Is High Ticket Hijack a Scam? HTH’s Ugly Truth Revealed?!!

Is High Ticket Hijack a Scam?

Is high ticket hijack a scam: Ugly Truths

You have certainly come to the best place if you are searching for a detailed review about High Ticket Hijack. The digital world is evolving at an incredible pace. Today, consumers want different products than they did a couple of years ago. It is possible to come across marketers utilizing outdated tactics where they will be putting too much effort for too little fruits.


In today’s world, you will realize that providing free lead magnet and trying to get subscribers to purchase your products hardly works. On the other hand, sending hundreds or even thousands of emails to market low-ticket offers is more stringent than working on a full-time job.


If you have been in affiliate marketing for a given period, you might have seen some professional’s advice on the need to market High Ticket Affiliate Marketing. Currently, a lot of arguments exist on whether to market High Ticket Affiliate offers or not. There are other experts, on the other hand, who see it wise to market low ticket items. I will give my thoughts at the end of this review. As the name suggests, High Ticket Hijack is all about marketing High Ticket Offers.


It is advisable to start marketing high ticket because it attracts serious buyers. In addition, since high tickets are complete end-to-end solutions, they are proven to be much more effective. The fact that a high marketing ticket is marketed by only a handful of affiliates, the competition in the field will be minimal.


So, if you have just started to market high ticket or need to maximize your online commercial profits, it is essential to go through this review to the end. By the end of the review, you will have the ability to make a sound decision. Read on to find more info regarding this program. You will discover its pros and cons, how it works, how to make money with the system, as well as whether the system is a scam or not.


What is High Ticket Hijack?

High Ticket Hijack is both a method and software for making HIGH three-figure daily commissions while broadening your list at the same time. With this, you will not require to build another list for the program to work. In simple words, it is a cloud-based and proven system that contains everything needed to sell other user’s high-ticket items.


The system is simple in nature, and the primary idea is to create your email list and then generate high ticket commissions by giving out a free gift to lure users to attend and view an automated webinar.


You are given a choice to use their pre-made funnels for some of the big-ticket products, high converting, most popular products. Else, you can quickly and easily create your personalized big-ticket funnels.


Here’s a Short Video on High Ticket Hijack


The High Ticket Hijack incorporates personalized tools that incorporate domains, funnel builders, graphics, bonuses, and hosting, among other extraordinary things. All these things are included in a single marketing system for the sole purpose of selling.


Usually, these are the same tools utilized by leading affiliate marketers. The tools certainly offer them an unfair advantage over the beginners and other users trying to reap big in the affiliate world. In most cases, most users tend to go for the low-ticket products when it comes to affiliate marketing because they see the low-tickets as the most straightforward sales to make.


The massive problem with this type of thinking is that it takes a lot of time and effort to equal a single big-ticket sale of around $ 500 or more. Generally, sending cold traffic to high ticket affiliate leads to an incredibly low conversion rate.


How Does High Ticket Hijack Work?

As we have seen above, High Ticker Hijack (HTH) is a simple program that contains a few landing pages. If you have purchased similar digital products previously, you are undoubtedly familiar with the strategy used by most sellers. Mostly, the sellers typically create standard products and then market them with lots of claims.


Anyway, HTH has invented three simple steps to solve the problems that continually face the affiliate marketing world:


  • Choose a high ticket, high converting offer to market from the list.
  • Choose the ‘Done for You’ free incentive offer. You need to give away this offer in order to capture leads and interest.
  • Plug into the free traffic system in order to make high ticket sales.


I found this system quite unusual in that although you’re generating leads, the leads you create are designed for other promotions of your choice and are not required to make money via the software. Since the software does a great job of converting the visitors into sales via the webinar, you will not be needed to incorporate any email marketing to make high ticket sales with this strategy and tools.


The system basically builds your list while making you some useful commissions, without sending any follow up emails. The good thing about the system is that visitors are given incentives to attend the webinar. Still, they will be required to enter their personal details like email addresses in order to be accepted at the webinar. Also, recognized traffic shortcuts are incorporated into the system to turn your targeted visitors into leads quickly.


How to Make Money with High Ticket Hijack

The software utilizes something known as ‘straight-line marketing.’ With this strategy, the software builds you a list while making good commissions. The best thing is that you will not need to send an email to get the commissions, but you can opt to email your email list as regularly as you like if needs be. Everything happens automatically, and you will get your commissions instantly.


High Ticket Hijack Ugly Truths Revealed!

I am not saying that making money online via this system is impossible, but it will take your time and effort. Here are the ugly truths about the software:


You aren’t In Control of Your Online Business

You aren’t in total control of your online business since the company hosts everything for you on the money pages. A couple of years ago, I encountered terrible experiences with a particular program where they promised us similar things but under-delivered.


When it comes to online businesses, having a personal website is crucial. It will go a long way in warranting that you make some excellent cash. I am not saying that High Ticket Hijack will follow the same route, but I am sharing the bad experiences I faced when I joined a similar program.



Most users do not like upsells, and I guess you are among these individuals that hate upsells. When a specific program offers you many upsells, you may realize that you will not get the full value of your product due to the continuous process of purchasing the upsells. In this case, the total upsells here stands at $ 622, while the total downsells value is $ 372.


It is a ‘Done for You’ System

I have reviewed a couple of ‘Do for You’ systems, and I can confidently tell you that it is impossible to learn anything or develop your skills with these types of systems. In most cases, the DFY systems under-delivered with incredibly low quality. Creating a personal website is the only best and proven option, as it also helps you in the long run.


Working for only 15 Minutes a Day is a Hoax

I personally know individuals earning between 3000 dollars and 10000 + dollars weekly, but none of the individuals said that they only work for fifteen minutes or less per day. If this mindset is already written in your mind, please format it. Making money online is not for the faint-hearted as it needs time and effort.


The Traffic Training Program is Poor

Again, the traffic training program isn’t professional. If you are an amateur, the training material isn’t likely to be beneficial to you due to how poorly they are offered. In my opinion, I think it would not be wise to invest your money in the traffic training program in order to make one high ticket sale.


Unrealistic Claims and Too Much Hype

You might end up being disappointed if you believe all claims on the organization’s sales page. Think about these claims:


  • It is possible to literally make 3 – 4 figures before lunch break via a given formula.
  • The system is the EASIEST and FASTEST way to make four-figure plus hand-free commissions every day.
  • Earn three-to-four figures daily commissions while creating your list in only 15 minutes daily.


What do you think of the above allegations? With the experience I have, I advise you always to avoid products that promise easy, quick, and fast money with very minimal work.


What I Like About High Ticket Hijack


The system creates two pages that integrate for sky-high conversions when being used. The DFY (Done for You) generation page gives both a free training session and a free giveaway. The two features appeal to a broad audience since it allows them to get 2X their leads. It also has a DFY sales page that comes with a free training webinar to allow visitors to receive what they want.


It is Effective

This particular system offers you: more leads as well as a continuously growing list without creating any products. Besides, it helps you to acquire high-quality subscribers. With this, a substantial percentage of high-ticket buyers are included in your list. Another unique thing about the system is that it provides INSTANT COMMISSIONS. Users will not have to wait for results as they will get their dues as they build their list.


It is Tried and Tested -the system has been thoroughly tested, and it offers incredible results.


Other things I liked about the software includes:


  • It is easy to use
  • It contains 100 % tried and tested strategies for traffic
  • It has substantial training material
  • The offers and pages are customizable
  • It incorporates a thirty-days money-back guarantee
  • It comes with more than two hundred inbuilt lead magnets


Is High Ticket Hijack a Scam?

HTH is not a scam, but it utilizes some confusing information. After performing an in-depth review, I didn’t come across something called the Secret Underground Traffic App. This app sounds ridiculous. Besides, there is no such thing as making thousands of dollars within 15 minutes with little effort. When you are an amateur, you need to work extremely hard in order to join the experts league.


Most of the promises offered by the company are just ways of making sales. It does not always mean that the offered product is as described in the sales video and pages. When you sign up with the software, you will automatically get landing pages and several instructions to connect them with your autoresponder and how to configure it properly. You might be shocked to realize that there are no secrets and underground traffic app.


Generally, the software is not a scam, but I have uncertainties about the value of the pages. Also, the claims given by the inventors aren’t honest at all.


How I Make a Living Online

As scholars say, success is a learnable skill, and people can learn how to succeed at anything. Everybody wants to make money online, but most people do not make it. The truth is that thousands of people are making a full-time passive income from the comfort of their sofa. Also, thousands of users are losing their hard-earned income to online scams.


The good news is that anybody can be their own boss and make money online by incorporating proper training and methods. I have been making a living online over the last few years. Here is how I make my money online.


After being scammed several times, I decided to join affiliate marketing, and I have never regretted ever since. Affiliate marketing is not a pyramid scheme as presented by some companies that want to market their products. It is a genuine business that makes cash to millions of online gurus across the world.


For those that don’t know anything to do with affiliate marketing, it is basically the process of marketing and selling other company’s products and services online in exchange for specific commissions. Contrary to the popular briefs, it is not a get-rich-scheme as it requires perseverance, hard work, and time.

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