Is Secure Cash At Home A Scam?

Is Secure Cash At Home A Scam Or Legit?

Product Name: Secure Cash At Home

Product Owner: Jennifer Larson

Price: Free to sign up


Overall Rating: 1 Out of 10

Secure Cash At Home website is full of false claims and promises. The site misinformation makes people think this is some kind of job, but the site is not a job site at all.

Secure Cash At Home Jennifer Larson is a work of fiction made to fool you into thinking this scam is a real legitimate business.

Although they say it’s proven and guaranteed, you should some research to find out the truth.

The program is one of the low-quality products that overwhelms the make money online niche. It isn’t even a good online home business opportunity.


What Is The Secure Cash At Home?

On the Secure Cash At Home site itself, you will see many things that make it looks like it would be something legitimate to try out but do not be fooled.

This is not the first time I have come across this sort of website as I shared above, Secure Cash At Home is certainly a scam and one I recommend avoiding.

The pictures and those of the other people giving testimonials are generic and taken from public stock image website which you can find them if you look.

They tell you it’s a link posting program and after some sample number crunching, they give you the impression that for 60 minutes 5 days a week you can earn $78,000 per year.



When you find a program that promises easy money for a few hours of work a week, you should be wary.


Why Should You Avoid The Program?

While this program does provide some sort of training, the worst part of Secure Cash At Home is the way they mislead you.

When you click on any hyperlinks on Secure Cash At Home, it takes you to the final scam of all scams Home Job Now.



  • Different sites the same story. Even more surprising, you will find exactly the same story on another site.
  • Different site the same photos. You will find many different sites that say they have different owners but use the same photo.
  • Misleading sale page. The sales page is full of inaccuracies and deceptive statement.
  • You’ll also need to enter a phone number which is a huge red flag! You know exactly what they’ll do with that phone number, call it non-stop and pressure you to sign up for more deals.

These are just a few of the deceptive statements on the sale page, designed to persuade you to sign-up.

If you are interested in link posting or rather affiliate marketing, I recommend you to read this article about some legitimate training program. You will see they don’t make any of these wild claims and even give you a free trial.

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What I Liked About Secure Cash At Home

  • I actually didn’t like anything about Secure Cash At Home besides the fact that it’s a perfect example of a standard internet marketing scam. This is how they all look and you’ll be able to avoid similar scams.


What I Didn’t Like About Secure Cash At Home

  • For starter, the website is so generic and it an exact clone of several other products.
  • The testimonials are also all stock images.
  • The “feature on” section is also completely fake, this product never been featured on these new channels.
  • I also didn’t like the ” check for availability” form which essentially forces you to join their email marketing.


Who Is This For?

To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to join this program.

Although they might provide some training about affiliate marketing, the training is incomplete and you will be encouraged to buy upsells and extra training which can cost you lot of more money.


My Final Thought: Is Secure Cash At Home A Scam?

This is another site that promises so much and delivers so less. While they might provide some basic training, this is a program that is not recommended.

It’s absolutely not worth the price.

So much misleading information that gives you the impression that you can make a regular income by posting links.

The reality of posting advertising links to the third parties clients products on websites, ad spots, etc, is that the internet is so overrun with such thing, no newcomer ever makes any money with this model.

So, let’s stay clear from and stick to the program that actually works and has an active forum where you can chat with other members.

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Secure Cash At Home At A Glance

Product Name: Secure Cash At Home

Product Owner: Jennifer Larson

Price: Free to sign up


Overall Scam Rank: 1 Out of 10

Verdict: Do Not Recommend

Are you currently a member of Secure Cash At Home or were you a previous member who would like to share your experience with other people?

I would like to hear about it and I’m sure other people would as well. Feel free to leave your experience below as well as any comments, questions or any feedback for me below.

I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading.

All the best!






2 thoughts on “Is Secure Cash At Home A Scam?”

  1. Hey this is definitely something different because when ever you look for online jobs the first thing that pops up is the stay at home mom jobs. I like how it’s all detailed and clean and goes straight to the point. I would definitely recommend it

    • Hi Noluthando,
      Thanks for leaving a comment here!
      Search around online for a bit and you will find a lot of work at home programs pop up. The truth is that the majority of these online work at home programs are misleading. Definitely Secure Cash At Home is one of them.
      Fortunately, real, legitimate work at home program do exist.
      Please stay safe!


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