Rewards Buck Review – Scam Or Legit?

Rewards Buck Review – Scam Or Legit?



Before I begin this review of Rewards Buck, I want to commend you for actually doing your research before deciding whether the product is worth your time or not. There are plenty of scams on the internet right now – in the millions, in fact. There is a high chance that you have already come across several scams when you are browsing simply because of how widespread these scams are. But worry no more because I am here to provide you an honest review of the different money-making products you see on the internet.


I’ve been reviewing many money-making products for many years now and I feel like it’s my civic duty to write about scams or even legitimate programs to give warnings or recommendations to my readers. I’ve reviewed several hundred products already (you can find all of them here). I have developed a system wherein I can easily spot which ones are scams and which aren’t. You can also learn of this ability but you need to have first hand experience in at least one other program. Today, I am using this ability to review a product called Rewards Buck. This company has slowly been gaining buzz online because of its somehow unique structure that separates it from the rest. How legit is this company? Is it worth your time? Let’s find out in my full review.


What Exactly Is Rewards Buck?


Rewards Buck is a “get paid to” reward site that is going to pay you to do different tasks for varying amounts, depending on the difficulty of the tasks. GPT websites have become mainstream in today’s internet landscape because a lot of people are looking for extra earning opportunities online. GPT websites have become so widespread that there are so many trigger words on it on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). If you search on ways to make money online, there’s a high chance that you would come across some GPT pages.


GPT pages mostly have similar styles which make it hard to distinguish them from one another. Most of them will have the same system which makes the job even harder. The usual tasks for GPT websites are answering surveys, signing up for offers, playing games, watching ads, and even listening to music. Each of these tasks has a corresponding amount which means that the rates of the gigs you get depend entirely on the kind of tasks you’ve accepted. If you want to earn more, you need to do gigs that are more popular which usually pays more. The problem with that is you will have plenty more competition than if you choose the less-than-popular gigs.


How Can You Earn Using Rewards Buck?


Rewards Buck, unlike its contemporaries, uses points as their main form of currency. This means that everything you do under Rewards Buck will not net you any cash but instead only get a point equivalent. Don’t worry though because these points can be converted into cash.


You will earn these points every time you finish a task. These points are called “RB points” which is pretty self-explanatory. Here are the 4 major ways you can make money using Rewards Buck.



  • Download mobile games


This is probably the easiest way to earn RB points using this platform. All you have to do is basically download and install a specific app on your Android or iOS phone and you’re all set – you’ve earned your first points as a Rewards Buck member.


After you installed, you can simply remove the app from your phone but remember to open the app before deleting it otherwise, it won’t count as an installation. However, certain apps will require you to use the app for a while, maybe a few days or so. These apps would give out more RB points but you have to use them for a while longer. As for the majority, the usual install and delete would suffice.


**Make sure that your phone is up-to-date with virus protection as some of the apps contain viruses designed to copy your personal data for their personal use.


  • Answering Surveys


This is yet another easy money-making activity as all you have to do is basically answer personal questions which won’t really require that much thought. The only hard part about answering a survey is landing one in the first place. Many survey providers have a stringent screening process to make sure that the demographic they are targeting is well-represented. This means that in order for you to be eligible for a survey, you have to be inside their demographic target, which is entirely up to chance. If you belong in an in-demand demographic, then good for you. If not, you are better off doing other activities and only have this survey as a backup plan.


  • Complete Offers


You can earn RB points by completing offers that are either free or paid. Both would require you to sign up for specific websites or magazines. For free offer signups, you will get paid anywhere from $0.25 to $1. Paid offers, on the other hand, would require you to signup but this time, you are required to give out your credit card details. Obviously, this is the riskier of the two but this pays considerably more than free offer signups. The rate is around $2 to $10 for paid signup.


  • Rebates


Strictly speaking, this is not considered money-making because this is basically just cashback – you would get a rebate once you purchase a product. One good thing about this arrangement is you can get a percentage back of your purchase if you purchase certain items. Just make sure to not fall in love with these kinds of rebate programs. Do not purchase items that you normally wouldn’t purchase if not for the discount. If you buy an item specifically because of the rebate, you did not save money – keep this in mind.


Can You Earn Enough Money From Rewards Buck?


The 4 gigs I’ve listed about are their biggest money-making gigs, but if I’m going to be perfectly honest with you, those gigs don’t really pay much. I’m going to be straight with you and tell you right now that you won’t achieve a livable wage if you utilize this program full-time, and that’s ok because that’s entirely by design. This platform is best suited for extra money kind of thing.


If you want a bigger earning potential, you are better off trying other types of money-making schemes online. The biggest thing on the internet right now, in terms of earning potential, seems to be affiliate marketing. I’m an affiliate marketer myself and I can tell you straight up that what I made in affiliate marketing in just 2 days is more than what I earned doing all sorts of survey for years! Yes, you read that right. For years!


If you are interested in getting to know the best ways to earn money online, you should visit my #1 recommended program. I’ve been recommending this program for more than a year now and I’ve only received compliments from it.


How Does Rewards Buck Pay Its Users?


Rewards Buck has a payment threshold of 1000 RB points. You can only request a payout once you reach this amount. 1000 RB points is equivalent to $10. If you want to, you can opt to have the payments be made in Gift Cards. You can have Amazon gift cards if you wish to. They are available in other popular gift cards as well.



If that isn’t enough option for you, you can convert these points into physical products like t-shirts or mugs. The only downside to their somewhat flexible payment options is the glaring lack of PayPal options, which out of all payment methods, seemed to be the most convenient.


The waiting time for the gift cards is seven days. For the physical items though, the information is not that clear.


Final Thoughts About The Product


If you are still wondering if this product is a scam or not, I’ll tell you straight away that it is NOT A SCAM.


This is a legitimate program that has both pros and cons, just like any other platform out there. However, the more I research about the program, the more I can see the holes in its structure. The first issue I had with this program is the limited ways to make money. You can only make money using this program from completing their activities. And while it’s true that that’s their main selling point, they should offer other avenues for earning like a referral program or something. I’ve just reviewed a product called Rewarding Ways which is also a GPT program but it has a robust referral program that allows you to earn additional money on top of your activity money. If there was a choice between the two, guess which one I’m going to choose – a pretty easy choice, right?


There’s not much layer to peel back on this product because it’s as simple as can be. There’s nothing new about it. No innovation – just a product that sets out its goals plain and simple, and that’s ok. However, there are definitely better programs than this one.



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