Send Earnings Review: Earn By Completing Offers?

Send Earnings Review: Earn By Completing Offers?

send earnings review


Product Name: Send Earnings

Price: Free

Rating: 3.5 out of 10

Verdict: This company had the potential to be a good pocket money earner but the ridiculously long payout wait and high payout threshold makes this company a pain to work with.


**Update: SendEarnings will be permanently closed after July 2, 2020. All future signups will be redirected to InboxDollars


Looking for a side job nowadays if becoming the norm as working only one job is usually just enough money to get by. That’s the sad reality of many of us, unfortunately. Searching for a side job online has since become like a hobby now for many people as they continue to look for opportunities online.

The internet is probably the best gateway to find jobs because 95% of all job listings probably get posted here. However, this does not come without a cost. Unfortunately, the internet has become a breeding ground for scams that are masquerading themselves as job opportunities.

This is one of the biggest problems that many users run into whenever they search for legitimate opportunities online. For that reason alone, I made this website to review ‘money-making’ opportunities/programs on the internet. So far, I’ve reviewed close to 700 programs and while there are good programs out there, unfortunately, majority are scams.

That being said, I still carry the same amount of optimism whenever I am going to review a new program. In today’s review, I am going to review a GPT (get paid to) website called Send Earnings. It’s another money-making opportunities that’s been making a splash on the GPT industry right now. Is this opportunity legit? Let’s find out.


What Is Send Earnings?

Send Earnings is basically a website that pays you to take surveys, complete offers, read emails, redeem coupons, watch videos, and download apps. For all intents and purposes, this is like a cookie-cutter GPT website in that there are no discernable differences between this program and all other GPT websites out there.

Send Earnings is owned by a company called InboxDollars (which I’ve reviewed – check the review here). These two sites are very similar to each other which probably makes you wonder why they are in the same industry. The obvious answer is they want a larger piece of the pie, hence, introducing two similar products in one industry. Plenty of companies do this, and internet companies are certainly no exception.


How Does Send Earnings Work?

As I’ve said, Send Earnings is not that unique. If you have joined another GPT website, then the process of earning is basically the same. There are small differences but it’s negligible.

You sign up as a member. Once verified, Send Earnings will send you a list of offers that you can complete. You earn credits whenever you complete any offers. Their best offer are surveys and questionnaires. For these gigs, you will get paid $0.25 to $0.50. That may not seem like much but the survey questions will only take a minute of your time. It totally depends on you to see if it’s worth your time or not.

As for their other offers, the payment is less than $0.25 but those offers take even less time to finish. Either you do quick offers for small amount of cash or do bigger offers, which take more time, to earn more.


How Much Can You Earn From Send Earnings?

Honestly, there’s really no way of gauging the average earnings of the average users because the data is incomplete. What I mean by that is the average would be skewed towards the $5 because majority of the users would’ve quit already before they reach the $30 mark.

I have a feeling that this is by design. Think about it, if a user quit with $15 in his account, he has no way of withdrawing that money. Send Earnings would then pocket the extra $10, ultimately getting themselves free labor. That’s the purpose of the high threshold of $30.


Send Earnings Quirks – What I Don’t Like About This Program

The amount you earn depends on the kinds of gigs that you finish. The more active you are, the more credits you will earn, of course.

  • They have a $30 minimum payout threshold. This means that before you can withdraw money, your account must have a minimum of $30 in it.
  • Depending on how active you are, that could take you anywhere from a few weeks to several months, leaning towards several months.
  • The $30 threshold is not even the worst part. They have a 30-day holdout stage. This means that you have to wait 30 days after your withdrawal request to receive your check. Yes, that’s correct, they are still using checks.
  • At the time of this writing, they do not offer any other payment method alternatives.
  • To give you an idea of how ridiculous this 30-day wait is, let me give you an example. Let’s say you become a member in January. You are active for a few months until you reach the $30. Reaching that $30 took you two months (which is the average time). You would then have to wait another 30 days to receive your money.
  • This means that it will take you 3 months to realize all the efforts you put in. And it’s only for $30. No, actually, it’s just $27.
  • They takeout a $3 fee because, you know, why not? That’s just silly.


What I Like About Send Earnings

  • Once you get verified, you will instantly get $5 on your account. This is like a welcome bonus to get you excited about working on the company.
  • As far as receiving payments, Send Earnings looks to be reliable.
  • Plenty of different offers which is based upon your demographic.
  • The website is neat and organized. This makes browsing for offers a breeze especially when compared to its competitors where the dashboard is cluttered and crowded.


The Verdict – Is Send Earnings Worth Your Time?

The answer to that questions would almost always be “it depends on how much you value your time.”

I’ve already laid out a rundown of how much you can earn from this program. If you think earning $30 in that timeline is worth the effort, then go ahead. But speaking for the average user, I doubt that they have the patience to wait 3 months to earn an extra $30.

To be fair, Send Earnings did not claim to provide any of their users a good salary. Their only claim is to provide side money for their users, which they do, undoubtedly. It’s just that, they have these silly regulations that doesn’t make sense like the 30-day holdout and the $30 minimum payout.

It’s as if they’re trying to make their users quit before they reach that $30. This company would have gotten a much better rating had it not been for these two weird rules. Earning $30 in 3 months’ time is very different than earning an extra $3 per week. Granted, that doesn’t seem much but one of the choices is available almost instantly, at least.


Alternative To Send Earnings

If you are a regular reader here, you probably already know that I am not exactly a fan of GPT websites. They pay too little but requires plenty of work. Becoming a part of a GPT website is like being a member of a troll army, ready to click, like, and subscribe to anyone who’s paying.

That being said, I don’t belittle those who choose this work as a side hustle. It’s extra money after all. But I feel like it’s my obligation to tell you that there are better side hustles out there, like a lot more. So, don’t limit yourself to answering GPT offers. Educate yourself and earn more for the same effort you are willing to put in.

If you want to learn more about the type of side hustles you need to be doing, then you should definitely check this one out – My #1 Recommended Money-Maker on the Internet. See you there.







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