Is Trades of Hope a Scam? Here’s The Unbiased Truth!

Is Trades of Hope a Scam?

Is Trades of Hope a Scam? Here's the Unbiased Truth!

First, I want to thank every one of you for deciding to go through my detailed Trades of Hope review. It is essential to research any online business that you plan to join before you invest your hard-earned money in the market.


I love to research about a new product, so I guarantee you that this review is comprehensive. I am going to share several things about this program that I didn’t know existed before I thoroughly researched about the product.


When I learned about the Trades of Hopes from close friends a few years ago, I was first fascinated by an excellent idea of creating jobs across the USA that directly aligned with artisans across the world to break the poverty cycle completely.


And accomplishing this not just practically, but via manufacturing and lovely advertising items, jewelry, was a huge bonus. I viewed every video I came across and read countless blogs about this product in order to give you a comprehensive review.


I know you are tired of those shallow reviews about the Trades of Hope since most contain very little material that can convince you to make an informed decision. Else, maybe you’re just doing your own due diligence because a marketer has gotten in touch with you in regards to the products and business opportunity of this product.


Irrespective of what your scenario is, you are on this page now, and so is all the information you need about the Trades of Hope. You have already revealed that you take your decision-making process seriously and are ready for success in the future. The successful persons always take a keen look at all the facts before starting or joining a business.


Most of the time, when you search for a review about Trades of Hopes, it will either fall into positive reviews or negative reviews from the previous members.


In this unique review, you will find info about how the product works, its ugly truths, its pros and cons, how much it costs to join, whether it’s a scam or not, and much info. Read on to learn much more about the Trades of Hope.


What is Trades of Hope?

It is a Christian organization that was established several years ago as an opening for women living in impoverished countries to create much better living environments and make a good living by becoming compassionate entrepreneurs or artisans.

Here’s a Short Video on Trades of Hope

The organization was established by Gretchen Huijskens, Chelsie Antos, Elisabeth Huijskens, and Holly Wehde: two mother-daughter groups. The organization’s headquarters are situated in Burnell, Florida. They are a member of FTF (Fair Trade Federation).


The two mother-daughter groups didn’t start the Trades of Hope as a charity since they believed women did not require a handout. Instead, women required an opportunity that lasts forever.


The creators thought that the ‘donations’ offered by various charity groups could be discouraging to the women who need to create a good lifestyle for their family.


As a result, Trades of Hopes allows artisans to earn an income by creating lovely handbags, body care, jewelry, and other special women stuff instead of being a charity business. Other women are offered the chance of selling the artisan’s creations, and this creates two streams of income at ago.


Currently, Trades of Hope has thousands of artisans who not only creates the products but also empowers the women across all corners of the world.


I am more than sure that most of you know that the jewelry industry became a leading trend over the last couple of years. And this is perhaps the main reason why the creators came up with this idea that the use of jewelry can build up women’s multi-level marketing company. By now, it’s close to a decade, and the Trades of Hope is still up and running.


The organization is also popular in other online stores, especially those dealing with jewelry. And when it comes to the success that the company is getting, there’re numerous assumptions about the business, and I know that’s the main reason why you’re checking this review.


How Does Trades of Hope Work?

Because Trades of Hope is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company, you will have two ways in which you can generate money.


One is via direct selling, and the other one is via building or recruiting your personal downline to get commissions. First, you need to sign up as a member of the organization and then subscribe to a starter package from TOH. Here are the available starter packages:


  • Merit Package – it costs $ 99
  • Mosaic Package – it costs $ 99
  • All-in-one package – this one costs $ 198


All of these starter packages come with tools, products, as well as training guidelines that help you to grow your business. This is common with some of the packages provided by other multi-level marketing companies. Nevertheless, some of them do not offer quality training and effective products to assist their members in making much more money.


The big question now is, ‘how much money can you make with the Trades of Hopes?’ As I said before, you will either need to undertake direct selling or recruit new members in order to earn commissions from them.


When it comes to the Retail Bonus, you can get between 25 % and 35 % commission on every sale that you will make. As a matter of fact, you will make much more commissions if you have many retail sales.


Another method is through referral or building a personalized downline, and this method is widespread with most MLM companies. The organization offers a specific amount of bonus if you are able to refer anybody to register with the company. On the other hand, you can start your own downline if you wish and get 1 % to 7 % on sales of the team members in your downline.


In my opinion, the company’s compensation plan seems to be very easy and good to understand. Nevertheless, you need to attain the organization’s monthly quota in order to stay active as a member of this team. As you can see, you need to work really hard and possess excellent skills to sell Trades of Hope items and earn money consistently.


How to Make Money with Trades of Hope?

Trades of Hope does not market itself just as a simple way to make money. The organization focuses on members who also want to assist others and are really passionate about fair trade.


There’s undoubtedly sufficient evidence to make TOH (Trades of Hope) stand out against its rivals. What does this mean to the members? Can the members certainly earn adequate income?


Here’s a Short Video on Their Compensation Plan

The first thing to note is that you’re certainly going to make money via this program. As seen in the section above, you can either make money via commission from sales or through sales from the team you build.


Earn cash via product sales. TOH is a jewelry company with a huge difference. The organization emphasizes on empowering and supporting artisans from various countries across the world, including Cambodia, Guatemala, Peru, and Kenya.


The artisans in the selected countries design the products themselves. Some of the made products are handmade, while others are designed using sewing machines or tools.


The concept of the business is that Trades of Hope offers members tactics of making money and supporting their families. The clients are also given info about some of the families and individuals that design the items.


The final result is a collection of handmade items that actually assist individuals. The individual pieces are also uncommon since the styles are partly based on the region where they’re designed.


Variations will typically occur since the products are handmade. This ensures that every piece is exceptional, and this is alluring to most clients. The cost of the items also varies from one product to the other, but the prices of most of the bracelets range from $ 20 to $ 30. The price of the other products is also in this range.


However, the prices of some of the products are higher than what you would anticipate for the artisan-made products. Again, the quality of the handmade items is pretty amazing, so the two features balance one another very well.


You may come across various items, which are neither accessories nor jewelry. Most of these items are specially made for your home. They aren’t many, but they do make the catalog seem much more pleasing.


Trades of Hope Ugly Truths Revealed!

There are a couple of things I encountered with the Trades of Hope that I know you need to think twice about before signing up with the product. And here are the ugly truths about Trades of Hope.


It Only Accepts Members from the United States of America Only

From the company’s policy, I learned that the company only accepts you as a member if you live in the USA. As a result, it means that you cannot register and try out the business opportunity offered by the company if you reside outside the US.


TOH Embraces a Monthly Quota

I know that this is usually common in most multi-level marketing organizations. But in my opinion, this is not something that a member is supposed to be demanded to accomplish.


The rivalry in selling items from Trades of Hopes is quite stiff since they’re continually accepting new users. So, the number of competitors increases on a daily basis. And in the end, what if everybody joined this platform, where would you sell your products?


No Records Exist about the Income Made from Previous Members

While writing this review, I tried to find any relevant success records from the previous members of the Trades of Hope, but I did not get any proof about the member’s success with the platform.


What I Like About Trades of Hope

Aside from the ugly truths discussed above, various things fascinated me about this company. Here are the things I like about Trades of Hope.


DSA credits them

The Direct Selling Association certification and ratings play a significant role in everybody’s decision. Most people usually determine whether a company is accredited and whether BBB offers the company good ratings when determining the company’s legitimacy. Luckily, the TOH is certified by the DSA.


The Organization’s Compensation Plan is Simple to Understand

The best thing about these Trades of Hope is that their compensation plan is simplified in the best way possible to make it easily understandable by the ordinary person. Also, those who would like to join in the future will not have problems understanding what the company needs from them.


Is Trades of Hope a Scam?

After all the research I have carried out and the review I currently have, I can comfortably say that the Trades of Hope isn’t a scam. They have things to offer and prove to their many members. Maybe some people think that they’re a pyramid scheme or scam due to their unexpected growth and success as well as their artless compensation plan.


I still find it worth joining this company. If you find out that the things discussed above fantasize you, then you can consider joining this program. But if you think that it will not make you a six-figure income, then there are several alternatives that you can join, as illustrated in the section below.

It is my hope that this review serves its primary purpose and assists you with coming up with a sound decision. If you have any doubts and concerns, feel free to give us feedback. Cheers!


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Trades of Hope






Overall Quality



  • Work from home
  • They are DSA Accredited
  • Their Comp Plan is Easy to Understand


  • The Market is quite Tough Out there
  • Maintain Monthly Quota
  • No Income Report

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