WWW.usertesting.com Scam? (Not Really, But There’s a Big Red Flag!)

WWW.usertesting.com Scam? (No Really, but There’s a Big Red Flag!)

Welcome to my review of Usertesting.com!

If you are wondering if “www.usertesting.com scam” you are not alone. You’ll find that hundreds of people search for the term” www.usertesting.com scam” in Google.

When I came across Usertesting.com on the Internet, it immediately grabbed my attention. Like anyone else, I’m always looking for new and better ways to expand and improve my own little enterprise.

And after having been burnt more than once by Internet scams, I’ve become pretty leery when approaching or being approached by any company whose obvious goal, in the end, is to share some of my income.

In this User Testing review, I will be giving my honest opinion as to whether this program could help you earn money, or if this is nothing more than smoke and mirror.

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What is Usertesting.com About?

Usertesting.com is “Get paid to Test” website where you will be testing app, game, and websites for companies. They pay you to visit websites or apps, complete a set of tasks and speak you thought loud.

The Usertesting program: My first concern was to determine if, in my opinion, Usertesting was a Usertesting scam.

However, I was mindful of the old adage, we can’t, or shouldn’t, judge a book by its cover. I didn’t want to condemn Usertesting sight unseen. so I began my research while trying to keep an open mind.

Assuming that Usertesting is not a scam, it bears looking into. Any product or service you have can always be improved. That should be a given. So the “assistance” to be gained from Usertesting, as I see it, is to bring your product or service to Usertesting for reviews.

Much like other “sharing opinion and giving feedback on products and services” type of programs, such as Swagbucks, Inspire Opinion, Product Testing UK, PaidViewPoint, and others.

After having reviewed your product or service, Usertesting purports to help in ways that may make whatever you’re selling more attractive. Then Usertesting supposedly helps you recruit others to test and or sell your services or products.

Here’s a Quick Video on Usertesting.com.

I was immediately struck by the mention of recruiting others. That smacked of a pyramid operation.

Now I’m all in favor of any company with the know-how and capability to help me improve my sales and overall business experience. Anyone who had ever operated an enterprise or hopes to do so, quickly learns that there are many dangerous pitfalls.

It’s pretty hard to see them coming and worse, once you’re in that pitfall, sometimes there’s no way out…other than bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is a lot worse than having a bruised ego. It can make life extremely difficult for the next ten years. A young person certainly doesn’t want to wait ten years to start up his/her next enterprise.

What I liked About Usertesting.com

Now on the positive side, Usertesting promises to test your product or service on a serious number of participants.

This would be enough research on your target to give you a pretty clear idea of your product’s reception, along with comments about what your testers like or do not like.

All sounds very helpful, but then buried in all this positive sales talk is what I consider to be a hook.

What I Didn’t Like About Usertesting.com

Evidently, you begin by joining and then paying for apps and setup for your “team”. Usertesting’s experts offer (paid) help to design complex studies

It appears that it’s up to you to recruit these testers with the promise of being paid to test and evaluate your product or service. Who do you think pays these testers?

While you’re paying people to test your products, you’re also paying usertesters.com for their “help” and advice and such perks as feedback, templates designed to give you automatic recruiting and other features.

And lastly, Usertesting’s “experts” promise to have your back. They say the experts will be there when you need help designing your studies.

Who is Usertesting.com Made For?

The program, in my opinion, is designed to be most attractive to persons who are considering the start-up of a business enterprise. Generally speaking, that would mean young persons who want to set up an enterprise for the first time.

That would include those who have tried once or twice and failed, but who stubbornly feel they should find a way to run a successful business.

These form the audience most likely to be taken in by Usertesting’s glowing promises plus the “apparent endorsements” of many large and respected companies.

I say this because I believe the Usertesting scam’s target is the young, relatively inexperienced individual who might be attractive by the promise of education and immediate help with setting up a program.

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How is the Training Like?

User Testing promises to train you and at the same time, you pay $10 each time one of your testers provides a twenty-minute video praising your product.

Now, my advice to anyone, following this review is to try to make a twenty-minute video.
First, most people get for what the Germans so quaintly call it, Lamenfieber or stage fright so severe that they simply can’t act “natural” unless they’re trained actors.

Second, twenty minutes is a mighty long time to praise a product, even allowing for some sort of demonstration. For a free example of this, just check one of the shopping programs on TV.

You’ll see two people discussing and praising — for instance — a ten-karat gold ring embellished by a two-carat garnet. How long can a person go on about such a simple item?

The Home Shopping Network and others, presumably pay well for a personable man, woman or both who possess the quaint ability of being able to talk while maintaining a cheerful smile — and do this for twenty minutes on TV while talking about this ring.

Just try that at home before you sign up for any videos made by testers. And even such reviews are not always reliable because some persons won’t even test the product. They want the $10 and realize they are expected to make a positive review so that’s what they try to do.

Usertesting does say their software tracks the testers’ actions, so cheating should be kept at a minimum.

What is the Cost of Joining User Testing?

The website even has pricing on its menu. However, another red flag, in my opinion, is that when looking at the pricing, to my utter surprise, pricing isn’t even mentioned!

Usertesting purports to help me uncover the reasons why your testers like or do not like your product.

Usertesting also promises to connect you with your very own target audience in only hours, not days. For some reason, the videos are supposed to be helpful in finding and sharing information that will be helpful in driving your business into the future.

Usertesting is an attractive website, interesting and well-produced. However, delivering on what is promised sounds pretty iffy and can be expensive when you have to pay out $10 for each video.

A well-produced video with real actors would, of course, cost a great deal more than $10. It’s easy to see the video $10 can buy. Placed on your website, it might only bring you a few laughs, but no business.

Of course, those $10 videos are only the tip of the iceberg. I can see a number of other costs involved. Add to that, chances are that very few amateurs, if any, are going to be able to whip out a 20-minute video at any price.

My Final Opinion. Is Usertesting.com a Scam?

All things considered, I’m happy to say this isn’t a scam. This is a good program that worth joining. I think that for someone looking for creating their business will be a good investment in this platform.

However, I cannot recommend it because it is easy to fall into the rabbit hole of extra expenses, especially if you are a beginner.

I would avoid getting involved in any sort of membership. It’s clearly designed to extract money from your billfold or handbag, money that might be more useful in other areas.


4 thoughts on “WWW.usertesting.com Scam? (Not Really, But There’s a Big Red Flag!)”

  1. Hi Maun, thank you for a review of UserTesting.com

    In my opinion, UserTesting is a great platform for companies to get honest human insights on their websites and apps.

    However, for testers, it is difficult to make a lot of money with UserTesting. You are not going to get rich as the number of opportunities for testing depends on a lot of factors.

    UserTesting is good for making some money on the side, however, to make serious money people need to look at other opportunities.

    • Hi Moni,
      Agree. Usertesting.com offers a great service to other companies. They are legit and provide value for both companies and consumers.
      However, in the case of testers, this is a different story. You will want to work so hard to make money with them. That’s why the platform is just good for an extra income. If you are looking for full time or part time income you should look into other options.
      Anyways, thanks for visiting and commenting.

  2. Hi Maun,

    Very interesting, however, I’ll stick to what I have now until I do more research. Well if it targets young people then I’m too old to understand it anyway. But I’m glad it worked out for you.

    • Hi Kelyee,
      Yeah, stick with something that works for you. There are a plenty of options when it comes to making money online. Usertesting might not for you if you want to earn a full-time income online.


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