What is Niche Marketing Kit? A Critical Review!

Niche Marketing Kit Critical Review

What's Niche Marketing Kit? Critical Review


Welcome to my exclusive Niche Marketing Kit Review. First things first, what you will get from me today is not just a typical article about this product, but a detailed review of the product. And if you are a novice affiliate marketer or blogger or you already have substantial experience with online money-making programs, you need to read this review to the end.


It is a fact that most of you may have thought about becoming an affiliate or doing online businesses. Making money from the comfort of your home seems like a seamless task. However, you may be wrong when you think about it in this dimension because the online market competition rate is increasing day by day.


If you ask the experts, you will learn that becoming an online affiliate marketer or doing business online is not a walk in the park. It is evident that all online business owners and affiliates want to get success as fast as possible. Nevertheless, what most people do not know is that the online market has become more and more difficult than ever before.


In actual fact, there is a countless number of applications and software presently that always promise to bring about massive business success to clients. However, online businesses and affiliate markets are, in most cases, driven crazy by these applications, which may cost a big chunk of money. This is the primary reason why I have decided to review the Niche Marketing Kit to help you make a profound decision.


Keep reading the review to find more about how the system works, about its pros and cons, and whether it’s legit or not. I believe that the review will be worth your patience and time. Without further ado, let’s go straight to the point.


What is Niche Marketing Kit?

According to its creators, Dave Nicholson and John Thornhill, Niche Marketing Kit is an all-inclusive kit. In simple terms, it is a collection of products that have been packaged in a single package to enable affiliate marketers and bloggers to gain access to all essential training to monetize websites. This consolidated package can clearly become your comprehensive toolkit to generate a lot of web traffic.

Here’s a Short Video on Niche Marketing Kit

I know for a fact that starting an online business from scratch can be an uphill task. Building an online business empire requires a lot of time and determination. The Niche Marketing Kit is designed with the good intention of helping affiliate marketers to generate a substantial amount of sales via the proven strategies and tools that both John and Dave utilized to make more than a million dollars.


If you start using the program today, you will learn how to build useful and massive backlinks to get very high ranks on popular search engines like Google. The Niche Marketing Kit comes with over a hundred and fifty thousand of PRL article. With this, you will be able to learn the importance of leading traffic, as explained by Thornhill’s method.


Also, you will have the opportunity of learning how to make personalized marketing videos. All the instructions and guidelines are situated on the marketing video course, MRR. You can learn more about video cash blueprint via Resale Right, and much more via the PLR license. Thus, you will be able to start selling the video course and keep your 100 % profit.


Please do not stop here but scroll down and get more info about this unique product from John and Dave.


How Does Niche Marketing Kit Work?

As I said earlier, Niche Marketing is perhaps the best and biggest complete internet marketing toolkit package at present. It comes with essential and vital niches that will guarantee online success. For instance, it has an action plan, PRL, creating a marketing video course, among others. Check how the product works below.


First Module – Six Products for Web Traffic Niche

This product offers you six products or guidelines about web traffic roles. It provides you a forty-five-day traffic plan about how you can bring much more traffic to your website. Also, you can utilize the 100 high-quality traffic training videos if you want to learn step by step.


With these videos, you will learn how to start getting profits in forty-five days. In the subsequent training or topic, you will get to know more about John Thornhill’s secretive method of generating traffic.


Second Module – Video Marketing

Countless video courses about video marketing with MRR or PLR licenses are offered. This second module shows you how to make your video available to targeted users and how to begin video marketing. With this module, you will learn how to lure visitors to your site and begin making profits.


Here, you will get ten parts of videos that come with info about how to develop your business quickly and how to design a marketing video for free. You will also receive eleven pieces of videos about marketing in total, and most of them contain an MRR license.


Third Module – Affiliate Marketing

This module shows you how to make money vial affiliate marketing such as Clickbank. Besides, the recognized method that John and Dave used to make more than a million-dollar sales is a must-have for you. With this, you will never get anxious about starting your business without created products and a buyer list. You will also access various PLR products on affiliate marketing, like 4000 words sales page, eBook, squeeze page, among others.


Fourth Module – List Building

List building will help you broaden your personal email list. It also shows you how to design high and professional converting squeeze pages that will be of significant help when it comes to bringing responsive leads. Additionally, this module makes it comfortable for you to operate a total autopilot list building system. Since comprehensive video training for list building exists, you should not be worried.


Fifth Module – Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, clients no longer feel disarrayed about social media marketing strategies, thanks to this fantastic module. The good thing about this module is that it enables you to know how to design the right fan pages, how to create a Facebook Fan page in a short period, as well as how to get steady access to the software.


Utilizing this module fully enables you to establish Facebook Ads and also drive web traffic via Facebook both via paid traffic or free traffic.


Module Six – Accessing Dave’s Complete Web Traffic Forever

According to the program, this program teaches you how to acquire various streams of targeted traffic directly into your Niche Marketing Tool Kit site, blog, auction, squeeze page, adverts, or whatever. The total web traffic is a comprehensive membership filled with high-quality and easy to read training material in various formats.


It also comes with limitless traffic generation tactics. You will never have to think about anything else as it assures successful traffic generation forever.


How to Make Money with Niche Marketing Kit?

As I said previously, Niche Marketing Kit contains all the crucial things you require and your online business demands for success. The proven methods, strategies, and tools that have helped Dave and John make over $ 1 million will also help your online business make some good cash. The good thing is that this toolkit will expand your affiliate market business, and guarantee you more and more earnings.


Niche Marketing Kit Ugly Truths Revealed!

It is not Good for Newbies

The Niche Marketing Kit is not the best for amateurs or those individuals who have not started owning a site. What irritates is the fact that the tutorials do not cover useful info for people with zero or minimal skills in designing and creating websites.


Before users start implementing helpful marketing knowledge and powerful tools, it would be wise if they discovered their niche first. Unluckily, there is no information about this need in the Niche Marketing kit.


Finding affiliate marketing and a niche are entirely two different things. Finding and choosing a profitable niche is essential, and it is one of the things that most newbies struggle with. It is just like a vehicle without a proper engine, even if the vehicle comes with a fancy dashboard, leather cushions, and a fantastic body, it is worth nothing if it has a faulty engine.


It Lacks Support Services

Although the program is not a scam, there are a couple of things that I will say it isn’t as perfect as it claims on its marketing video and website. One of the things I did not like about the program is that it lacks support.


The program markets the kit’s incredible features on how it would significantly help affiliate marketers to develop a successful webpage that converts. Nevertheless, that program lacks dedicated support that could be beneficial to the beginners.


When it comes to investing your money on online businesses, the best support that you should receive is a team that is there to assist you whenever a problem arises. In addition, it is vital to have a program that offers all-round support services such that there will be minimal or no downtime at all when it comes to responding to customer issues, especially the amateurs.


Looking for the Best Support with no downtime for your Affiliate Marketing Business?

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What I Like About Niche Marketing Kit

Customers will, indeed, benefit from this program in a couple of ways. Here are the things I like about the Niche Marketing Kit.


  • It comes with all the essential tools, the action plan, as well as the most significant methods required to guarantee your online success. This is undoubtedly the info you need to succeed online this year and the years to come.
  • Currently, the product is being sold at a slashed price. The present cost is undoubtedly economical.
  • The training videos incorporate an MRR license, and this makes various products ready to re-sell. With this, you can take the 100 % profit. Also, you will get tutorial videos and PDF documents.
  • The program is quite friendly to the beginners who are willing to learn since the training videos are practically easy to follow.
  • It comes with a thirty-day money-back guarantee. If you are not contented with the program within the first thirty days, you can ask for a refund.
  • The program inventors are thriving, with many years of experience in the marketing world.


Is Niche Marketing Kit a Scam?

If you ask me whether Niche Marketing Kit is a scam, I will say no a million times. If you ask whether it is worth your investment, I will say no too. This is because it is possible to find all information about affiliate marketing online for free.


However, one thing I like about this program is that it contains a lot of basic info about affiliate marketing. The training modules mentioned above offers crucial knowledge for standard marketing, and the creators have ensured that the strategies are easy to implement.


The Niche Marketing Kit is a perfect introduction to how to be an affiliate marketer. It is also an outstanding platform to get info about the essential software and resources utilized by most affiliates today. The company’s products contain practical internet marketing components in an all-in-one package.


How I Make a Living Online

If there is one way that I have made good money via the internet, it is definitely affiliate marketing. Simply put, affiliate marketing is the process or advertising or selling an item on behalf of another organization. If you join an affiliate market today, you will be rewarded for each sale that a client makes out of your promotion effort. You will be given a specific percentage of that sale whenever possible.


You only need good traffic in order to earn handsomely from affiliate marketing. You will also need users to review the products and services that you are giving off the internet. And indeed, the most important thing is to lure visitors into leads. Note, you will not make a commission if no sale is made.


In order to join the affiliate marketing world, you will not require a website. However, it would be wise if you owned one. Through your website, you can inform your prospects and visitors about the products and services you are providing.


But in today’s affiliate marketing, users are given full link by the company they’re marketing products for, to use, and market it wherever and anytime they need. All that is required for these users is to promote the link all over the internet to get the desired traffic.

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Niche Marketing Kit

$47 Plus Upsells





Overall Quality



  • Money-back guarantee
  • User- friendly program
  • It comes with all essential tools.


  • Not good for beginners
  • Several upsells
  • Lack of support from creators

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