Is Commission Plan X A Scam? The Most Ridiculous Claim I’ve Seen!

Is Commission Plan X A Scam?


commission plan x review


Commission Plan X does not seem to be messing around with the kind of claim it headlines on its website. It says “….This Commission Plan Made An EASY $1,500,000…..”


I’ve been reviewing hundreds of online money-making reviews and this headline is probably the most ridiculous I’ve seen. I’ve seen plenty of “make $100,000 the easy way…” and something similar but never an “EASY $1.5M” claim. This is the first time I’ve seen a program so blatantly claim something like this.


But you know what, it got my attention. In a way, their headline did what it was supposed to do. Of course, I’m wary of this claim and I’m not going to take it as gospel truth, but I’m going to take a look at it nonetheless.


This article will be a full review of this program, Commission Plan X, to help you determine if you can actually earn from it. But let’s be honest here, you can never earn even close to the amount they claim, but let’s still check if you can earn even a fraction of that.


What Exactly Is Commission Plan X?


Commission Plan X is an affiliate marketing course that teaches its users how to earn money using their “secret” method. They claim that this method allowed the creator, Dylan Gardener, to earn over a million dollars. I know I’ve only just begun my review but I’m going to call bullsh*t on that, and I’m going to tell you why in a second.


What the actual program does is pretty vague if you only go by its explanation. They do this thing where they are being secretive about everything because all of their materials are bleeding-edge stuff – I don’t think so. I strongly believe that this is just an excuse they made so they can lure in potential customers who don’t know any better.


To uncover this “secret,” all you have to do is buy the program, and I did just that. It is $17 which is pretty cheap considering its claims, but I digress. I’m going to put this program to the test from the perspective of an actual member, which is why I bought it.


How Does Commission Plan X Work?


Right off the bat, after the purchase, you will be taken into their sales page that has something that reads “If this plan is leaked….it would be stolen by the….” I’m not going to lie, if I had not known any better, I’d be pretty hype about all this.


They make it seem like their program is this divine secret that nobody is using. Here’s a secret – everybody’s been using this “secret” affiliate marketing technique of theirs, and for more than a decade, too. Turns out, this “secret” they’ve been selling you has been out in the open since the 2000s.


How does it work though? I’m not going to explain the whole thing in detail since I think it’d be a waste of time since most of it is just fluff. To put it shortly, this program asks its members to spam their affiliate links to all kinds of social media platforms. Yes, that’s it! That’s their big secret!


If you’ve seen a rogue social media post that headlines, “Earn this, earn that,” it’s probably from a program that is similar to Commission Plan X.


Does Their Marketing Plan Actually Work?


Not to my knowledge, NO.


Of course, there are rare instances where someone would actually click the link and buy the program that you’re peddling on social media, but those are very few and far in between, like a one in a million sort-of-thing, which is ridiculous.


Even if the price is actually pretty low at $17, the chances of you earning that amount just by spamming social media platforms are pretty nil. I’d even wager that you’d get your accounts blocked if you share your affiliate link one too many times. I’ve seen it happen.


If you really want to earn online, I suggest that you take a look into a real program. You need to look for a program that teaches you the fundamentals of the industry. No shortcut, no bulllsh*t, packed with information that you can actually use. Fortunately, for you, I can give you a recommendation. Click the link if you want to learn more.


Is Their Training Material Worth Its Price?


Now that we’ve established that you can never earn even a fraction of the ridiculous $1.5M claim, we’re just going to determine if the material is good, at the very least.


If you open your member’s dashboard, you will get a pretty convincing training. Their training material actually teaches people how to do affiliate marketing. The gist is you need a product on Clickbank then you go ahead and look for a relevant article. You will paste your ad using your affiliate link on the related article and wait for someone to click the link.


commission plan x review


If someone clicks the link and buys the product using your affiliate link, you get a commission. This method actually works. But….there’s a big BUT coming..If you want this particular method, you will need to pay an extra $35/month for it.


In my opinion, this just isn’t worth it. 90% of Commission Plan X is you basically spamming social media platforms with your affiliate link. People on Facebook are not really looking to buy an affiliate product. It would be better if the main media of promotion they used are not social media.



What I Like About Commission Plan X


Pretty straightforward training materials


It’s a bit surprising because of the caliber of this product but it actually has some good materials on its training modules. The problem is with the implementation.


Offers money-back guarantee


I was able to get a refund after my purchase and I consider that as a good thing. You can also take it as a negative since I basically had to refund my purchase because I was unhappy. But, you know, a refund is always a good thing.


What I Don’t Like About Commission Plan X


Has an upsell for a different product


Usually, the upsells are for additional features of the same product but this one’s a bit different. They will introduce you to another product for $35/month, which is more than twice the asking price of the original product. This is not cool.


Misleading claims


This one’s pretty self-explanatory. You could never earn a million bucks using this product even if all things start going your way. Simply isn’t possible.


Selling on social media is never going to work


People on social media are not looking to buy affiliate products. Social media marketing is best used for sneaky marketing. Think of influencers wearing a gym outfit – that’s a sneaky advertisement, and that’s how social media is for.


My Final Thoughts


Overall, this product is deceptive as hell.


Commission Plan X is never worth it even with its cheap $17 price. You won’t earn anything from it especially if you follow their guidelines thoroughly. Granted, you will still get a training material out of the deal but is the training really worth $17 if you can’t even earn from it? That’s for you to decide.


As for my recommendation – I don’t recommend this product. Even if you have money to spare, there are better products out there. For starters, you can click on my #1 most recommended program if you want to see how affiliate marketing products should be.


To be fair, there is some potential for sale here but the stars would have to align, and lady luck should be on your side 24/7 for you to even earn a single commission. That’s not the kind of odds you should be setting your eyes into.



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