Is Online Sales Pro Scam? A Thorough Review Of This New Program

Is Online Sales Pro Scam?


online sales pro scam



If you’re here, that means that you want to read a review of a product called Online Sales Pro. I’m here to tell you that you’re in the right place. Perhaps you saw an ad for Online Sales Pro on your social media account, which is their preferred avenue for advertisement, and you want to know more about it. That is actually smart because investing in something should be well-thought-out, and you being here shows that you care enough.


Online Sales Pro, just like most of the marketing products you see online, aims to give you an opportunity to make money online. Its effectivity, of course, is still debatable but if you believe their claims, they can make you rich. The creator of the program actually has created several programs before this one. If you’re wondering about those programs, I will be the first to tell you that those programs are not good at all. Now, let’s see if this new program of his is any different. Let’s proceed to the main course, shall we?


What Exactly Is Online Sales Pro?


Online Sales Pro is a software company that primarily helps businesses generate leads and create sales as a result. They will provide you with the tools and necessary resources to give you the best chance of earning money for your business.


They claim that one of the most important aspects of internet marketing is lead generation, which actually isn’t a bad statement at all. Lead generation is as important as ever, and if you’re doing a good job at generating leads, it would certainly lead to better sales overall. Think of it this way, it’s a common saying that “the hardest part of earning a sale is getting that customer through the door,” and getting that customer through that door is analog to lead generation.


I can’t say that I disagree because it’s true. Lead generation is important. However, good marketing does not only focus on lead generation but on all fronts to make sure that all bases are covered. A solid internet marketing is something that does a solid lead generation along with a respectable product advertisement.


Another focus of Online Sales Pro is email marketing. It claims to teach you how to do email marketing the right way – to allow you to generate leads through it. Email marketing is actually an archaic method of generating leads but if it’s done correctly, it can add something to your overall marketing prowess. Online Sales Pro claims to give a 1-2 punch of lead generation and email marketing, which they say can boost your marketing to never-before-seen levels.


How Does Online Sales Pro Work?


The way Online Sales Pro works is actually quite simple. In fact, it’s very similar to most internet marketing programs you may have used in the past. In short, it’s a cookie-cutter program that’s designed just like many other platforms, which makes it an intuitive program, somewhat.


  • Landing Page


The first thing that Online Sales Pro does for you is to build you a landing page. They have a custom landing page builder which gives you a good starting platform to use. It also has a built-in opt-in page which would allow you to collect information of your visitors – things like email address, name, and address.


  • Integrate the page with autoresponder


There’s not much use for the information if you don’t collect them in one place. In order for the emails to be recorded, you will need to have a third-party email service provider. There are many popular autoresponders that you can choose from like AWeber and MailChimp.


Once you have your email service provider set-up, you can then get an email campaign ready. This is where Online Sales Pro comes in. They claim to provide you with the best email marketing training available, and couple that with a lead marketing strategy and you’re on your way to earning money, or so they say.


  • Training materials


With all of their tools available for you to use, you can now watch the training and incorporate it into your strategy. You can also use other techniques that you learned somewhere if you think that would help pull in leads to your landing page.


  • Setting up your email campaign


Once you have a respectable list of prospects from your lead generation, you can now proceed with the email campaign. If you’re new to setting up your auto-responder, there are a lot of available tutorials on the internet. If you are subscribed to any of the most popular email services, they for sure have a ton of resources that can help you get up to speed.


  • Sales


Once you’re done with setting up your email campaign, you are now ready to make your sales pitch. In order to make a great sales pitch, you need to hype your product up. This is what most marketers do. In fact, a lot of marketers lie on their sales page in order to lure in more customers. I know that that is misleading but it gets the job done. If you want to be successful, you need to learn to hype your product up, and if that’s by using white lies, then so be it. Just be careful not to tell too misleading a claim because that would backfire.


Who Can Use Online Sales Pro?


By now, you should have a good idea of what Online Sales Pro is all about. Now, you may wonder who can use this product to its full potential. The answer is everybody – everybody who wants to grow their business using legitimate lead generating techniques can benefit from this program.


However, you must understand that Online Sales Pro only offers tools and as such, it does not actually guarantee that you will earn big bucks from it. It just provides the tools needed for the job so keep that in mind.


The Verdict – Is Online Sales Pro A Scam?


Online Sales Pro is a program that claims to help marketers generate leads in the most efficient way possible. However, at the heart of it all, it certainly looks like OSP is more than that. Apart from the training and tools that come with the basic package, you can also sell OSP as an affiliate product, and it seemed like this is the direction that they’re pushing their users to.


But to answer the question posed above, is Online Sales Pro a scam? The answer is no.


However, I would be very careful in using this product, because once you peel all the layers, you are left with something that is very basic, and ultimately just another product that wants to promote itself using a referral system. I’d be wary of this program if I were you. It also does not help that one of the creators of the program publicly disassociated himself with the product following claims of fraud. Take that as you will but needless to say, there are plenty of products that I would recommend before this one.


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