Is My Money Hour A Scam Or Just Another Phishing Scam?

Is My Money Hour A Scam Or Just Another Phishing Scam?


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I received an inquiry from one of my readers asking if I’ve yet to review a product called “My Money Hour.” I don’t remember writing a review for this company but I check my articles and as expected, my search turned up nothing. I’ve written hundreds of reviews but I always remember a product if I’ve already written a review about it. Needless to say, that little email got me intrigued about the program. This is not the first time a review request appeared on my email but I certainly welcome any kind of requests for a program review especially if it’s about a related program.


The first thing I do when I review a product is to conduct a quick research, a quick glance. I then make a digestible summary and figure out points of interests like strengths and weaknesses. By then, I will have a clue of whether the program is legit or not. But to be completely thorough in my review, I sometimes sign-up to the program and report back using my insider knowledge.


For this My Money Hour review, I did everything in my power to ensure that I can give an unbiased review that can help you decide whether this program is for you or not. Let’s start.


What Exactly is My Money Hour?


My Money Hour is just like any other GPT (get paid to) website that will give out a task for you to finish. Once you finish that task, you will be given a monetary compensation depending on the level of difficulty of the task you just completed. Some of the most popular tasks there would require you to like their page, share it, then post something good about it. It can be considered as promoting their website. Once you finish that, you will be given a small amount which will be credited to your account.


There are other available tasks but most of the tasks involve promoting the website itself. It’s almost as if it wants you to spread the word and recruit more people in the program – and that is entirely by design (I’ll talk about this later).


The Real Truth About My Money Hour


The real agenda of this website is actually the opposite of helping you earn money. Its real agenda is it wants you to input your details on their email form, hoping to use it for nefarious reasons. It certainly looks like a phishing scam, and it’s not even trying to hide it.


What’s even worse is it pushes you to refer other people into the scam, promising additional income but let me tell you right now that that isn’t going to happen.


How The Scam Works


The scam starts out really simple, and you won’t even notice that you’re being scammed. What I mean to say is that it uses a very simple yet effective business model to acquire the personal information of its users.


Basically, the program pretends to be a free-to-use website that gives its users the ability to earn money by completing various tasks on their dashboard. Here’s how their scam starts.


You will be asked to create your My Money Hour account, which will include your profile – things like complete name, email address, and other sensitive information. Once your registration has been approved, which is almost instantly, you will be given access to your dashboard. From the dashboard, you can select tasks that interest you. Read the instructions carefully then submit your work once you’re done.


You may think now, “where is the problem?” because this looks just like any other GPT websites available. The problem lies within the system itself. Their dashboard doesn’t seem to provide enough work for anybody. In fact, you would rarely see any offers that you can pounce on whenever you are at the site. All you will see are disguised programs that would only get you to promote their program.


The payment for successfully referring a person into the program is $10, which is considerably higher than the usual $1 that you would earn should you choose to complete their available tasks. But here’s the thing, the withdrawal threshold is a whopping $300, which is super high indeed. That means that you would need to work for a week non-stop or recruit 30 people into the program. That is simply impossible.


The Conclusion


Based on my research, it seems like My Money Hour has displayed too many inconsistencies for it to be considered a legit program.


In short, it is a scam.


At first glance, it may seem like any other GPT websites but the fact is there are many reports suggesting that it’s not paying its users and only uses them as a means to promote this program, to further propagate their scam. I am not saying that GPT websites are all scams but a good chunk of them is. As always, scams come in all shapes and forms which makes it hard to spot them unless you know what to look for. In any case, you can just email me a review request and I’ll do the work for you.


The main goal of this program is to get your email address and use it as a means to scam you. For instance, if you use the same email and password for all your logins, there’s a strong possibility that your login details for something sinister, like withdrawing all your Paypal balance to theirs. Once this happens, Paypal won’t actually do anything because the fault is on you, they would say.


Ultimately, the lesson here is to be careful when signing up on third-party websites because they can use your login information to access your sensitive information. Just be careful is what I’m saying.


But not all marketing programs are bad…


I’ve reviewed hundreds of products and one thing is for certain – when I see a good product, I don’t ever let it go. It’s hard enough to find a good product on this industry and a product that ticks all the right things on my checklist deserves a recommendation – and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Click my recommendation down below if you want to read about the best affiliate marketing program I’ve used in the past years or so.


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