality are called “Tradeology FX” lead by Andrian Jones. They described themselves as an internationally renowned and respected developer of forex trading and training systems.


They are the guys behind similar forex programs such as Forex Master Method Evolution, Forex Master Level, Forex Wealth Strategy, The Trade Predator, and Forex Profit Boost.


According to the owners of this program, Forex Duality is perfect for beginners and even for those who have never traded for once in their lives.


Forex Duality claims


Forex Duality supposed to deliver accurate signals to help you win trades after trades. They claimed you could be making thousands of dollars within just one month of getting Forex Duality.


The authors said, “Forex Duality has already made some people fantastically rich and there is no reason it can’t do the same for you”. Now, I will be very cautious if I were you because of this statement.


In my experience, any course that promises you can be rich under one month is likely not being sincere.


Fortunately, you can make money from home without risking your hard-earned money with My #1 Recommendation Program. You can also try sites like Inbox Dollars, Daily Rewards, and Swagbucks if you are just looking for some pocket money.


Nevertheless, we will have to take a look at how Forex Duality works to ensure they are saying the truth or find out if Forex Duality is a scam.


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How Does Forex Duality Works?

Forex Duality is divided into two parts. The first part covers the training. When you sign up for the program, you are supposed to be tutored on how forex training works.


Here’s a Quick Video on How Forex Duality Works.

However, what you actually get is a basic training about forex trading in general, MT4 trading platform, and about pips and stuff like that. If you are already a forex trader, you may not require this training.


After this part, they will introduce you to the software where you will learn how to make use of their software. This training part is delivered both in text and video format.


The second part of Forex Duality is the use of the software to trade. The software delivers a signal you can use to place trades.


Forex Duality claims that their system makes use of a mixture of proprietary, custom-built indicators as well as indicators found on the MT4 platform to provide the signals you will use in setting up a trade.


To be fair to them, they only promise that their software delivers 70 to 80% win rate. This is a bit honest compared to similar software that claims you could get 99% win rate.


You are also supposed to get access to “Castle Inner Circle”. This is a weekly webinar where they talk about forex trading.


In my experience, most of these webinars only last for a couple of months before crashing. So, don’t hope it will be around forever. At a point, the authors and participants will get tired and abandon it or lose interest.


Apart from the training and the signal tracking software, you will also receive the MT4 suite of tools and their customer support. You will also be added to a group where you can discuss forex trading with other trades.


Forex Duality costs $499. This is a one-time payment and no recurrent payment needed. With this one-time payment, you can access their trading platform for life.


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Who is This Program For?

Forex trading has become so popular among those who have a great financial resources.


The Forex Duality suits both the beginners and advanced traders. For beginners, they have prepared a separate 16- part beginner course where they will walk you through all the basic stuff you need to learn.


For advanced trader, you will learn how everything about advanced trading skills to help you make the magic happen.


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How Do You Make Money With Forex Duality?

After you pay for the course, you will first go through their training and then learn how to make use of the MT4 MetaTrader as well as the signal they provide you to trade.


You basically make money by trading forex on a daily basis. You can make use of their signal to predict the movement of the market. The win rate of their signal is between 70% and 80%.


Ugly Truth About Forex Duality Revealed!

Tradeology Behind Other Failed Forex Courses

The guys behind this program who call themselves “Tradeology Group” are behind other forex training courses that have failed in the past.


They have created over 4 different courses with a low level of success. While it is true that their former programs aren’t a big success, they were also not a scam.


Thus, if you are buying this product, it is important that you know that these guys have created various similar forex training programs that didn’t do well in the past.


No Refund Policy

When you pay $499 for this program, there is no way to get it back if you change your mind.


From experience, I find it easier to trust programs that come with a 100% refund policy. This way, you can always get your money back if you change your mind.


Expensive With Not Much Value

To be honest, the training you will get here is not much different from what you can get for free on YouTube and on various websites. You certainly don’t need to pay $499 to learn “what is forex trading”.


Besides, their signal software only guarantees 80% maximum win rate. There are signal services with better accuracy rate and more affordable prices.


What I Like About Forex Duality


This program provides training for beginners. This is a good way to go. I have seen programs in the past that charged $499 without providing training. If you are a beginner, you may find these training valuable.


It Comes With Videos

You will also get access to video training. This is a great way to make training easy for beginners.


Members Area

When you pay for the program, they will also add you to their members’ area where you can ask any question regarding forex trading in general.


You can receive help from the authors who offer 24 hours customer support. Similarly, you can also get the help you need from other traders.


Money-back Guarantee

Forex Duality is backed by Clickbank’s 60 days money-back guarantee. If it doesn’t works for you, you can ask for a refund from Clickbank.


Is Forex Duality a Scam?

No! Forex Duality is not a scam. This program delivers on what it promised. When you pay for the program, you will get access to their training as well as software for picking signals.


Nevertheless, don’t get your hope too high. You may not be earning as much as they claimed you can make on their sales page.


Personally, I would have had a peace of mind if the people behind this course offered a refund policy. Overall, a complete beginner may find Forex Duality helpful.


There is a steep learning curve and Forex traders face high risks, leverage, and volatility. You can become a successful Forex trader if you are perseverance, continuous learning, efficient capital management techniques, the ability to take risks, and a robust trading plan.


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Forex Duality






Overall Quality



  • Good amount of training.
  • Video tutorials
  • Members area.


  • Tradeology behind other failed Forex courses.
  • No refund policy.
  • Expensive with not much value.

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