Product Testing UK Reviews- Test and Keep Expensive Gadgets?

Product Testing UK Reviews- Test and Keep Expensive Gadgets?

Majority of people are lured into the idea of receiving free products. You have most likely come across the Product Testing UK website or a link directing you to the website with expensive gadgets popping out offering you a chance to win one for yourself.

Product Testing UK is a company that gives out costly devices and products such as iPhone 7 to people for free in exchange for your review of their products. I will talk every bit of this company exclusively in this Product Testing UK review.

Many other companies that give out cheap products such as shampoos and chocolates exist. What is this unique thing about Product testing UK Company that can give out even the latest MacBook versions? Is this true?

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What is Product Testing UK All About?

Product testing UK site has been online since 2012. Other than awarding you with expensive gifts, the site also allows you to make cash as a mystery shopper.

The company is unique and features large branded products, secret dining opportunities, and mystery shopping. In its website, Product Testing UK chooses the products that will be tested and the product testers selected randomly.

Below is a Quick Video on Product Testing Uk

You have to register for the specific product you are interested in for you to have the chance to win. You can register for as many products including sweets, smartphones, and iPad.

The signing up is a hundred percent free no charges apply. You should ensure that you have completely registered for the product you are interested in up to the congratulations page.

If you are lucky to be selected, Product Testing UK asks for a full written review, a video review and photos of yourself with the product. With that, you have an opportunity to have the product for free.

Some of the products categories reviewed include entertainment, dining fashion gaming, home and garden, pets, baby, and beauty. This is in addition to participating in the mystery shopping category.

Product Testing UK are accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and you can find them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. For those people who work as mystery shoppers, they give unaltered and unbiased customer response to their experiences with a company’s product.

The information helps the company to improve on products quality in the future. If you are looking for the best opportunity to get some free products, this article gives you all information and truth about Product Testing UK review.

What I Like About Product Testing UK

Product Testing UK is free to sign up. You only require to fill in your details, and you are good to proceed and get yourself a free product. No fee is required to register for the product they are interested.

Furthermore, you can register for as many products as he or she likes. Whatever opportunity or product that suits your interest is available and free to register.

Additionally, some of the participants out there have received some products from Product Testing UK. Out of all the participants, there is a small percentage that qualifies for the reviews and still earns the offered products.

The selected members are not paid for their reviews, but they keep the product for free as a type of compensation.

What I Don’t Like About Product Testing UK

Despite the few positives stated above, Product Testing UK has many drawbacks.

Firstly, Product Testing UK will give your details to anyone. The signing up for the site, you start receiving tons of spam emails and offers. Am sure no one likes being sent these advertisement emails now and then.

Additionally, some of the applicants who gave out their phone numbers say that they consistently receive cold calls from time to time from them. Product Testing UK gives out your details to the third party, and even though this is stated in their privacy policy, it’s a significant disturbance.

They are not responsible for their privacy practices as they do not control the third party linked sites. The junks emails and unsolicited phone calls, well I guess you won’t like it.

Lots of tedious and lengthy surveys need to be filled in after signing up. Furthermore, you will have to give so many details including where you live, your phone number, email and more.

The registering is tiresome considering that you are not assured of getting any free product or even being selected as a tester. The people that are chosen are those that Product Testing UK thinks they will give the type of feedback they need.

Product Testing UK does not provide free products to anyone and is hence hard for many people to get the offers. Very few people are selected out of thousands that sign up to become testers and mystery shoppers.

The last con is that those that qualify are from the UK, USA or Australia. If you are not from the stated countries, unless you use VPN to sign up and hide your location, the site won’t allow you to sign up.

Who it is for

Product Testing UK is meant for all those people willing to give it a try in writing some of the products reviews. In actual terms, those that freely qualify are those residing in the UK, USA, and Australia but you may sign up using VPN as stated above.

They may probably be lucky enough to be awarded the luxurious gifts. The website for Product Testing UK is the topmost in the UK for any person who wants to do product testing.

Anyone if interested is just required to write a review and do a video review. You then have to send it to Product Testing UK and get the particular item for free.

Product Testing UK site is not worth the time as many may not qualify. The people I think would perfectly earn money off out of this are the popular YouTube and social media review takers. These are the likely ten out of thousands that product Testing UK would choose.

Training/Tools Overview

As long as you live in the UK, USA or Australia, you qualify for Product Testing UK. You will access all the products that you can sign up for and send applications of being a tester.

You have to provide some contact details when you visit their site as they insist on the need to get to you after you are successful. They then provide you with many pages to sign up for free offers and answering questions.

I made sure that I was careful enough to sign up for nothing. Fifteen minutes later I had finished and was told I could claim $25 from another site. The company sent me two emails, and within minutes I started receiving spam emails.

I henceforth received cold calls from third-party sites. The link to this is a check in the box on the initial screen on terms after filling in your email address and first name. I regretted checking in as I henceforth got hammered with many spams loads.

The promotional materials could be anything. With the basic online smartphone knowledge, I guess you are good to go. The sign up is lengthy but free.

When you now actually join the Product testing UK, there are three steps on how the product testing works.

The first step is selecting the product you want to test. The second step depends on whether you will be chosen. If selected, you are chosen, and you receive the chosen product. Lastly, you test and review your product. Selected lucky testers get to keep the products as compensation for their reviews.

You must verify your email and complete a questionnaire before you can test the product. You check the products that you have registered for by logging into your account and clicking on my account tab.

Does Product Testing UK Offer Any Help When You Need It?

Many companies offer many offers that will help you earn free products. Finding companies offering free products in exchange for products reviews is hence simple because of the various offers.

Unfortunately, many of the companies offer cheap products such as chocolates. You should carefully investigate the privacy terms to avoid signing up for an irresponsible company.

Product Testing UK offers you an opportunity to earn free products which are expensive and worth to review. I came across it, and to my view, it is a chance to get a free product especially iPhone 7 which I always wanted.

Product Testing UK is an axis in which the users access all the products that they want to register and become testers. The websites elements are orderly with well-elaborated details of each section. Users access the sections of the site easily without struggle.

As the website states, its features are legal and legit and are one of the tops in this industry. The websites persuade the user into signing up for one of a kind opportunities presented.

Despite the opportunity, you should first scrutinize it to make sure that it is your best choice to invest your time. In conclusion, there are advantages and disadvantages at play here, and it only depends on your view.

How Much Does Product Testing UK Cost?

Product Testing UK offers unique testing reviews and experiences. You only have to write a review in exchange for a free product. The review is supposed to be a minute long video, photos and at least five hundred words written review.

The price of joining product testing UK is a hundred percent free. The website provides a free sign up and while they would not want to cost anything extra to deceive you into signing up.

They only offer opportunities for selected few who qualify to do the reviews. You have to register each time you test a product instead of registering once.

Product testing UK provides all kinds of electronic products from laptops, gaming consoles to smartphones. You have the chance to walk away with an expensive luxuries product that you can think of for free. This is in exchange for doing the product review.

Time is the ultimate price that should be considered. Is your time worth it? Product testing reminds me of survey sites in which you get paid to do surveys.

It is challenging to earn anything from this company. It’s definite that some people walk away with expensive products, but they are far very few.

The company also provides a chance for you to get paid as a mystery shopper. The job is more straightforward as all you have to do is visit a selected shop or supermarket and do a review of your experiences.

Is Product Testing UK a scam?

Product Testing UK has concerning policies, but I would not say they are completely a scam. No company can afford to give free expensive stuff to everyone especially to thousands of people hence it may not be a scam.

Unfortunately, the site is misleading by promising everyone that they will get free products rather than specifying further. Most people get frustrated by those spam emails they keep sending to you after failing to qualify to receive free products.

Product testing scam of selecting a few individuals from thousands of people is the reason that I would not recommend you to sign up for this company as you aren’t sure of what they will do with your private information details.

To be honest, the odds are always against you making it difficult for most users to get the free products even after investing their time in it. On the contrary, for those that want some free goods, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. The payoff may be good.

Here’s What I Really Think

Product Testing UK is a thump down for me and is not worth your hassle. Maybe I would sign up for some few products that am interested in but keep realistic expectations.

I wouldn’t say it is a scam, but it gives a lot of promises which mostly will never come true. The company makes it easy for people to think that they will get lots of free products but only a few that will be applied.

The odds that will likely favor you are having no any reward after spending many hours filling and signing up their information sheets. The company works similarly to playing the lottery in which many people participate, but very few will win something.

Time is money, and it is not worth to spend several months doing Product testing UK reviews only to gain one product while you would have earned much more if you spent that time well. In simple terms, I can’t recommend you to join Product testing UK.

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Thanks for reading this review and hopefully I have given you enough information to help you make a sound decision.

If you have any questions about Product Testing UK, just leave them in the comment below.



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