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Profit365 Review



If you are looking for a program that would get you some extra money, it’s likely that you already did some research using the internet. I can also assume that you have stumbled upon the usual money-making schemes advertisements which include surveys, typing job, and in rare cases, affiliate programs. I can say confidently that out of those money-makers I’ve mentioned above, the highest potential for earning has got to be affiliate marketing. If you are able to do affiliate marketing the right way, it’s possible to never actually work again. It’s within the realm of possibility to have affiliate marketing be your full-time job. That being said, we are here to take a look into a new affiliate marketing program that claims to help their users get passive income using innovative email marketing techniques.


The name of the program is Profit365. It is a relatively new training program designed to teach beginners the basics of affiliate marketing. It focuses on the email side of things and would introduce innovative ways to capture leads using interesting headlines and email templates.


What Is Profit365?


Profit365 is a training program or digital course for people interested in making money online through the use of affiliate marketing. It is founded by Jamie Lewis and Andrea Fulton, who both are successful internet marketers. In this program, they claim to teach their users the proper way to position an ad to ensure a higher than average conversion rate. Basically, the focus of the program is to teach users how to capture leads using “solo ads” that are both intriguing and interesting enough.


The main form of advertising that this program focuses on are email-based. This means that in order for you to generate leads, you need to email a prospect and convince them to do the same for you – send your offer to their mailing list, so on and so forth. Think of it as a chain message but only those interested in the program would actually forward the email. From those leads, you will promote this program wherein you would earn a commission every time someone buys using your affiliate link. This ClickBank product is similar to most affiliate products in how it functions. The only real difference is the quality of the training materials for this product. Is it worth your subscription? Let’s find out.


How Do You Earn Money Using Profit365?


Once you subscribe to the program, you will be given a template of emails that were already written for you. You can then place your affiliate links to the space provided. You can make a few modifications if you want and as soon as you’re satisfied, you can now make an email blast to your mailing lists. All the people from your mailing lists are now considered as “leads.” A successful lead is someone that buys a product of that you recommend using your affiliate link. You will then get a commission every time this happens.


Take note that Profit365 is a ClickBank product. As such, all of your commissions will be transferred to your ClickBank wallet, which you can transfer to your actual bank account every week.


How Much is Profit365?


Profit365 costs about $40 inclusive of VAT but you will be presented with a few upsells as soon as you go to the payment page. Just like in any other review, I did not pay attention to the upsells because I really hate it. Why even sell a stripped version of a product then offer then a full version for a significant price increase? That must mean that it is a deliberate attempt to squeezing more money out of their potential customers, but I digress. It is a sales tactic that salespeople have used since time immemorial. It is almost expected from online money making companies to have an upsell – it seems like a requirement nowadays if I were being honest.



But before you sign up for their program, you need to watch a short introduction video. Only after you have watched it, a sign-up email option would appear. Fill that out and you are well on your way to becoming a member. And just before you check out – upsells. Did I already tell you how much I hate those?


The Pros Of Using Profit365


  1. Great Program for Beginners


If you are a complete newbie about this industry, this training is the perfect amount of information and introduction. It offers very basic information about the business, which if looked at another way, could be considered a bad thing especially if you are already a seasoned marketer.


  1. ClickBank Product


ClickBank products have a money-back guarantee for 60-days, no questions asked. This is always a welcomed bonus because you can get your money back in case you did not like the program.



  1. Additional content added every week


The founders of the program would regularly add webinars and other types of content to their newsletter to help their subscribers get in with the times. They are constantly adding the latest trends and happenings in the industry of online money-making.


  1. The owners are legit


One of the first things I research when doing a review is to find information about the owners – if they are indeed real people. Upon my research, I found out that the two people behind this company are not only real but accomplished internet marketers. Many bogus companies hide the real identity of their owners in fear of a backlash but not this company. This will always be a good sign that the company has nothing to hide.


The Cons of Using Profit365


  1. Very basic training modules


As I’ve said above, the training modules seem to favor beginners rather than cater to a broader set of audiences. The author of the program seems to convey his/her message in a more introductory way, which means that all the information given is very simple, which can be good or bad, depending on how knowledgeable you already are.


  1. You can lose money if you’re not careful


Solo Ads of paid traffic can get you leads, especially if done the right way. However, it does involve a lot of trial and error. What works for another program wouldn’t work in the product you’re promoting simply because of the difference. You need to be patient if you want to succeed in this business.


  1. There are times where you would need to promote a low-quality product


Because of the nature of email marketing and the sheer number of emails you need to send before you get a lead, you will be tempted to go with the quantity approach instead of quality, wherein you would push many products down your email list. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with pushing certain products but you need to be open to the chance that not all of the products you are going to promote will turn out good.



Is Profit365 a Scam?


I will be quick to answer that Profit365 is indeed not a scam. It is a legitimate program that aims to teach its users innovative techniques to capture leads using their email-based approach. If done correctly, it can be an effective way of making passive income since sending an email blast requires almost no effort whatsoever. The only real problem I see here is the not-so-surprising low conversion rate of email marketing. Emails don’t tend to pull that many leads because most people usually ignore offers from emails. I can only remember the few times an email offer has caught my eye – but this only proves that it does happen. When done correctly, a well-written or interesting email offer is enough to convince someone to try your product – and that is what this program is supposed to help you with. Now, if it’s worth your money is a different question. All I can say confidently is that it is indeed a legit product, but then again, your mileage may vary.


This product has potential, I’m not going to lie, but it is squandered away by the lack of punch of their training materials. My personal opinion is to proceed with this program only, and only if, you are a beginner in the industry and would love to know more about the very basic aspects of lead generation. But if you are somewhat already knowledgeable about certain aspects of the industry, I would recommend other programs that offer better training and support. You can check out my #1 recommended program down in the link below. You can also view my other reviews here.


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