Is Atomy Scam? What You Don’t Know About This MLM Company

Is Atomy Scam?



If you are searching for any information about the company called Atomy, you were probably invited by a friend or a relative to join this company. I actually commend you for taking your time and actually doing research regarding this company because not a lot of people do that nowadays. That is quite an irony because most of all our information is available now more than ever yet the majority of people remain ignorant of many things. With most information in the world available through your phone, researching a company that you want to invest in is a good use of this ability.


This write-up will be a completely honest review of this company called Atomy. I am not affiliated to them in any way which I think, would make my take unbiased and free of outside influence. I’m just a reviewer who enjoys writing reviews about money-making products online. I’ve been in this business for so long that I’ve gained plentiful knowledge about the industry and I want to share it with the world. This is my fun little way of helping people that are interested in taking a plunge into this wild industry of online money-making. If you are interested in knowing more about different money-making programs, you should visit the page of my reviews.


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Anyway, without further ado, here’s my review of the Atomy.


What Exactly Is Atomy?


Atomy is an MLM company that was founded in 2009 by CEO Han Gill Park, registered in Washington. It’s a beauty, health and wellness kind of MLM, which to be honest, is the industry which the majority of the most successful MLMs belong to. Their main headquarter is on Washington but they are marketing their products globally with a focus on the ASEAN region, which is the demographic that they seem to be most interested with.



As you can see, it’s a relatively old company with already a decade to its belt. The products they promote are mostly Korean products which are slightly above market price. If you compare their pricing to their beauty products counterparts, you will notice that without the member’s discount, their products are significantly priced higher – but this is entirely by design. After all, the company claims that their products are well worth the price.


One of their main selling points is the quality of their products and the fact that they are Korean made. In case you are not aware, Korea is at the leading front of the cosmetics and beauty products, with their products creating the most hype in the cosmetic industry. In a way, they have revitalized the industry because they also cater to men’s beauty products.


But like a lot of MLM companies out there, there are numerous cons, as well as pros, to this company. In this review, we’re going to take a look at the issue you might face in case you decide to join this Korean MLM company.


Atomy’s Product Line


Atomy has a slew of items which ranges from food supplements to cosmetic products. Atomy started out as a beauty MLM but has since expanded its operations. Their main items are beauty-oriented but it’s a bit weird seeing other items like noodles and coffee on their website. As for their main item, this is  their bread and butter:


  • HemoHIM – Skin Care 6 System


This is a herbal product that combines 3 different herbs to achieve that desired effect of giving glow and improving overall wellness as well. As with most MLM products, they are clearly hyping it to look more effective than it is. For instance, they have a tagline of “Awaken your immunocytes!” which does not actually mean anything. Why would you awaken them? It’s akin to the marketing gimmick “remove toxins” that became so prevalent years ago. It really does not mean anything but it looks good on paper, which somehow makes a good metaphor for this company.


They have other products as well, so many in fact that reviewing each of those would take me several articles more. For now, let’s just stick to their crowning glory which is the HemoHIM. I am just going to give you a quick rundown of their product offerings.


  • Healthcare – basically vitamins and supplements
  • Skincare – facial products, lotions, and serums
  • Cosmetics – Make up (can be lumped into skincare)
  • Hand/Oral care – items designed for hands and mouth
  • Hair and Body – pretty self-explanatory
  • Herbal teas/Coffee – these items are mostly beverages
  • Detergent – perhaps a magic detergent


I’m pretty sure I still left out a few of their product lines because of the sheer amount of their selection. They even have a separate section for their food items. I have included a screenshot of their selections below for you to see.



Are Atomy Products Worth Their Price?


This is a good question because if you decide to become a member, the product quality is one of the most important things you have to consider. You can be certain that a company would continue to grow if their products are good and high-quality. If you don’t believe in the quality of the product, then you’re better off promoting anything else.


For this exercise, I am going to assume the non-member price. If you are a member, you are eligible for a 30% discount. But for this exercise to remain unbiased, I must compare the price using the non-member price since not all buyers are going to be members. I quickly noticed that the price of Atomy products is significantly more expensive than their counterparts, something like 2-3 times more expensive. Granted, if you apply the discount, the prices would be a bit more comparable but as it stands, for the integrity of the test, I must use the non-member prices.


I don’t really see how you can justify that big of a price gap especially if the counterparts I’ve compared them to basically have the same ingredients. It’s as if they’re just marking it up considerably just because. I can’t speak for the quality of their products but if they are willing to command a higher price than fair market value, their items should be of high quality.


Can You Make Money On Atomy?


Just like any other MLM companies out there, there are several avenues of earning opportunities when you become a member. First is by becoming a merchant – a buy and sell kind of thing. This is usually the route members go to when they sign up. Most merchants are users of the product themselves so they are basically double-dipping into the discount, firstly for themselves and secondly for their business.


The second way of earning money is by, you probably already have guessed it, by recruitment. Just like any other MLM, a large part of the company is dedicated on recruitment, which is where most of your potential earnings would come from. It’s not much different than any other MLM companies out there. You build a downline, you earn more. It’s as simple as that. The only issue that you might face is when recruiting members because let’s face it, it’s hard to recruit a member into your program no matter what kind of MLM company you’re using.


If you have successfully recruited several members as your downline, I can’t see how you won’t be able to earn money. But just like any other MLM, you need to have the patience and the right mindset to prosper.


The Honest Verdict


Atomy is not a scam but a traditional MLM that never challenged the industry’s conventional ways. If you compare to the biggest MLM companies of the last decade, you will find that it offers basically the same package. It’s not innovative nor progressive. It basically solidifies the status quo of the MLM industry.


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