Is American Online Jobs Scam? Another Waste Of Time?

Is American Online Jobs Scam?


is american online jobs scam


Plenty of people all over the world are now looking for ways to make money online. That is evident in the huge increase in the number of online job websites. One such example is American Online Jobs. This website/program has been making the rounds on the internet which created some buzz after a while. Is this program worth it?


I’ve already received several emails and comments from my readers to review this program. I’m thinking that the reason for that is the increasing need for online jobs since many people can’t live on a single income anymore. More and more people are considering online jobs as some sort of side hustle, and rightfully so.


There are plenty of opportunities online that you can earn from. I mean, you don’t need to look further – I am earning money online, and I’ve been doing it for years. Granted, I’ve been using an effective program to be able to do this. Fortunately, you can also get access to this program if you follow the link below.


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The program above has been one of the many reasons why I am so passionate about online money-making schemes. I didn’t know it was possible at first until I saw that program. Just see it for yourself.


Now, back to the American Online Jobs review. As I was saying, there are plenty of ways to earn money online. “American Online Jobs” is probably a search term that is popular hence, the company behind the same namesake decided to make it their company name.


Is the name of the company really fitting though? Let’s find out.


What Exactly Is American Online Jobs?


American Online Jobs is an affiliate marketing site that claims to give people a chance to work from home and earn up to $1,600/week.


At first glance, this seems like a good company because I mean, who would pass up a chance to work at home? No more commutes, office politics, and long hours, just to name a few.


But if you look closer, American Online Jobs does not actually provide a job but an opportunity. See, there’s a distinction between the two. If you go to their website, it would seem like they would give you a job, and that’s what you are expecting because of the company name.


However, you will soon learn that what they offer is an opportunity instead. This website is nothing similar to or in that it does not have job listings. It does nothing of the sort.


What Exactly Does This Site Do?


If you don’t know anything about affiliate marketing, you would think that this website is going to give you a job at the instant that you fill out your profile. Unfortunately, it does not do that. Let me explain exactly how this site works.


If you go to their website, the first thing that you’ll notice is the big headline which reads, “Work From Home. Make $700 – $1600 Weekly.” This almost always means that the website is a landing page of some sort.


There is a big “register” button near the bottom of the page, and that’s usually what most visitors click first. If you do click the button, you will be taken into this registration page, which I would describe is pretty comprehensive.


AOJ Registratration page



After you fill up your profile, instead of getting job offers or at least getting a list of jobs that you can apply for, you will be taken into this page full of other offers. And those offers – doing surveys and GPT (get paid to) websites.


It’s Not A Job Portal But A Sales Funnel!


Once you see those offers, you will know for sure that this website is not going to give you a job.


In their very own words, what they provide you is the “opportunity to earn.”


Technically, you can earn using survey and GPT websites but American Online Jobs directed you to those options using false pretense. They frame their website in a way that is misleading and deceptive.


If I wanted to earn extra money using easy platforms like survey and gig sites, I could have easily searched for those myself. It’s frustrating to be duped into an “opportunity” when you are expecting an entirely different kind of service.


American Online Jobs Is Just A Portal To Other Programs


If you go through with your registration, you will be redirected to another site, entirely different from American Online Jobs. This is where it becomes painfully obvious. This website is not a job portal but a portal for other websites.


The website you will be redirected to is called Online Flex Job, which is a similar website that promises jobs and earning opportunities to millions of users worldwide. At this point, we have no reason to believe that any of those claims are true.


online flex job site


It seems like this website is just another level into the rabbit hole that is based around affiliate marketing.


If you go ahead and register on Online Flex Job, you will be taken into another website that claims another thing. This goes on and on until you circle back into American Online Jobs.


And oh, another thing – 80% of the websites you will be redirected to cost something between $25 – $50. If it isn’t clear enough, I’ll say it again – American Online Jobs is just another low-level affiliate marketing product.


What I Don’t Like About American Online Jobs


It’s operating under the guise that it’s a job portal


American Online Jobs is not a job portal contrary to what it portrays. It’s an affiliate marketing-based platform that basically sells affiliate marketing course.


Misleading claims


Forget the job portal fake-out of this website. They straight-up claim to help their users earn $700 – $1,600 which we already know is a lie.


Extremely Vague Information


Even if you do manage to actually become a member of AOJ, you will soon find out that this website doesn’t tell you anything useful. The information given is super vague to the point where it’s basically useless.


Training material is outdated


Overlooking the fact that this product is indeed a scam, their training material should have at least resembled a functional training module. I can’t say I’m surprised that their training material is as useless as a screen door on a submarine.


Conclusion – Is American Online Jobs A Scam?


If you haven’t noticed it yet, I didn’t put a “What I Like About This Product” section. That’s because I don’t like anything about it.


It’s misleading. It frames itself as some sort of a job provider portal, akin to Upwork and Freelancer, but it couldn’t be any further than those two. It does not actually provide you a job, or anything even that resembles that.


I wouldn’t probably be as hard on this program had it been truthful about its product. If it had come out and said that it was an affiliate marketing product, I would be more forgiving seeing that I have an idea of what I was getting into, and I wasn’t duped into anything.


It’s a shame, too, because affiliate marketing is actually a good online money-maker. Programs such as this give a bad name to affiliate marketing. Most of the marketers online have used affiliate marketing to earn money online – and I am no different.


I’ve been using this program for years now and so far, it’s given me nothing but success. If you want to experience that, too, just click the link and head to my introduction of this program.


Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this program to anyone.





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