AliExpress Affiliate Program Review: Is It Worth Your Time?

Aliexpress Affiliate Program Review


ali express program


AliExpress is a popular retail platform in China that opened its business in 2010. Since then, it has grown to exponential levels which made it probably the biggest retail platform in China. Think of it as their Amazon. And if their sales report is to be believed, they are actually even bigger than Amazon, at least in terms of gross sales, which is surprising. But when you ponder about it, that seems feasible since they have a population of more than a billion.


In the past few years, it has not only seen growth in China but the world. They have opened many shipping options for their buyers and that includes shipping abroad. This move alone is responsible for its sudden boom in popularity across the world. And with that popularity comes new opportunities for growth and one of the things they did was to create an affiliate network program, which is what I’m about to review today.


If you are researching this program, you must already know what an affiliate program is, but allow me to refresh your memory just in case. An affiliate program for a retail company is basically allowing users of the platform to become a partner of their business by giving their own affiliate ID. Every time a seller buys a product using their affiliate IDs, they will be credited with a commission, which depending on the product they’re selling, could be high or low. But overall, it’s a pretty sweet gig because once you have a good setup for your affiliate network, it becomes more or less a passive income.


Now, that’s out of the well, shall we proceed with the review?


What Exactly Is AliExpress Affiliate Program?


Since I’ve already given you a pretty exhaustive background of this retail giant, I feel like it’s more fitting to discuss the structure of the company instead of discussing its history.


AliExpress offers its website in 16 languages, which is by design, to make sure they reach the global audience. Additionally, they offer plenty of payment options to make it more accessible to more people, which in turn, would increase their sales volume by a lot.


What separates AliExpress from many retail websites is probably the pricing. It’s no secret that Amazon sources its merchandise from different factories all over the world which inevitably increases the cost of the items. AliExpress, on the other hand, avoids all of the extra charges by making sure that most of their items are bought straight from the factory. Not only is this going to keep the prices low but it will considerably improve the logistics of moving items. This is one of the biggest selling points when compared to other retail giants.


Another good thing about this company is they have an Escrow service by default. This means that the sellers won’t get paid until you receive the item that you ordered, and are satisfied with it. This ensures that the customers are satisfied with their purchase almost all the time.


What Separates AliExpress Affiliate Program From Others?


AliExpress, on average, offers a respectable 8% commission on all the sales that you generate as a partner. This means that simply getting someone to buy from your affiliate link is going to net you a pretty good chunk of the total price. That isn’t a bad deal at all.


If you know how to market a product or create an affiliate site with all the in-demand items you can find, it’s quite possible to make this gig a sort of passive income. Earning passively is one of the most rewarding things you can achieve because it frees up your time which would allow you to do other productive things. If you are able to create a good backbone for your affiliate business, that would become a consistent stream of earning.


Another thing that’s great about this company is they have a cookie duration of 30 days. Depending on what side of the argument you’re on, that 30-day duration can either good or bad. Cookie duration is basically the amount of time a website is able to remember your IP. What this means is AliExpress is able to see the items you browse and give you the right kind of advertisement for maximum profits. For merchants, this is good news because they can maximize their profits without investing much research about the buyers. However, if you are a buyer, it may feel like they are stepping into the bubble of your privacy. It really depends on how you view things.


What You Need To Know Before Becoming An Affiliate?


I think it’s fair to say that there are plenty of counterfeit products from China. Hell, even Amazon is being flooded with fake products that come from factories all over the world. Most of these items come from Chinese factories, and with AliExpress being based in China, the number of bootlegged products that is posted there is staggering. If you are not careful, you could end up promoting counterfeit products instead of real ones. Of course, you can promote whatever product you want but to have a better overall experience, it is recommended that you stay off fake items.


The main take away here is to give a good impression to your potential buyers. You want to be associated with cheap items if your target demographics are middle to high-class people. You need to play your marketing just right to ensure that your brand gets the recognition it deserves.


Another thing to watch out for is the product description. AliExpress being a Chinese website makes it so that it is written in Chinese characters. If you are targeting people abroad, people from the States, for instance, need to find a page that shows up in English. And while all of the AliExpress pages are translated into English, some of the descriptions are posted into an image and are usually in Chinese characters. To avoid all that confusion, make sure to screen your affiliate links before posting them into your website.


Conclusion – Is AliExpress Affiliate Program Any Good?


AliExpress Affiliate Program is a legit affiliate marketing platform that gives out a fat 8%. It’s one of the biggest companies in the whole world, and some would say, even bigger than Amazon. There’s never a question of the legitimacy of this program. It is definitely not a scam.


The most effective way to earn money using this platform is by doing great market research. Once you are able to target your products to the right demographics, you will earn consistently and passively.


But one thing you need to understand that AliExpress, while popular in China, is not that well-known abroad. This means that if your main targets are from UK, US, or perhaps Canada, you’re likely to be one of the first adaptors of this retail platform. It’s not going to be a smooth sailing operation but with consistent hard work and promotion, there’s a good chance for growth and expansion. They say that getting in on the first floor of a business is a surefire way to make profits – and that’s exactly what you’re going to do if you join this affiliate network.

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