Lowermybills.com Reviews- What They Didn’t Tell You About Lowermybills.com

LOWERMYBILLS.COM REVIEWS: What They Didn’t Tell You About This Company!

Do you feel like you are spending too much? Most of us probably spend more than we intended. In fact, at end of the month, most people can’t explain how they spent their salary.

Nowadays, the economy is very tight; this means that you will have to save as much as you can so you can be able to afford other things you need. Unfortunately, due to lack of experience, it becomes almost impossible to see this happen.

However, there is another alternative, a great one indeed. There are companies that will help you to lower your bills. As you may have realized by now, most of your salary goes towards paying bills and more bills. The bills never stop coming.

As far as you are an adult, you will keep on paying bills. However, what this organization does is to find you an opportunity to manage your monthly bills or at least try to reduce your cost of living.

They will find you the best insurance providers with the lowest rates and directs you to other service providers that will help you save money.

If you have a project that needs money, you may need to reduce your cost of living so you can be able to save enough money to achieve that project.

You will need to reduce what you spend on utilities, personal loans, home refinance, insurance, and more so you can save enough money to achieve your project. Fortunately, you can be able to do this when you use a service such as Lowermybills.com.

What is Lower My Bills All About?

Just like the name sounds, Lower My Bills is a free online platform which helps users to compare low rates and reduce what they spend on monthly bills. It is a place where you can save your hard-earned money.

This free online platform is a marketplace that connects you to over 500 service providers with unique service options such as home loans, credit cards, home refinance, auto insurance, life insurance, personal loans, home purchase, reverse mortgage, health insurance, long distance, and wireless services.

When you log onto Lower My Bills, you can easily compare prices, rates, and reduce monthly invoices without paying any fee whatsoever. This platform will match you with companies that will offer you the best rates.

Who is Behind Lower My Bills?

Lower My Bills is a very popular US company. The service was founded in 1999 with headquarters in Los Angeles, California. However, the company was bought by Experian Purchase in a $330 million deal in 2005.

Experian InteractiveSM which has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland is now the parent company of Lower My bills.

This parent company has its operations in over 40 countries of the world with more than 15,000 employees.

Experian Purchase makes their revenue by providing information services to corporate clients. Last year, the company made over $4 billion in revenues.

Lower My bills spent between $75 million to $100 million on internet advertising in 2006. Months later, they became very famous due to their enticing animated ads and many pantomime ads. The company extended its services to the United Kingdom in 2007.

How Does Lower My bills Work?

Lower My Bills is a great service. The website is free for users. When you want to lower the bills you pay, you can make use of this website without any payment whatsoever. Their main function is to connect you with providers that will offer you the best prices.

Their website is extremely user-friendly with a nice layout. Their tabs make use of color of money which is green with main tabs being – Mortgage Calculators, Compare Mortgages, Read and Learn, Disclosures.

It also has other tools that you can use to get lower bills. All you need is to make use of these tools to find better prices.

For instance, you can make use of their home insurance tool to find the best home insurance provider that will offer you rates that you will enjoy. You can also make use of their auto insurance tool, mortgage tool, and many more.

Like they stated on their website, Lower My bills is committed to helping you lower your bills. They will enable you to compare rates so you can reduce the cost of insurance.

In most cases, you will find better rates in Lower My Bills than any other place on the internet. If you are internet-savvy, you will discover that it can help you to lower what you are paying in many ways.

You can make use of Lower My Bills in 3 steps below:

  • Spend a few minutes to fill a form online
  • Once you submit the form, They will analyze your information and use it to provide you top providers that suit your budget
  • Lower My Bills will even go ahead to give you a call in order to ensure you are taking advantage of their online services.

Features Of Lower My Bills

Some of the features of this website include:

  • The company has a relationship with more than 500 service providers in multiple categories which will help you take advantage of lower prices
  • They have tools that will help you compare rates from different providers
  • Their service makes it easier to refinance your current mortgage
  • Get high ROI through Premier and Premier Plus credit band certification leads via SSN.
  • They work with lenders who can give you up to $35,000
  • They provide their customers with a dedicated client manager
  • Ability to increase your close rate via targeted filters including FHA and Jumbo
  • Provide you with tools to refinance or shop around.

Who is Lower My Bills For?

This website is meant for anyone who will like to reduce the money they spend on their monthly expenses. Ideally, almost everyone likes to save money. It will help you to reduce what you spend on bills so you can save money and use it for other projects. You can use this platform as far as you are 18 years of age and a citizen or permanent resident in the United States.

What I Like About Lower My Bills (Pros)

No doubt, with a range of free services that this company provides, you will truly enjoy using it. Some of these benefits include:

  • Help you to significantly reduce your monthly expenses
  • Provides you with account managers to help you make better financial decisions
  • Allows you to use their services completely free
  • Help you save money by stopping the use of useless services
  • Works great with every type of loan you need
  • The website is very easy to use
  • Comes with calculators for home equity, mortgage, and debt consolidation which are very helpful
  • You can compare almost all credit cards using application

What I Don’t Like About Lower My Bills(Cons)

  • Do not work offline
  • There is a rumor they sell your information to third parties


The company provides top support. They will even call you to know if you need any help from them. When you have a problem, you can count on their customer service to provide you with helpful services that will leave you completely satisfied. I totally enjoyed the support I received from them.

Here’s My Final Opinion On Lower My Bills

We live in a world where almost every company wants to take as much as they could from you. Most time, you found out that your hard-earned salary doesn’t go anywhere because you are probably spending too much on services.

This makes Lower My Bills very beneficial. It can help you solve your financial problems by helping you to save money.

The service will connect you to top service providers who will offer you the best rates. They offer their services for free. You have nothing to lose by making use of their service.

I will recommend this service to anyone who hopes to reduce what he spends on bills every month.

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  1. Great review! I didn’t know about this service. Unfortunately, I don’t live in the United States, so I cannot use this service.

    That would be great if we have something similar here in Chile, the bills are very expensive. It’s also awesome that they offer their services for free!

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Benjamin,
      I love about Lowermybills.com is the user-friendly platform. They really help me lower my bills.
      Have a nice day!


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