Is AccuTran Global A Scam? – Get The Answers In My Review!

AccuTran Global Scam Review – Is It A Good Place To Start Transcription Business?

Name: AccuTran Global


Owner: Jennifer Millar

Price: Free to apply

Overall Rating: 4 Out of 10

Verdict: Legit, but limited earning potential

There have been many questions about AccuTran Global. So, is it automatically a scam?

The answer is NO. They are a top transcription company and are nowhere close to being a scam. They are also into a presentation, financial sector, and conference calls.

AccuTran Global hires a transcriber to work in the comfort of their home within Canada and United States of America.

However, this company operates in a way that is a bit different from other businesses that do the same thing because they only offer seasonal jobs. That can be a discouragement.

So, is it a good place to start your transcription business at home?

Is it worth it?

This review will give you all the necessary details you need to know about before joining it.

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What Is AccuTran Global All About?

AccuTran Global is a full- service Canadian transcription company providing services to clients around the world. It was established in the year of 2002.

The company also employs people to work from home for their company. They hire them as the contractor and not as employees.

Below Is A screenshot Of Opportunities they offer



They prefer a contractor than employing a full-time staff, but once you can do the transcription perfectly, you will be hired by them.

Only after you can establish a track record with them, you can become a full-time employee.

If you have an ability to work independently and meet client deadlines while the following guideline precisely, I will say Accutran Global is a good place to start making money online as far as you have the basic knowledge of the tasks.


How Does AccuTran Global Work?

First, you will want to go through their registration process. It is quite simple and easy. They will provide you with an application to fill which they refer to as questionnaire.

You will be given a test on transcription with an audio file submitted to them. If you put up a good performance, you are sure to be contacted.

If you are not contacted that signify your skills are not good enough and all you have to do is get better and apply again.

If you get accepted, you will get paid 0.005$/word you transcribe as a starter. They pay up to 0.0066$/word transcribed, but this can only be done by a professional.

They also offer 20% bonus for audio transcription for people from foreign companies and for people that add some professional touch to what they do.

You get you pay in the form of direct deposit or check.

See Their Time Frame And Their Compensation Below.



What I Like About AccuTran Global

  • Provide all necessary software to complete tasks for free.
  • Get training how to use the software the right way
  • Earn a great deal of money during the peak period.
  • Fair start out pay
  • Work schedule is based on availability
  • Work from home
  • No fee to get hired


What I Don’t Like About AccuTran Global

  •  You can’t earn a full-time income working with them.
  • AccuTran Global only hires you to perform some tasks they are not employing you on the long term.
  • There are limited works and you may even have the challenges of getting the job to do.
  • The job is not for Beginners. If you are a beginner starting with transcription, you may have a hard time to getting hired.
  • They have a strict schedule. A lot of people that want to work online are only looking for freedom. Unfortunately, they dictate the time for you which may be stressful sometimes.
  • Very time sensitive and project must be turned in on time. They won’t accept missed deadlines.

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Should You Join AccuTran Global To Make Money From Home?

As far as you have a good listening and typing skill, have a headset, internet connection, and a window operation system, you are good to go with them.

If you are looking for supplementing your income or a way to make small money online, it will be a good place for you.

It is also good if you are looking for part- time job and it will be the best if you are looking for a career in transcription.

The company pays a fair rate as far as transcription jobs for beginner go and offer advancement opportunity, but given the lack of flexibility and seasonal availability of work, it’s not suited for individual looking for full-time income.

I will advise you to add another online job like affiliate marketing or freelancing.


Final Thought: Is Accutran Global A Scam?

AccuTran Global is no way close to a scam. They pay you for every transcription you do for them.

The few complaints about the company are that they are very strict with the schedule and are not meant for newbies.

You can advance in this company to the post of an editor with them, but remember that if you are looking for a way to make good money online this company will not offer you that.

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Do you still have any questions about AccuTran Global, then we will love if you could leave such questions in the comment box!

Thanks for reading.

All the best!





6 thoughts on “Is AccuTran Global A Scam? – Get The Answers In My Review!”

  1. Hi Maun and thanks so much for sharing such an honest and fair review! The Accutran Global does sound like it’s not for newbies (which I would be one of those). I like how you compared Wealthy Affiliate, side by side with Accutran Global. It truly gave me clarification on a few things. Will definitely look into Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks again for sharing.!!

    • Hi Paula,
      First of all, thanks for visiting my site!
      Accutran Global is a legit company with solid reputation. It is a good place to start a transcription career with them. Me personal had been in this job for several months before I found my way to start an online business.
      Surely, not so fit for all newbies, but if you willing to learn and dedicated enough you will make it.
      BTW, thanks for stopping by!

    • Hi Hellen,
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Sure, to make the article relevant I have done a researches.
      All thing considered, AccuTran Global is one of a great transcriptions company. It offers an good incentive for those are doing the transcription.

  2. This is a very well written review, very thorough. I am impressed. It is good to see that this is not a scam, however, it does not seem like an opportunity for me. The pay and the seasonal positioning is a very big turn off. I need to be able to make a consistent income all year round.

    Thank you for sharing though and please keep up the good informative work.

    • Hi Samuel,
      Thanks for visit my site!
      I am agree with you if you’re looking for a consistent income all year around, this might not for you. Another thing that really put me off is that they have very strict schedule.

      However, this might worth for those who are looking for part time job or seasonal position in transcription company.
      In fact, getting a good job is hard nowadays. That’s why started my online business!
      BTW, thanks for sharing your thought.


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